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How to Fix Spotify Search Not Working Problem

"I tried to find some songs, the Spotify search is not working. Nothing happens for over 1 hour after I type the words into the search bar. Is there a way to solve this error?" - from Reddit.

Spotify is well-known as the most widely used streaming service with over 40 million tracks. Although it contains a lot of curated playlists ordered by genre, artist and so on, sometimes it is still difficult to locate the song or playlist you want. That is why the "Spotify search" feature is so essential.

Here in this post I will show you how to use the powerful Spotify search feature to help you find songs you want as well as solve any issues about Spotify search not working on Android/iPhone/Windows.

spotify search not working

Part 1. How to Use Spotify search

How to Find Spotify Song with Keyword Search

Spotify search feature is available on all Spotify apps on desktop, mobile phones and some partnered devices. This feature is easy enough for everyone to use. Just type in the song, artist and press "Enter", it will show you all the related contents. If you want to narrow down the results, you can also use the Spotify advanced search.

Track: When you search a song from Spotify, you can add double quotes to filter out some results. For example, you can search the song Me by inputting "Me" instead of Me.

Artist: Use the option to get the gong from a specific artist you like. For example, you can type artist:"Taylor Swift" to search the songs or playlists from Taylor Swift only.

Record Label: Spotify songs are composed by a lot of independent labels besides the 4 big label. If you want to find music from a specific label such as Domino Records, you can add the keyword label:“Domino Records”.

Year: You can not only search song from a specific year but also from a range of years. For instance, you can type year:"1995~2015" to get the songs during this time span.

Album: To get the latest lover album of Taylor Swift, you can type Album:"Lover".

How to Find Spotify Song with Voice Search

It is not so easy to type in mobile phones. No worries, if you want to save your time and make it more easy to get your song, you can also try the Spotify voice search. It doesn't work on Android phones as of the time of writing though. But you can use it on iPhone perfectly.

Step 1. Open Spotify app from your iPhone and go to the "Search" tab.

spotify voice search

Step 2. Hit the "voice" icon from the bottom right, it will ask for access to the Microphone. Please click "OK" to confirm.

play spotify music via voice

Step 3. After that, you can just say the command you want to search and play the song you want. Such as "Play today's top hits".

Part 2. How to Solve Spotify Search Not Working

Spotify search is a great feature to locate music from the large music library. However, sometimes Spotify search doesn't work just as we mentioned above. In addition, we also see users get the error "Spotify is offline" after typing the search items on mobile phones. Based on our experience, you can change the offline settings on mobile phone or reinstall Spotify app on desktop computers to solve this issue.

Spotify Search Not Working On Android

For mobile phones, you can change the offline settings.

  • Open Spotify on your mobile phone.
  • Go to "Settings" > "Playback" to find the "Offline" option.
  • Switch the button to set "Offline" to "Off".

Spotify Search Not Working On Windows Computers

You can reinstall the Spotify client from your desktop computers.

  • Go to the control panel and choose Spotify App to uninstall.
  • From the start menu, type "appdata" and choose to open the appdata folder.
  • Go to "Roaming" folder, then find and delete the "Spotify" folder.
  • Now restart your computer and download and reinstall Spotify app.

Part 3. Bonus Tips: Download Spotify Music Offline

With the Spotify search, you can find almost any music you like from Spotify. However, if you are a free subscription user, you are not able to download the songs for offline listening.

This means it will use a large volume of cellular data if you listen to music often on your mobile phone outside. Even if you subscribe to the Spotify premium to download songs offline, it may take up all the free space of your phone.

Well, to let you enjoy Spotify songs in a better way without any limitations, you can also try to download Spotify music as MP3 offline by using DRmare Spotify Music Downloader for Mac/Windows.

By doing that, you can distribute Spotify MP3 songs just like any other files freely.

Best Music Converter for Spotify

drmare spotify music converter
  • Convert Spotify music, podcasts, audiobooks and so on
  • Remove all limitations to play Spotify on any devices
  • Edit ID3 tags, tidy the downloaded music on your library
  • Download unlimited Spotify songs for free, save your money

Now you can follow the steps to download and manage Spotify music on your local computer or other devices. After that, you don't need to keep searching the songs online, but just easily locate and listen to them freely.

Step 1Import Spotify music
import spotify songs
You can drag & drop your Spotify songs or playlists to the DRmare software. Or you can copy and paste to input the Spotify link and click "+".
Step 2Select a new format
choose new parameters
Generally, you can keep the default MP3 format. If you want to change the format and parameters, you can click the top menu from the top right corner and choose "Preferences". From there, you can change the format, channel, sample rate and bit rate.
Step 3Start downloading
download spotify songs offline
When everything is ready, you can tap the "Convert" button to save the songs offline to your local computer. With the automatic converting feature, you don't need to do anything else, just wait a few minutes to get your songs.
If you find this tips is helpful, please do not hesitate to share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Your friends will really appreciate it, isn't it? Give it a try.
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