How to Remove DRM from iTunes Audiobooks for Playing Anywhere

"I have downloaded some M4B audiobooks from iTunes. I'd like to transfer them to my MP3 players and car stereo for playback when I am doing exercise or driving. But iTunes files seem are not recognized by other non-Apple devices. What can I do?"

Like Audible, iTunes is also one of the largest audiobook providers in the market. It has a large audiobook category, you should have no problem finding all the popular audibooks there. In addition, one advantage of iTunes audiobooks compared to Audible is that you don't have to have a subscription membership to buy audiobooks, making it one of the best alternative for users who want to listen to audiobooks time from time.

However, most digital materials including iTunes audiobooks, Audible books are DRM protected. Normally you can only play iTunes audiobooks on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac computer, iTunes but not Android devices and other third-party devices. For your convenience, you can follow these tips to remove DRM from iTunes audiobooks to solve this issue easily.

remove drm from itunes audiobooks

Part 1. What Is The Best iTunes M4B DRM Removal Tool

DRM protection is notorious. We have saw lots of users complained that the DRM limit them from get the most out of their purchased digital media items. And if you search free DRM removal tools from Google, you will see a lot. Such as the Requiem which is described as the best iTunes DRM removal. It uses lossless technology to reverse the iTunes DRM protected process. I used it several years ago, it does work very well. But for now, it doesn't seem to work anymore as it is outdated. When I start the software, it just sit there without doing anything.

Other freeware to remove DRM from audiobooks are audio recorders as I know. This freeware can record audio which are playing on your computer and encode them to new music files. This solution works to some extent. But honestly to say it will take a lot of time for the real time recording and the output quality is not satisfactory.

So are there best ways?

Yes, sure. If you are willing to spend a few dollars, you can get the magnificent DRmare iTunes DRM Converter for Mac/Windows. This iTunes DRM removal software combines the batch converting, lossless encoding and background recording technology. No matter how many audiobooks you have, you can throw them into the DRmare software to convert within 1 click. You will save a lot of time and energy. Still not convinced? No problem. You can download the totally free trial version to evaluate it by yourself.

DRmare iTunes M4B Audiobook Converter

drmare audiobook converter
  • It supports many files including iTunes audiobooks, podcasts, Apple Music, Audible files
  • Multiple output formats MP3, M4B, M4A, AAC and editing options like bit rate, codec
  • Up to 30X converting speed, this is the fastest speed we found currently
  • Consistent update, keeping the cutting-edge of the software all the time

Part 2. How to Convert iTunes Audiobooks on Mac/Windows Effectively and Losslessly

The software works perfectly on the latest version of both Windows and Mac system. For Mac computers, they come with the iTunes, so you can go ahead to use the iTunes to download the audiobooks and convert them with DRmare software. For Windows computers, you may need to install iTunes and prepare the audiobooks first. Anyway, it is easy enough to use. Here I will take Mac version to show you how does it work.

Step 1Import M4B audiobooks
add m4b audiobooks
If you have already bought M4B audiobooks, you can download them to the iTunes library and make sure they are played well on iTunes first. Then you can drag & drop them to the DRmare software main screen.
Step 2Customize the output audiobook parameters
customize new parameters for audiobooks
Audiobooks are usually long with at least several hours, so they are with chapters. If you'd like to keep the chapters of iTunes audiobooks while removing DRM, you can choose the output format as M4A or M4B. Or if you don't care to get a long audio file without chapters, you can choose MP3. It is a most popular audio format with high quality. And if you are interested, you can also tweak the codec, channel, sample rate and so on.
Step 3Convert M4B audiobook to MP3
convert itunes audiobook to mp3
DRmare is an highly efficient software. After clicking the "Convert" button, it will get started to remove DRM and convert your iTunes audiobooks to new formats simultaneously. Within a little while, you will get the new audiobooks which are supposed to play from any devices and players.

Part 3. Conclusion

iTunes and Audible are both great sources for audiobooks. If you'd like to enjoy audiobooks regularly, Audible seems to be the best option seems you can get a free credit to buy one audiobook every month with the monthly subscription. If you just take months to finish a book, iTunes maybe the better source for you.

But one common thing about Audible AA/AAX and iTunes M4B audiobooks is the DRM protection which limits you from playing the files anywhere. To get rid of this trouble, you just need to remove DRM from audiobooks by using the DRmare DRM converter.

Do you know any have questions or tips about enjoying iTunes audiobooks in a better way? Please do not hesitate to let's know on the comments below.

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