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Easy Way to Use Amazon Music as Ringtone for Mobile Phone

With a music catalog of over 70 million songs and over 55 million subscribers, the Amazon Music platform is one of the world's most popular online music streaming platforms. Courtesy of its diverse and quality music catalog, music lovers have long been using Amazon Music as ringtone on their phones. I mean, it feels good to have a unique / personalized ringtone on your phone.

However, you should note that only premium Amazon users have the luxury to save Amazon songs on their phones and get Amazon Music set as ringtone. For non-premium users, it is practically impossible to have Amazon songs as ringtone. You will require the right tools to help you download Amazon songs before using them as ringtones.

This article will, at a glance, provide you with an overview on how to use Amazon Music as ringtone with an Amazon premium account and also enlighten you to a top-secret tip on how to get Amazon Music as ringtone without an Amazon premium account.

use amazon music as ringtone

Part 1. How to Use Amazon Music as Ringtone without Premium

Non-premium Amazon Music users are limited when it comes to saving songs from Amazon Music. This means that it is virtually impossible to have any tuned for Amazon Music as ringtone on your phone. To bypass this unfortunate limitation, we recommend that you try out the DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter application.

DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter is a top professional Amazon Music downloading software primarily knit to help Amazon users bypass copy-restrictions. And it can ultimately download and convert Amazon Music tunes to popular music formats. The software is pretty easy to use offers unmatched music file conversion speeds without compromising the quality of the songs. Using this application, you can convert any Amazon Music tune to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, and FLAC.

Here are few features that you stand to enjoy with DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter software.

DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter

drmare imazonkit amazon music converter
  • Retains ID3 tags, like genre, title, artist, album, etc.
  • Conversion speed of up to 5X, save your time
  • Convert Amazon Music to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, and FLAC
  • Quality lossless conversion, better listening experience
  • Unlimited offline Amazon Music playback

Guide: How to Get Amazon Music as Ringtone with DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to get and use Amazon Music as ringtone with DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter for non-premium Amazon Music users.

Step 1Download, install and launch DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter
open drmare amazon music converter
Download and install the application from the official DRmare website. Ensure that you have the correct software version for your PC. Click on the software icon on your PC to launch. On the main interface, select the "Sign In" option to access your Amazon Music account. If you do not have an existing account, you can as well create one.
Step 2Personalize audio output and music specs of Amazon Music as ringtone
set output parameters for amazon music as ringtone
On the Menu icon, find "Preferences" >>" Advanced", and here, you can change your Amazon tunes to your preferred music formats such as MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, or FLAC. You can also fine-tune your music quality by altering basic music specs such as bit rate, sample rate, audio channels, etc. It is also possible to archive your playlists by album or artist.
Step 3Add and download Amazon Music for using as ringtone
get amazon music as ringtone
Find and open your Amazon playlist. Go on to select the yellow "Add File" option on your right to add the playlist on DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter. You opt to add the entire playlist or add a few as you convert.
Once you have selected your songs, click "Convert" to begin the simultaneous conversion and download process. After the process is over, you can access the saved Amazon Music songs by hitting the "history" option with the red dot.
Step 4Transfer and set Amazon Music as ringtone

How to set song from Amazon Music as ringtone? It is easy as we had got Amazon Music songs as local files here. Now, please check the steps as below and see how to use Amazon Music as ringtone.

Step 1. Using a USB cable, connect your phone to the PC.

Step 2. Find the Amazon song you want to use as a ringtone.

Step 3. Copy and paste the Amazon songs to your phone.

Step 4. Once the transfer is complete, find your imported tunes and set it as your phone's ringtone. You will have by now set Amazon Music as ringtone.

Part 2. How to Set Amazon Music as Ringtone with Premium

If you are using a premium Amazon Music account, the process to set Amazon Music as ringtone is super-easy. All you need is a premium account and the guide provided below!

Step 1. Download and install the Amazon Music app on your phone. Enter your credential to log in to your account.

Step 2. At the bottom of the screen, tap on the "My Music" tab and select your favorite tune.

Step 3. Tap on the three vertical dots on the far end and select "Download".

Step 4. Once the download is complete, you can set Amazon Music as ringtone based on your phone model.

Part 3. Conclusion

From this article, you can now easily use Amazon Music as ringtone on your phone regardless of your Amazon Music user account. If you are operating on a premium Amazon Music account, the process is super easy. On the other hand, if you are a free Amazon Music user, we have featured a top tool - DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter - to help you download Amazon Music as ringtone on your phone.

All that is required of you is to download, install and follow the guide provided above to enjoy unlimited Amazon ringtone choices on your phone.

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