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Best music converter for Spotify to download and convert Spotify music

  • Download Spotify song, etc. without a Spotify Premium account
  • Convert Spotify to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A and M4B
  • Play Spotify music anywhere and anytime offline
  • Run at a faster speed without touching the audio quality

How to Download Songs from Spotify to iTunes Library

"Can you download music from Spotify to iTunes?" Spotify is one of the top-leading streaming music services. It allows users to assess millions of songs and listen to them online. It offers Premium subscribers the option to download thousands of playlists for offline listening. Spotify also allows users to import local songs. But there is no direct way for Spotify users to download Spotify music to iTunes library.

But don't worry. We can get from the third-party Spotify to iTunes converter. Here we'll show you how to download Spotify playlist to iTunes. And then you can see how to transfer music from Spotify to iTunes.

spotify to itunes

Part 1. Why We Can't Download Music from Spotify to iTunes Library

"Why can't we download Spotify to iTunes?" If you are one of the Spotify users, you might be familiar with the rules of Spotify. As a Spotify lover with a free account, you can't download Spotify songs for offline playback. Only with the Spotify premium, you can get the rights. And the downloaded Spotify music can be playable offline. But users can play them on the selected media players and devices. It's a pity that iTunes is not included in the list of supported media players.

The key reason that leads to this dilemma is that Spotify music files are encrypted. It limits users' rights to utilize Spotify playlists, songs, and albums. That's to say, Spotify users don't truly own Spotify files. As a result, you can't transfer music from Spotify to iTunes library. In fact, you also can't put Spotify playlists on other devices and players. So, is there any way to download Spotify songs to iTunes? Of course. You can find the solution below.

Part 2. Best Spotify to iTunes Converter to Download Spotify Playlist to iTunes

From above, we know that Spotify songs are protected. The copyright protection restricts us to transfer Spotify playlist to iTunes. Besides, we also need to know that Spotify tracks are encoded in Ogg Vorbis format. While iTunes doesn't support uploading Ogg Vorbis files.

So, to transfer Spotify to iTunes, you should break the lock and do format conversion. And then you can transfer music from Spotify to iTunes. Here, to help you out, we can meet DRmare Spotify to iTunes Converter.

It's a one-stop excellent streaming music downloader and converter for Spotify. It is specialized in downloading Spotify music at 5X speed. At the same time, it can bypass the protection from Spotify. Besides, it can convert Spotify to iTunes supported M4A or other common audio formats. Moreover, it works well for both free and premium Spotify subscribers.

With this software, you can save Spotify songs as local tracks. Then you can transfer and import Spotify playlist to iTunes for listening with ease.

DRmare Spotify to iTunes Converter

drmare spotify to itunes converter
  • Download playlist from Spotify without Premium account
  • Batch download thousands of Spotify songs at up to 5X converting speed
  • Convert Spotify music to iTunes compatible MP3, AAC, M4A, and other formats
  • Play the converted Spotify music files on unlimited mobile devices, portable players, etc.

How to Download Songs from Spotify to iTunes Library

Now, you can download the DRmare Spotify to iTunes playlist converter on your computer. It offers the free trial version to test its performance before purchasing. The following is the detailed tutorial to download and transfer music from Spotify to iTunes. You need to use this smart tool to convert Spotify to M4A or MP3. After that, you will get how to add Spotify music to iTunes without limits.

Step 1Add Spotify files to DRmare Spotify to iTunes Converter
import spotify songs for itunes into drmare
Double-click to open DRmare Spotify to iTunes Converter. And the Spotify app will be launched also. Once you log in to your Spotify account, you can start to add Spotify songs for iTunes into DRmare. You can drag and drop songs from Spotify to the conversion window. Or you can copy and paste the URL link of Spotify tracks to the search box in the DRmare main interface. And then click the "+" button to add Spotify music to this smart tool. You can also get the Spotify URI and convert Spotify URI to MP3 for use on iTunes.
Step 2Choose M4A as the output format for Spotify to iTunes
choose m4a format for spotify music to itunes
iTunes enables users to import local files encoding the M4A or MP3 format. The output format of this free Spotify to iTunes converter is MP3 by default. So you can skip this step and keep it by default. If you'd like to set an output format as M4A, please go to the setting window. Click the menu bar -> 'Preference' to open a new window. Here you can see a list of supported output formats. Please choose M4A as the target audio format icon. In this step, you can also check the option of "Archive output tracks by". It will classify your output tracks by artist or album.
Step 3Convert Spotify to iTunes compatible format
convert spotify songs to itunes supported audio files
Once all settings are ready, you can click the "Convert" tab to launch the conversion process. It will convert Spotify playlists to iTunes supported formats while unlocking protection. Besides, to make the converting process more smoothly, you’d better set the conversion speed as 1X.
Step 4How to transfer music from Spotify to iTunes library
transfer spotify playlist to itunes
When the conversion process finishes, you can locate Spotify downloads on the destination folder. Now, it's time for you to export Spotify playlist to iTunes. You can choose the more suitable way to import Spotify playlist to iTunes.
Method 1: The most easiest way to download Spotify to iTunes is by dragging & dropping. You can drag and drop files or the folder included Spotify downloads to iTunes music library. Once imported successfully, you can play Spotify music in the iTunes library freely.
Method 2: Launch the iTunes app. Then click the menu bar -> Files -> Add to library in the upper-right corner of the main screen. You can browse the files on your computer to find out the downloaded Spotify songs and folder. And then touch the Open button to add them.

Part 3. How to Transfer Songs from Spotify to iTunes via TuneMyMusic

If you want to transfer Spotify to iTunes online, you can try TuneMyMusic. It is a platform for you to transfer music from one music service to another. It can support Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and more. It also supports to sync, share and backup your music files.

tune my music

How to Use TuneMyMusic

Step 1. Head to the TuneMyMusic official website.

Step 2. Press on the 'Let's Start' button.

Step 3. Choose and click on 'Spotify' option.

Step 4. Access your Spotify account in the pop-up window.

Step 5. Hit on 'Agree' to log in to your Spotify account.

Step 6. Touch on the 'Load from your Spotify account' button to find the Spotify playlist you want to transfer.

Step 7. Now, click on the 'Next: Selection Destination'.

Step 8. Choose and hit on 'iTunes' option.

Step 9. Here you need to sign in to your iTunes account. Then press 'Allow'.

Step 10. Click on 'Start Moving My Music' button.

Step 11. Wait for the playlist to transfer completely.

Part 4. How to Transfer Spotify Playlist to iTunes by Soundiiz

Soundiiz is another way to help you transfer Spotify to iTunes. You can use it without installing an extra app. You just need to go to its official website to do the transferring process of Spotify music to iTunes.


How to Use Soundiiz

Step 1. Go to the Soundiiz official website and then sign in your account. Then hit on the 'Start Now'.

Step 2. Head to 'Transfer' > 'Playlists' > select 'Spotify' as the source platform.

Step 3. Choose 'Spotify' and click 'Confirm and continue'.

Step 4. Customize the chosen Spotify playlist and then click 'Save configuration'.

Step 5. Select the Spotify playlist that you want to transfer.

Step 6. Choose 'iTunes' and log in to your account. Then Soundiiz will start to transfer Spotify playlist to iTunes.

Note: With Soundiiz free account, you can choose a Spotify playlist to transfer at a time. If you want to transfer albums, tracks and artists, then you need to use a premium account.

Extra Tips: How to Import iTunes Playlist to Spotify

Speaking of importing iTunes playlist to Spotify, it also includes Apple Music files. But Apple Music is protected by FairPlay DRM technology to avoid unauthorized sharing. There is no official way to move Apple Music to Spotify library. Put it another, you don't allow to import Apple Music from the iTunes library to Spotify directly.

But don't worry. You can use Apple Music Converter. It can help you remove all limitations from Apple Music. And it can convert Apple Music M4P to Spotify compatible formats, like MP3. After that, you can refer to simple steps to transfer common Apple Music from iTunes to Spotify.

import itunes playlist to spotify

Step 1. Please open the Spotify website page. Enter to 'Edit' -> 'Preferences' and then scroll down until you see the 'Local Files' box.

Step 2. There are lots of options for your choice. You can check the mark next to iTunes. Please make sure unprotected Apple Music songs are saved in iTunes. Or you need to click 'Add Source' to locate the Apple Music files or the target folder.

Step 3. Once the iTunes library syncs to the 'Local Files' section, you can copy and paste Apple Music files to Spotify.


In this post, you had got how to transfer playlist from Spotify to iTunes in 3 ways. You can download Spotify songs to iTunes via DRmare Spotify Music Converter. Or you follow the tips on how to transfer songs from Spotify to iTunes free by online tools. You can choose the ways to do that as you want.

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