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How to Listen to Apple Music on the Web

Can you listen to Apple Music on the web? Yes, you can. Apple released the Apple Music web player in September 2019. From then on, PC users will be able to play Apple Music not only within the iTunes application they don't like. This gives users a good answer to the question "how to play Apple Music without iTunes". And in this article, we'll walk you through everything you wanted to know about the Apple Music web browser.

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apple music web player

Part 1. Pros and Cons of Apple Music Web Player

The Apple Music web browser is compatible with all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Chrome OS. This is convenient for those who use Apple Music on their Windows computers. Because they previously had to download and install Apple's famously sluggish iTunes software.

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The user interface of Apple Music for the web is similar to that of the Apple Music for Mac application. You can find the "For You", "Browse" and "Radio" tabs in the left sidebar. Once logged in with your Apple ID, you can access your music library in the "Recently Added", "Artists", "Albums" and "Songs" sections.

apple music web player main interface

Now let's view the pros and cons of the Apple Music web browser.


  • Listen to Apple Music online without installing extra apps
  • Doesn't cost much memory, saves your storage space
  • Add or delete music to your library, shuffle play Apple Music, use light and dark mode, etc.


  • There is no option to download songs for offline playing (Skip to Part 3 to get a solution)
  • Require a stable internet connection
  • You can't see lyrics on the web version
  • Not able to check the detailed information including album, year, composer, genre, etc.

Part 2. How to Play Apple Music on Web

All in all, the Apple Music browser player is convenient for users who just want to listen to music online. Apple Music web player works on all browsers including Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and so on. You can follow the steps below to listen to Apple Music in browser.

Way 1. By Apple Music Web Player

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play apple music on web

Step 1. Open any web browser and visit the Apple Music web player.

Step 2. Click the 'Sign in' button and enter your Apple ID and password. Remember you need to have an active Apple Music subscription.

Step 3. Then you will see the web interface of Apple Music, which is similar to the Apple Music app on Mac.

Way 2. By Musish

Step 1. Visit Musish's website.

Step 2. Click 'Connect to Apple Music' and then log in to your Apple Music account.

Step 3. Then you will see all the tabs of Apple Music including 'For You', 'Browse', 'Radio', and 'My Library'. You can start browse for your favorite music and click any song to play.

You can only stream Apple Music online on the web, if you want to listen to Apple Music offline, read on.

Part 3. How to Listen to Apple Music Anywhere

Since there is no download option on the Apple Music web player, we will provide you with a way to download Apple Music songs. Just use DRmare Apple Music Converter , you can convert and download Apple Music to MP3, FLAC, and other formats. Once the conversion is done, all the Apple Music files are unprotected, so you can listen to them offline on any device.

No need to worry about anything because this professional Apple Music Converter will keep 100% lossless metadata and work at 30x speed. What's better, this converter can also convert iTunes music, Audible audiobooks and other audio files.

DRmare Apple Music Converter

drmare apple music converter
  • Download Apple Music files 30X faster for offline listening
  • Remove the protection from Apple Music, iTunes, Audible, etc.
  • Support multiple audio formats including MP3, AAC, M4A, etc.
  • Keep lossless music quality and ID3 tags including album art, etc.

Step-by-Step: Download and Convert Apple Music for Playing Anywhere

Now, we'll show you the complete user guide on how to get rid of the protection from Apple Music by using DRmare Apple Music Converter so that you can play the music via any web player as desired.

Step 1Install and launch DRmare Audio Converter
drmare apple music interface
First of all, download and install DRmare Apple Music Converter on your Mac or PC. You can directly click on the "Download" button above or navigate to Once installed, double-click the icon to launch the program.
Step 2Import M4P songs from Apple Music
import apple music tracks
To load Apple Music tracks, simply click the "Add" button at the bottom left. Then a pop-up window will appear containing your iTunes library or computer's folder. Select the Apple Music songs you want to convert and click "OK" to load them.
Step 3Set output format
select output format
Next to the big "Convert" button, you'll find the one with "Format" icon on it. Click that button and you'll be directed to the window where you can select the output format. Currently it supports 6 output audio formats, including MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, and M4B. For each format, you are allowed to edit the audio quality by adjusting its codec, channel, bit rate, sample rate all according to your own needs.
Step 4Convert and download Apple Music
download and convert apple music
Now tap the "Convert" button to let it start converting the protected Apple Music songs from M4P to MP3 or other plain formats. Once all the Apple Music tracks are converted, you can play them via any web browser or player. You can also transfer Apple Music files to your iPhone, Android, or other devices for playing.

Part 4. FAQs about Apple Music Web Player

Q1: Does Apple Music Have a Web Player?

A: Yes, Apple Music has a web version that allows you to listen to Apple Music online on a web browser. There is no need to install anything.

Q2: Does Apple Music Web Player Support Lossless?

A: Yes. It is the same as the Apple Music app, using AAC and Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC).

Q3: Can I See Lyrics on Apple Music Browser Player?

A: No. The web version of Apple Music doesn't support lyrics.

Q4: Can I Download from Apple Music Web Browser?

A: No, there is no download or offline mode on the web version of Apple Music. But if you want, you can use DRmare Apple Music Converter to download songs from Apple Music and listen to them on any web player or device.

Q5: Can I Listen to Apple Music on Web without Its Web Player?

A: Yes, if you are looking for a way to listen to Apple Music instead of its web player, you can think about Maeve, Musish, Apple Music Toolbox, and so on.

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