Tips to Capture and Download Music from Amazon

Amazon Music is a music streaming service, which is also well known as Amazon MP3 previously. In Amazon Music, users are allowed to listen to streaming music with free and paid subscription. As for Prime member of Amazon Music, they can access to over 2 million songs without extra cost. However, many people want to upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited to enjoy tens of millions of on-demand and ad-free streaming music. For those who are not Prime member of Amazon Music, they only have a 30-day free trial in Amazon Music with signing in their Amazon account. After the trial, they need to subscribe to Music Unlimited and pay for $7.9 per month.

So, is there any way to listen to Amazon Music offline from both Amazon Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited? In this post, we will give you the answer and show you the tips to capture and download music from Amazon.

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Part 1. Solution to Capture and Download Music from Amazon

There are many audio recording tools to capture audio files in the market and you don't know which meets your needs. So, here we would like to highly recommend DRmare Amazon Music Capture for Windows to you. This audio recorder is designed to record various of resources, such as Amazon Music, web browsers and others. It can help you capture and download music from Amazon with lossless audio quality, including Amazon Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited. And then it can convert the audio in MP3 and other formats for you so that you can listen to Amazon Music offline on other devices.

Now we provide the free trial version for you, you could download and install the DRmare Amazon Music Capture program on your computer to have a try. Please follow the bellowing steps to begin recording your Amazon Music.

DRmare Music Capture for Amazon Music

drmare music capture for amazon
  • Record and download music from Amazon and other resources
  • Support capture lots of music without interfering each other
  • Convert Amazon Music in MP3 or other formats with lossless audio quality
  • Download Amazon music and play on other devices offline
Step 1Launch DRmare Amazon Music capture program
open drmare music capture program
Firstl, please launch the DRmare music capture program by clicking the program icon on your desktop. When you enter the program, you will see that there are a few apps icon in the program interface. Then you need to check whether the Amazon Music app or the web browser you use to enter to Amazon Music web player is in the list already. If not, you could click the big "+" button to add it directly.
Step 2Select output format for Amazon Music
set audio format
In this part, you could click "Format" button and you will see a pop-up window. In this window, you could select the output format for your Amazon Music. Here we offer 6 kinds of formats for you, such as MP3, AAC, M4B and more. You just need to choose one of them for your music. Or you could set MP3 format by default as it is of high compatibility of lots of devices. In addition, if you want to make your recorded Amazon music become more wonderful, you also can change the codec, channel, bit rate and other parameters.
Step 3Play and record Amazon music
play amazon music
When you finish the setting, please click the web browser to enter to Amazon Music home page or launch the Amazon Music App on your computer, and then login in Amazon with your Amazon account. Then you need to choose the music tracks from Amazon Music that you want to capture. Once you find the songs, you have to play them and the DRmare Music Capture program will pop up a recording window to start to record and download Amazon music songs automatically.
Step 4Adjust recorded Amazon Music
adjust recorded amazon music
When the program finishes recording, you could edit for the recorded Amazon Music, such as trimming the audio and editing the tags. Then click "OK" button to save your edit.
Step 5Save Amazon music
save recorded amazon music on computer
Finally, you can click "Save" button to save Amazon music on your computer. Then you can locate them on your computer and stream them to other devices for offline playback.

Part 2. The Verdict

With this DRmare Amazon Music Capture program, now you can easily get the Amazon music. This program is a powerful and intelligent, which can let you record Amazon Music and download the music for offline playback. It can capture all kinds of audio resources and can convert them in MP3 or other formats with lossless quality. You can follow the post and use the program to capture and download music from Amazon, and then you can listen to Amazon music offline.

If you have any other issue or something want to share with us, please feel free to write down your comments at the comment section to let us know.

Sep 26, 2019 8:39 PM

Posted by Wyatt Harris to Audio Capture Tips