[Solved] How to Set Apple Music as Ringtone for Any Phones

Apple Music cloud library contains many popular songs like "Locked Away", "I Knew I loved You", Treat You Better Remix" etc. Have you ever came across any similar tracks which you want to set as ringtone for your iPhone 6/7/8//8Plus/X? Do you encounter any problem in doing that? No more pain any more! As an audio lover, I have made ringtones from any different audio files successfully. Today I will share my personal experience on how to set Apple Music as ringtone for iPhone and Android phone.

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set apple music as ringtone

Part 1. Why You Can't Edit Apple Music to iPhone Ringtone

Apple Music files are in M4P format which is different from the popular ringtone formats MP3 for Android and M4R for iPhone, so it is not a surprise that we can't use them directly. I searched the internet to find the best free ringtone maker online and try to create a ringtone with it. It really annoys me that the error message always show up "The file is not recognized".

After getting help from Apple support, I found that that Apple Music are combined with the digital rights management protection which is designed for limiting users from violating the copyright and illegally distributing the files to others. That makes no sense. Because we should get the most out of the files if we only create ringtones for personal only. Luckily, DRmare software helps me out.

DRmare DRM Audio Converter for Mac/Windows is an all-in-one tool for users to make the full use of subscribed Apple Music. You can use it to create ringtones from any music files on the iTunes library for any phones. No extra software required. It is superior to other similar products with powerful features as well as high performance.

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DRmare Audio Converter

drmare apple music converter
  • Support Apple Music M4P, iTunes songs M4A, iTunes audiobooks, podcasts
  • Remove DRM protection from all kinds of Apple Music streams within 1 click
  • The converting speed could reach up to 30X while the output quality is lossless
  • Easily adjust the playback like volume, pitch, speed to personalize the output ringtone

Part 2. Remove DRM Copy and Convert M4P Music to Ringtones

Before you start to make rings from Apple Music, you need to make sure the DRM protection is removed. Are you interested in getting this tool to help? Giving the benefits mentioned above, It is a no-brainer to opt for it and try it out for free. Now follow me step by step.

Step 1Import Apple Music M4P tracks
import drm m4p tracks
Before you get started, please make sure you have downloaded the Apple Music and authorize them on iTunes first.. After that, you can click the 'Add Files' button from the bottom left of the software to browse and import the files from iTunes media library.
Step 2Change output format as MP3/M4A
choose mp3/m4a format
For Android phone like Samsung Galaxy S9/Note 8, Huawei P10, LG G6, OnePlus 5, you can simply select the output format as 'MP3'. If you have an iPhone 5/6/7/8/X, you can choose to convert the Apple Music to M4A first and then rename the M4A to M4R directly. Besides, you can also customize the output ringtones to make them more personalized such as split the files to smaller segments.
Step 3Strip DRM protection from Apple Music
convert m4p music files
When all settings are ready, you can simply click the 'Convert' button to initialize the converting process easily. All the DRM protection will be removed after converting. So easy, right?

Part 3. Transfer Converted Music Files to Your Phone

Now you should have already got the DRM free files MP3 or M4R (renamed from M4A), you can simply transfer the converted songs to your phone as ringtones.

Transfer MP3 Ringtone to Android

The instruction is easy and it is same for most phones.

1. Connect your Android phone via an USB cable, you will find the device icon on your computer explorer.

2. Then copy & paste the music files from computer to the phone internal storage.

3. Click 'Settings' > 'Sound and notifications' > 'Ringtones', it will prompt you the option to set a song from your Android phone.

Set Apple Music M4R as iPhone ringtone

On an iPhone, you can't copy the files directly but have to rely on the iTunes to sync M4R to your iPhone.

1. Launch iTunes and then click 'Add File to Library to add the created M4R files to your iTunes.

2. Connect your iPhone to iTunes, you will see the device icon on the top of iTunes.

3. You can open the iPhone from iTunes and then select the tones and click 'Sync' to transfer them from computer to the iPhone.

4. Go to 'Settings'> 'Sounds'/'Sounds & Haptics' > 'Ringtone', you can pick up the one you like easily.

transfer ringtone to iphone

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