How to Convert MP3 Files to Audiobooks

Question: "I have got some MP3 audio files ripped from purchased audiobook CDs. When I try to play them on my iTunes and other players, they are not recognized as audiobook. Is there a way to solve it?"

The most well-known audiobook formats are M4A, M4B, AA, AAX. If your audiobooks are in other different formats such as MP3, then it is not a surprise that it is not recognized. In this way, when you sync the common non-audiobook files, they are placed on the music app instead of the iBooks. Fortunately, it it not difficult to convert MP3 to audiobook. You can either use the iTunes, professional audiobook converter, or free MP3 to audiobook converter online.

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MP3 to audiobook

Part 1. Convert MP3 to Audiobook with iTunes

iTunes is the most popular source for purchasing or renting digital media files. But you may not know that it also has a lot of fantastic features. Such as converting audio files, burning CDs, transferring files and much more. To change your MP3 file type, you just need to follow the steps:

Step 1. Open iTunes, select "Music" category and click "Library" tab to locate all your music files.

Step 2. Right click to choose the MP3 file you want and select "Get Info" > "Edit Items". If you want to choose multiple files, please hold down the "Ctrl" on Windows or "Command" on Mac.

Step 3. On the "Details" tab, please change the "Genre" as "audiobook" and check the box next to "Album is a compilation of songs by various artists".

Step 4. Go to the "Options" tab and change the media kind to "Audiobook", your audio files will be moved to the "Audiobooks" category automatically. It will contain chapters too if you combine multiple files.

change media type as audiobook

Note: The method above only change the properties of the MP3 files, the format is not modified.

If you'd like to change the format, you can also follow these new steps to convert to AAC files:

Select your audio files > "File" > "Convert" > "Create AAC Version"

Because there is not a default M4A, M4B format, you need to rename the AAC format to M4A/M4B manually after converting.


1. It is totally free.

2. Manage and play your media files easily.


1. The output formats are limited, no M4A, M4B options.

2. It takes up a lot of system resources to run and the speed is slow.

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Part 2. Best Way to Convert MP3 to M4A/M4B Audiobooks on Windows/Mac

With iTunes, you can get your MP3 files detected well by your iOS devices or media players, but not for other Android devices. That is because the format is not changed.

So you have to convert the MP3 to M4A or M4B by either a free converter or paid software. To save your precious time, I will take the trusted DRmare MP3 to Audiobook Converter for Windows/Mac to show you how does it work. It supports to import multiple files Apple Music, iTunes audiobook, Audible audiobooks and export to different formats M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV, FLAC. Besides, it has a lot of options to optimize your audiobooks. You can split large audiobooks to small segments, adjust the audiobook playback speed/volume/pitch.

convert mp3 file to audiobook

Step 1. Drag and drop to import your all your MP3 files to the DRmare software main screen.

Step 2. Customize the output format and parameters. Just click the format to convert your MP3 to M4B or M4A. To split the file, you can click the "editing" icon which looks like a pen and then choose to split audiobook by chapter/time.

Step 3. Click "Convert" to batch convert all your MP3 to audiobooks automatically.


1. 30X faster speed and lossless quality.

2. Support multiple output formats and audiobook customization options.

3. Remove DRM from Audible and iTunes audiobooks.


1. Only the trial version is free. If you need full features, you need to get a premium license.

Part 3. More Free MP3 to Audiobook Converters Recommended

Want to convert MP3 files to audiobook on your mobile phone like Android/iOS directly? No worries, there are a lot of freewares for you here.

It is a free online media converter. You can use it on computers, smart phones, tablets directly without installation. And it supports all popular formats. You can convert MP3 to AA, AAX, M4A, M4B and so on. The drawback is that it takes a long time to upload files with 100MB limitation.

MP3 to iPod Audiobook Converter

This is probably the easiest free MP3 to M4B converter you can find in the market now. Just import your MP3 and click "Start Conversion", your MP3 files will be converted to M4B for free directly. But it only runs on Windows PC only.

mp3 to ipod audiobook converter

Audiobook Binder

This is an iPhone audiobook converter similar to Audiobook Builder. The difference is that it is free. It supports to convert common MP3 format to iOS compatible format M4B. And you can change the cover artwork, audio encoding properties mono/stereo, sample rate.

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To learn how it works in a faster way, you can also visit this video tutorial: