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An all-round HD Music and Unlimited Music Converter to download music offline

  • Convert Amazon HD Music and Unlimited Music to common audio formats
  • Download Unlimited Music and Prime Music with original audio quality
  • Allow to stream HD Music and Unlimited Music on any device and platform
  • Support to alter output audio parameters for HD Music and Unlimited Music

How to Download Amazon Music to Samsung Music

It would be astonishing to know that Samsung Music is one of Samsung devices' leading music streaming services. If you own a Samsung mobile, you are bound to enjoy a high-quality music streaming service through the application. However, there are times when you like to export music from other platforms such as Amazon Music.

So, is transferring Amazon Music to Samsung Music possible? Yes, there is a possibility to transfer music between these two platforms. However, it is not the direct solution. This means you need a third-party application that performs the action. The reason is that no significant music streaming provider offers a direct download of the content. Even if you have a subscription, you still need the app to play the music offline. You can only move Amazon Music content to Samsung Music by downloading all your favorite content from Amazon Music to a computer.

Today, you will learn about the process that will help you move Amazon Music to Samsung Music.

amazon music to samsung music

Part 1. How Can I Download Amazon Music to iCloud - Tool Needed

Are you wondering what tool to use and how to download Amazon Music to Samsung Music? If so, then we present you with the perfect solution. The device you need to download the music is DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter. It is a professional tool designed to download Unlimited Music, HD Music and Prime Music.

Even though you have a subscription to Amazon Music, you do not own the content. Because of the protection that makes it is impossible to download Amazon Music and store them on the phone. The subscription allows you to download the Amazon Music content, store it in the app's cache, and listen to them offline through the application only.

With DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter, you can overcome this hurdle by downloading and converting Amazon Music songs into different formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, M4B, etc. at 5x speed. It uses innovative technology that preserves the original quality of the music tracks from Amazon Music and retains the ID3 tags. Moreover, as it allows you to save the Amazon Music on your computer, you can transfer them to any device for offline listening.

This tool not only downloads the Amazon Music files but retains the original quality of the audio even when converting at 5x speeds. The faster speeds ensure that you do not spend much time accumulating Unlimited Music downloads. After then, you can get the Amazon Music tracks on your computer and you are ready to transfer Amazon Music to Samsung Music for offline playing.

DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter

drmare amazon music downloader
  • Download all your favorite playlists, albums, etc. from Amazon Music
  • Convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A, M4B, etc.
  • Ensure high-quality Amazon Music output while retaining metadata and ID3 tags
  • Support to add Amazon Music to Samsung Music for playing offline

Part 2. Steps to Get Amazon Music to Samsung Music Supported Audio Format

Learning how to transfer music from Amazon Music to Samsung Music requires understanding the audio format that Samsung Music supports. As each app supports a different file format, converting the music into the preferred form for smooth playing on a Samsung device is essential. DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter helps you convert Amazon Music to Samsung Music compatible audio files in a few clicks. Now, you can check out the steps below.

Step 1Install and open DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter
run drmare amazon music converter

Download the DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter software for your computer and proceed with the installation. When launching the software, you will notice its primary screen. And you can see the Amazon Music app is shown at the same time as well.

For how to transfer Amazon Music to Samsung Music, remember that it is possible only when you have downloaded a song from Amazon Music and converted it into the required format. Now, the trial version of the DRmare software will convert only the beginning first minute of the song. Registering the product will help you with unlimited conversions. Click the menu icon from the menu bar and select the "Register" option. Enter the verified e-mail address and the registration code to activate the software if you had bought the tool before.

Step 2Add Amazon Music tracks to DRmare
load amazon music you like to drmare

Go to the pop-up Amazon Music app and search for your favorite playlist. Then, copy the playlist's URL and enter the same in the search box on the DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter main screen. Once done, click on the '+' icon to get the tracks in DRmare's main window.

Step 3Reset output format for Amazon Music to Samsung Music
personalize amazon music output settings for samsung music

Select the "Preferences" option from the menu button on the DRmare program. A new pop-up will open, where you must choose the "Convert" tab. Here, you can change the settings of the format, channel, sample rate, and bit rate for Amazon Music on Samsung Music. You can also choose to convert at 1x speed and archive the tracks by artist or album.

Step 4Download Amazon Music to Samsung Music-supported audio files
download amazon music for samsung music
After the setting, click the "Convert" button to allow DRmare to download and export playlist from Amazon Music added to the DRmare interface. It will retain the metadata and ID3 tags of Amazon Music songs. Upon completing the conversion process, click the history button to check the finished Amazon Music files on your computer.

Part 3. How to Move Amazon Music to Samsung Music

Now that you have Amazon Music on your computer, learning how to move Amazon Music to Samsung Music is time. First, as you are using a Samsung mobile phone, you can establish a connection between the phone and your computer using the provided cable. Then, follow the detailed steps below:

Step 1. When you connect the phone, you will notice several options appear on the mobile screen. From the options, select "Transferring files" as the option.

Step 2. Browse to the folder containing the Amazon Music you created while using DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter.

Step 3. Select all the songs or those you want and use the drag and drop feature to copy them to the connected Samsung phone.

Step 4. Disconnect the Samsung mobile phone and check for the Amazon Music content when copying is complete. You can then use Amazon Music in Samsung Music app.

how to transfer amazon music to samsung music by usb

Part 4. How to Transfer Amazon Music to Samsung Music by MusConv Online

Amazon Music to Samsung Music is worth every shot. You can listen to all your favorite Amazon playlists on your Samsung mobile phone. Apart from using DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter, which gives you complete control over the download and conversion of Amazon Music, you can use MusConv. The process is online, and you do not have to download any software.

how to add amazon music to samsung music online

The following steps will answer how to transfer music from Amazon Music to Samsung Music online using MusConv service.

Step 1. Launch your web browser and input the following link:

Step 2. From the website, you will notice that you have the option to select the source service. In this case, it is Amazon Music.

Step 3. Once you have selected Amazon Music as the source, you can continue choosing the playlists and albums you like to move to Samsung Music.

Step 4. After the selection is complete, choose Samsung Music as the destination service.

Step 5. Click the "Start" button and wait for MusConv to complete the transfer of Amazon Music to Samsung Music.

Step 6. After completion, you can check your Samsung mobile for the playlists by opening the Samsung Music application.

Part 5. Conclusion

Amazon Music has a good collection of playlists and albums in different languages. Samsung Music is a great application available for Samsung mobile users to enjoy music. In this post, you have learned how to download Amazon Music to Samsung Music today with the DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter. You can apply immediately to enjoy trouble-free access to all your favorite content and listen to Amazon Music on your Samsung mobile phone through the Samsung Music app!

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