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  • Allow to edit the pitch, volume, speed, ID3 tags for Audible audiobooks

How to Convert AAX to MP3 [2021 Updated]

"How to convert Audible AAX files to MP3?" For Audible audiobooks, they are saved in .aa or .aax format. That is to say, it is hard to play Audible audiobooks on other devices directly. Thus, to fix this issue, there are many AAX to MP3 converter risen in the market.

Today, in this post, we will show you some Audible AAX to MP3 converter online free and paid. And we will guide you how to convert AAX to MP3 online, free and in a paid way.

convert aax to mp3

Part 1. Convert AAX to MP3 via Best AAX to MP3 Converter

There are lots of third-party software that can convert .aax to MP3 losslessly. But which is the best and most efficient solution? By doing lots of researches and tests, the answer could DRmare AAX to MP3 Converter.

It adopts advanced and innovative decryption techniques to remove protection from Audible audiobooks. As the name suggests, it's a professional AAX to MP3 converter. It can convert Audible to MP3 or many other common audio formats, like M4A, M4B, WAV, FLAC, etc.

It comes with a built-in multifunctional ID3 tag editor and splitting function. So, you can use it to customize the output audiobooks by changing the year, title, and more. Also, it's able to split large Audible audiobooks by chapters, time, or averagely. You can choose the output format as 100% lossless audio to keep lossless Audible books. And it will convert AAX file to MP3 at up to 30X faster speed.

With this tool, you can easily save and move Audible AAX file to MP3 audios to the devices you like. Then you can enjoy them offline on the go.

DRmare AAX to MP3 Converter

drmare audio converter
  • Remove protection from Audible AA/AAX audiobooks
  • Convert Audible to MP3 and other common formats
  • Customize ID3 tags and chapter info according to your needs
  • 30X fast converting speed with lossless quality kept

How to Convert AAX to MP3 Mac/Windows 10 via DRmare Audio Converter

This AAX to MP3 converter is available for Mac and Windows operating systems. Here, we will take the Mac version as an example. Then you can see how to convert .aax to MP3. Before getting started, please download the free version of DRmare program on your Mac in advance.

Step 1Import Audible AAX files to DRmare software
import audible aax files to drmare
Double click to launch DRmare AAX to MP3 Converter for Mac from your desktop. The main interface of this AAX file to MP3 converter will show up automatically. To upload AAX files, click the second "Add Files" option at the bottom of the main screen. And then, you can choose wanted Audible audiobooks from the Audible library.
Note: To convert free AA/AAX files, please click the first "Add Files" button to add them. The remaining steps are the same as the following steps.
Step 2Define output format for AAX to MP3
set output format for audible aax to mp3
Once all audiobooks are uploaded completely, you can get down to select the output format. Please touch the "Format" button at the bottom right corner. This AAX to MP3 Mac converter will pop up a new window. Here you can see lots of audio formats. Please define MP3 as the output format. In this step, you can also click the "Edit" icon at each added audiobook file. Then you can personalize ID tags and chapter info.
Step 3Convert AAX to MP3
convert aax to mp3 on mac
Click the 'Convert' tab to launch the conversion process. It will automatically start to get rid of restrictions from Audible audiobooks. And it will convert AAX files to MP3. Now the only thing you should do is to wait a few minutes. When the converting process finishes, you can locate MP3 audio files in the destination folder. Now, you can share converted Audible AAX files to MP3 player, etc.
Video Demo How to convert AAX to MP3

Part 2. How to Convert AAX to MP3 Online

The above way can easily convert .aax to MP3 at 30X faster conversion speed. But it requires users to download and install an extra program on your computer. So, you may also wonder whether there is a way to convert AAX to MP3 online.

The answer could be positive as there are many AAX to MP3 converter online. Here, we will meet two tools to help you convert large AAX to MP3 online.

1. Convertio

Convertio is an online audio converter to convert audio files of any format. No need to install anything on your computer, but it can do audio format conversion. Without a doubt, it has the ability to convert AAX to MP3 online free.

convert aax to mp3 online free via convertio aax to mp3 converter online

Convertio is a cross-platform browser-based tool. So, you can use it to convert AAX to MP3 on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and PC. Now, let's see how this grateful tool works below:

How to Convert AAX to MP3 Online via Convertio

Step 1. Launch the browser you often use on your device. Navigate to the Convertio website.

Step 2. Choose the 'computer' icon. And then you can start to upload Audible AAX files from your device.

Step 3. Please choose the input format as AAX and define the output format as MP3 as you want.

Step 4. After that, click the 'Convert' button to start the converting process. This tool will convert AAX file to MP3 online. As the conversion speed is a little slow, please be patient for a while.

2. AConvert

AConvert is also an AAX to MP3 online converter. It can convert Audible AAX to MP3 online free with ease. It can save the original audio quality of Audible audiobooks. And it is available for top web browsers. Also, it allows you to cut and merge the files as you want.

convert aax to mp3 online via aconvert

How to Convert AAX File to MP3 Online Free

Step 1. Enter to AConvert official website on your web browser.

Step 2. Hit on the 'Choose Files' to upload your Audible AAX files.

Step 3. Choose 'Target Format' as MP3 for Audible AAX file. And you can alter the bit rate and sample rate you like.

Step 4. Press on the 'Convert Now' to begin to convert AAX to MP3 online.

Step 5. Once the conversion finished, you can download the converted AAX file.

Part 3. Convert AAX to MP3 Free via Sourceforge AAX to MP3 Converter

As a matter of fact, the second way is not only an online way but also a free way. You can convert AAX to MP3 free online. Here, we still walk you through another way to convert AAX to MP3 free. This way is faster than the online AAX to MP3 converter.

Here we are going to use personally developed software. It's named Audible AAX to MP3 Converter. It is released on Sourceforge website. By choosing this way, you also need to install a third-party tool on your computer. And it needs to work with the Audible Manager. Good point is that it requires no iTunes. The following is a simple user guide for this AAX to MP3 converter free online.

convert aax to mp3 free via free aax to mp3 converter

How to Convert AAX to MP3 Free

Step 1. Install and open the Audible Manager on your computer. And then open an Audible AAX file.

Step 2. Fill in your Audible account details. And then, open this free AAX to MP3 converter. Select Audible files that you'd like to convert to MP3.

Step 3. Hit on the 'Convert' button in this program. You will see this icon will be grayed out. It shows the real-time conversion process. After the conversion finished, you will see the 'Click' button is clickable again.

Note: This tool comes with some disadvantages. The language of the user interface is only available in German. It has no routine maintenance because the project has not been updated for a long time.

Part 4. Everything about Audible AAX Files

Speaking of online digital audiobook store, the most famous site could be It's also called Audible Store. It's one of the most popular and largest audiobook sellers and producers. And it provides tons of audiobooks in various genres for audiobook fans all over the world.

But, to protect the copyright of the audiobooks, Audible has encoded in the books with AA and AAX format. AAX file extension is a multimedia digital audiobook format created by Audible. It is mainly used in Audible Enhanced Audiobook. Files like images, videos and more will be also with the .aax extension. What's worse, Audible files are encrypted in Audible's Digital Rights Management technology.

As a result, unauthorized playback is not allowed. In other words, Audible AA/AAX audiobooks are only playable on specifically selected devices and media players. For example, iTunes, Windows Media Player, or Audible Manager.

To play Audible files on more media players and devices, the best solution to remove DRM from Audible audiobooks. And then convert AAX to MP3. Because MP3 has good compatibility, which can be playable on almost all devices. Now, choose your favorite AAX to MP3 converter, and then get your MP3 files from Audible books. Have fun with Audible MP3 audiobooks.

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