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Amazon Music Unlimited vs Prime Music Comparison in Details

Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music are the best entertainers for music lovers. If you take a closer look at these two streaming applications, you will discover many similarities and differences. The Music Unlimited and Prime Music are the prestigious releases of Amazon. Most music lovers must be wondering what to choose between these two music applications.

In this article, you will learn the differences between Amazon Music Unlimited vs Prime Music. These two platforms provide an excellent environment for music lovers. You can listen to quality music tracks consistently without any interruptions. These applications allow music lovers to listen to their favorite tracks anytime and anywhere. The network data usage to play tracks in these environments seems to be less when compared to the other music streaming apps.

Get ready for an enlightening journey on the comparative study on Amazon Prime Music vs Unlimited.

amazon music unlimited vs prime music

Part 1. Comparative Study on Amazon Music Unlimited vs Prime Music

In this section, you will learn the main difference between Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. On a deeper note, you can witness the discussion based on unique factors. It helps in better understanding and eases the decision-making procedure between these two music applications.

Music Library

The Amazon Music Unlimited comprises more than 60 million songs. Prime Music carries only 2 million song tracks in its library. The performance of the song selection process seems to be great with Music Unlimited than Prime Music. In this Music Unlimited platform, the tracks are well-organized and appear on its home page for quick selection. You can find the music tracks sorted out well, and it is quite impressive. You will feel a bit disappointed with Prime Music regarding the song collections and music library.

Audio Quality

The upgraded version of Amazon Music Unlimited is Amazon Music HD. You can access this HD feature with a little price hike. The sound quality of the tracks is mind-blowing and organized optimally for easy access. The Amazon Music HD streams the song tracks with lossless FLAC audio at 24bit/192kHz. The Amazon Music Unlimited helps you to enjoy your music journey with quality audio tracks. Prime Music fails to offer such comforts in the audio quality. The Echo speakers enhance the Amazon Music audio quality and double your pleasure in listening to your favourite tracks.

Music Discovery

When you focus on the Music Discovery feature, Music Unlimited outruns Prime Music. You can find a surplus collection of playlists organized as artists, genre, etc. You can find suggestions based on your recent playlist. There are options to add your favourite tracks to the 'My Favorite' playlist. It is possible to access a specific song from 70 million track collections at Music Unlimited.


Prime Music is free for Amazon Prime members. The Music Unlimited costs $7.99 per month for Prime Members. For non-Prime members, you can access Music Unlimited for $9.99 per month. The Music Unlimited app offers you Family Plan and Students discount schemes.

Supported Devices

Music Unlimited and Prime Music is compatible with all gadgets in the digital market. The Music Unlimited single device plan supports only Echo and Fire devices. The compatibility of Music Unlimited varies with the enrolment plan. Choose the right app plan to overcome the compatibility issues in this application.

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add amazon prime music to drmare imazonkit music converter

Voice Commands

The Music Unlimited app assists in the optimum utilization of the Alexa device. It offers added commands to pick specific songs from the list. Alexa realizes even the vague comments and chooses the right playlist from the music library of Music Unlimited. It helps in easy music selection from the library. You will not be able to find such high-performance voice commands with the Prime Music application.

In the above-discussion, you had an enlightening discussion on the difference between Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. In the Music Unlimited app, you can witness the lyric feature accompanied by the songs. The lyrics scroll down automatically when you play the songs. This Karaoke feature is appreciable in the Amazon Music Unlimited app.

Part 2. Common Features of Amazon Music Unlimited vs Prime Music

Here, you will learn the similarities between Prime Music vs Amazon Music Unlimited.

Listen without Advertisements

Both Prime Music and Music Unlimited helps you to listen to your favourite songs without any advertisements. You can enjoy ads-free songs with the free version of the premium upgrade. You can listen to many songs with unlimited skips, and there is no time constraint. Amazon allows you to spend your time on these two music platforms for hours without any restrictions.

Offline Access to Tracks

Music Unlimited and Prime Music allows the users to connect with their favourite songs in offline mode. The Music Unlimited single device plan alone does not permit the offline access feature.

Voice Commands

You can control the music access in both the Amazon applications using the voice commands with Alexa. You can perform Alexa interaction on these platforms effortlessly.

Now, you had a better understanding of the similarities between Amazon Music Unlimited vs Prime.

Part 3. Conclusion

Therefore, this article has given you insights into Amazon Music Unlimited vs Prime Music. Using this informative article, you can decide what to choose between Music Unlimited and Prime. Enrol for the perfect one that suits your needs and enjoy the flavours of music tracks at your comforts. These Amazon apps enhance your music passion. Both the music platforms fulfil the expectations of music lovers. Connect with the right app and use its potential features flawlessly.

A detailed study on Amazon Music streaming products guides you to access your favourite tracks anytime. Apart from music tracks, you can also enjoy podcasts on this music platform. It is high time for music lovers to install Amazon Music Unlimited or Prime Music to connect with the outstanding music collections.

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