How to Download iTunes Movies to USB

"Could anyone help me out? I just put some iTunes movies on my USB flash drive. I connected it with my TV. But when I played iTunes movies from it, it says that 'File Format Not Supported'. What's wrong with it? Any suggestion?"

In this post, you will find the reason on this issue. And you will also get the way on how to download iTunes movies to USB flash drive. In this way, you can watch iTunes movies on your TV via USB without any limitation.

put itunes movies to usb

Part 1. How to Put iTunes Movies on USB - Easy Solution

Before checking the solution, we need to know why you can't play iTunes movies via USB. That's simple. All the iTunes videos are encrypted by Apple's DRM copyright protection. So, iTunes videos can only be played on Apple's devices or iTunes app compatible platforms.

So, can you download iTunes movies to USB for watching? To play iTunes movies via a USB, you have to rip the DRM encryption from iTunes videos thoroughly.

Here we can get help from DRmare M4V Converter. It is a smart iTunes DRM removal tool. It's well-designed to unlock DRM limit from iTunes videos.

It's capable of losslessly stripping off DRM lock. And it can keep the original audio tracks and subtitles. Besides, it's able to convert iTunes M4V movies to MP4 and other common formats and devices.

It's one of the best solutions for you. It enables you freely copy iTunes movie to USB flash drive for using.

DRmare iTunes M4V Converter

drmare m4v to usb converter
  • Convert iTunes rented and purchased videos
  • Support lossless DRM removal, preserve AC3 5.1 audio, etc.
  • Convert iTunes movies to USB and multiple popular devices and player
  • Support converting any iTunes movies or TV episode in a few minutes only

Part 2. How to Download iTunes Movies to USB Flash Stick

Here we will take the Mac version of DRmare M4V Converter as an example. Here you can see how to convert and download iTunes movies to USB drive.

Step 1Add iTunes M4V films and TV series to DRmare
add itunes m4v videos to drmare
Firstly, download and authorize the videos to play on your iTunes. Then launch DRmare M4V Converter. Simply drag & drop the downloaded iTunes movies from iTunes Library. And then put them on the main screen of DRmare. Or you can add the iTunes videos via "Add" button at the bottom left of the program.
Step 2Customize iTunes videos output settings for USB
choose itunes video output settings for usb
In this step, you are required to select an output format for the iTunes movies. You should set the format to be compatible with your USB drive or TV set. Here we'd recommend the lossless MP4 or HD MP4. They are universally supported by most of the media devices. Or you can choose the preset profiles of specific smart TV you own from "Devices" panel. Now DRmare supports popular smart TVs, such as Samsung, etc.
Step 3Convert iTunes movies to USB flash drive
convert itunes movies to usb
Click the "Convert" button in the main interface. And it will start to convert and download iTunes movies to USB supported formats. Once completed, you'll get the DRM-free iTunes videos on your computer.
Video GuideHow to Put Movies on a USB from iTunes
From this video, you will learn clearly how to convert and download iTunes movies to USB flash drive. Just check it out and see how to do.

Part 3. How to Put iTunes Movies on USB Flash Drive

As now you had got the local iTunes movies, then you can go ahead and see how to transfer iTunes movies to USB. Here we go.

Step 1. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port on your computer.

Step 2. Open the USB drive on your computer.

Step 3. Find and locate folder with the converted iTunes movies on your computer.

Step 4. Select and copy the iTunes movies you like. Then paste them to the USB drive. Or you can drop and drop iTunes movies to USB directly.

Step 5. Once finished copying, then unplug the USB drive from your computer.

Step 6. At last, insert your USB drive to your smart TVs or other devices. And then enjoy iTunes movies with ease.

Note: While storing the iTunes movies to USB drive, you'd better use the NTFS or exFAT format instead of FAT32. The maximum capacity of FAT32 is only 4.29GB for each file. While the other two have no limit on the file size. If your USB is in FAT32 and the iTunes movie is beyond 4.29GB, then you will be warned that the movie can't play well on your TV.

Extra Tip: How to Play iTunes Videos on TV without USB Port

From above workaround, it's easy to transfer movies from iTunes to USB flash drive. And you can play iTunes movies on your TV easily. But what if you got no USB port on your TV set, can you probably watch iTunes movies on TV? Yes, the answer is positive.

In fact, there are ways to get iTunes movies played on TVs without USB. Here we will show you one of the solutions.

For TV supported with HDMI, you can try this way.

Step 1. Link your TV and laptop via the HDMI cable.

Step 2. Wait for the laptop and TV detected. Then choose 'HDMI' as the input source on the TV.

Step 3. Put the USB with converted iTunes movies into your laptop and play them. Then you will see the videos on the TV.