How to Download Spotify Music offline without Premium

Q: From my friend's recommendation, I found the excellent streaming music service. Spotify allows users to freely listen to Spotify songs, playlists and albums online. But when I'm planning to download music from Spotify to my computer for offline listening, it requires me to update my free account to Sptoify premium. Since Spotify offline listening mode is available for premium subscribers only. So my question comes. Can I download music from Spotify to PC with free account?

When it comes to the solution on how to download Spotify songs and playlists for Spotify free users, I have a great workaround. It helps you to get Spotify premium for free forever. That's to say, free Spotify users can listen to Spotify music offline as same as premium subscribers. If you are interested in it, you can read on this article to get the answer.

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download spotify songs without premium

Part 1. Spotify Free vs Premium: What We Need to Know

Spotify Free

It's universally known that as a free Spotify user, you are free to discover favorite music. And play any song from Spotify with Internet connection. But there is no direct download link officially offered by Spotify, meaning that you are allowed to enjoy Spotify music offline. Plus, when enjoying Spotify playlists, you will find out music files are coming with advertisements.

Spotify Premium

To get rid of these restrictions of a free Spotify account, you have to sign up for Spotify premium. It allows paid users to download about ad-free 3,333 songs for offline listening on up to 3 different devices. Before you start to subscribe this plan, Spotify provides a 30-day free trial to explore the premium features. After that, you need to pay $9.99 per month for single users or $14.99 every month for up to six users.

Part 2. Best Spotify Playlist Downloader to Download Spotify Music with free Account

Obviously, the biggest difference between free and paid Spotify account is the ability of downloading Spotify playlists, songs and ablums. In fact, the main obstruction leading this situation is that Spotify songs are protected by DRM technology. But don't worry. Thanks to professional Spotify music downloader created by software developers. These tools can remove DRM protection from Spotify. So that you can download songs from Spotify for offline playback even if you don't upgrade to premium account or you have canceled Spotify premium.

As for the best Spotify song downloader, we can meet DRmare Music Downloader for Spotify. A powerful Spotify DRM removal tool. It's designed to bypass DRM restrictions from Spotify songs and playlists for all Spotify users. Put it another way. No matter if you are a free Spotify user or the paid one who haven't subscribed for Spotify premium any more, you can use this smart tool. It supports to download any song from Spotify for offline playback. Apart from being an extraordinary Spotify DRM remover, it's also an all-in-one Spotify music converter. It can convert Spotify tracks to plain MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV, M4B, AAC.

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DRmare Spotify Music Converter

drmare spotify music converter
  • Download songs, albums, playlists from Spotify with a free account
  • Batch convert thousands of Spotify songs at up to 5X converting speed
  • Remove DRM from Spotify music to MP3, AAC, M4A and other formats.
  • Play the converted music files on unlimited mobile devices, portable players

Part 3. Complete Guide to Download Music from Spotify without Premium

In the following tutorial, I will show you how to use DRmare Music Converter for Spotify. You can download Spotify music or playlists. And convert these Spotify songs for enjoying them without Internet connection. By doing a few clicks, you can explore Spotify Premium features with a free subscription.

Step 1Add music/playlists from Spotify to DRmare
import spotify songs, playlist
Please click the shortcut to launch this Spotify music converter from the desktop. Then you will see Spotify app will pop up automatically. Now, you can login the Spotify account without premium to discover the favorite Spotify songs. And then drag them to the conversion window of DRmare directly. Also, you can click Add button to import Spotify files when you copy the URL link of Spotify tracks.
Step 2Set output format and other parameters
choose output format
DRmare Spotify Playlist Downloader supports a wide variety of output formats, like MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A and more. You can choose one as the output format according to your needs. Also, you are allowed to customize other output settings, including channel, bit rate, codec, conversion speed.
Step 3Remove DRM protection and download Spotify music
download spotify music
After all settings done, you can simply click the 'Convert' button. Spotify Music Converter will automatically remove DRM from Spotify songs and convert added Spotify tracks to your wanted audio files. When the conversion finishes, you can locate downloaded Spotify music on the destination folder.

Now, all Spotify audio tracks, including songs, playlists and ablums are downloaded to your local folder successfully. You can listen to unprotected Spotify music offline. And youu can transfer these Spotify songs to portable devices, like Sony Walkman, Apple iPod, Zune, Creative Zen for playback. It is worth mentioning that this Spotify Music Converter can work well on Spotify Premium account. You can use this Spotify DRM removal software to get your Spotify Premium free permanently.

More Tips: How to Download Spotify Songs offline with Premium

If you have subscribed the Spotify premium already, you have the rights to download Spotify music for offline listening. If you are the newbie in using Spotify streaming music service, you can follow this simple tutorial to download Spotify songs on your PC or Mac.

download spotify songs with premium

Step 1. Enter into the Spotify website page and login in the Spotify premium account. And you can navigate to Spotify library and choose wanted songs, playlists or albums that you would like to download.

Step 2. There is a Download button under the Play icon, you can drag the button and start to download Spotify songs.

Step 3. Now, you can navigate to File/Apple menu on the top left-hand side and there is an 'Offline Mode' option for your choice. Please touch it and you will listen to downloaded Spotify music offline.

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