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  • Customize audiobook effects and split Audible files by chapters for better use
  • Edit ID3 tags manually, or keep all ID3 tags and chapter info automatically

How to Get Audible Audiobooks on Nintendo Switch

Do you like to play games on Nintendo Switch? Nintendo Switch, as a gaming console, enables you to play games at home and on-the-go. You can also watch videos or listen to music. Would you like to get some audiobooks on it to play? I like to do it! Some audiobooks from Audible are inspiring and exciting. They can fulfill my time when I relax or play games.

Do you know how to get Audible audiobooks on Nintendo Switch? As Audible audiobooks can't be played on Nintendo Switch directly, you need to do something to make it work. What do you need? How to do it? Let's get the answer together.

get audible audiobooks on nintendo switch

Part 1. Why Audible Audiobooks Are Not Supported by Nintendo Switch

As a matter of fact, Audible audiobooks are in the format of AA or AAX, which are not supported by Nintendo Switch. You are only allowed to play audiobooks of Audible on the authorized devices. If you download the Audible books, the downloads are protected files so they can not be moved to Nintendo Switch for listening.

Nintendo Switch supports audio files formed in common formats like MP3. Audible audiobooks are not compatible with Nintendo Switch. As a result, you are required to change the Audible books' format into common ones for Nintendo Switch.

Part 2. Play Audible Audiobooks on Nintendo Switch - What You Need

As a good format conversion tool - DRmare Audible Converter is powerful enough for your need. You can use it to convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A and M4B. Then the Audible files would become available for you to stream on Nintendo Switch. What's more, the Audible books are saved without quality loss. They are kept with all of their ID3 tags.

What surprises you is that you can set the output parameters by yourself. Moreover, the conversion will be done in a short time with the DRmare software running at a fast speed. The converted Audible audiobooks can be also played on other game consoles.

Only 4 steps are needed to finish the conversion. After you do that, you can keep the Audible books on your Nintendo Switch forever for offline playback. That means you own the Audible audiobooks in the end.

audible converter

Powerful Audiobook Converter of 2020

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  • Get Audible audiobooks on Nintendo Switch easily with some clikcs.
  • Download Audible audiobooks as files of MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, etc.
  • Split large Audible audiobooks to small parts for Nintendo Switch freely.
  • Customize the output parameters including bit rate, sample rate, etc.

Part 3. Get Audible Audiobooks on Nintendo Switch - Step by Step

Now let's see how to get Audible audiobooks on Nintendo Switch. Firstly, please download and install the DRmare Audible Converter of the right version on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 1Add Audible books to DRmare program
import aa/aax audiobooks to drmare
Tap on the "Add Files" button on the top-left corner of the DRmare window. You can select the Audible books from your library to add. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the Audible audiobooks from your computer to the window to load them to the DRmare interface directly.
Step 2Customize output parameters for Nintendo Switch
customize output music files
There is an "Edit" button on the uploaded audiobooks. Hit it. You are able to edit the ID3 tags by clicking the "Tags" button. Press on the "Split" button, you will be allowed to split the Audible books by chapters. Find the "Format" icon on the bottom. Various output formats are for your choice. Pick the one you like. Also, please reset the codec, channel, bit rate and sample rate. Click the "OK" button to save your settings.
Step 3Download Audible audiobooks for Nintendo Switch
start converting

Hit the big "Convert" button to start the conversion. The DRmare Audible Converter will batch convert the Audible audiobooks to MP3 on your computer. The converted audiobooks will be saved in the output folder you set.

Here you should know that for getting a whole converted Audible file, you are suggested to buy the DRmare Audible Converter. Or you can use the free trial at first and then decide whether you would buy the tool. But in this way, you will only be given back a one-third Audible book.

Step 4Stream Audible audiobooks on Nintendo Switch

Now you have got all of the converted Audible files on your computer. Here we make you the guide to get Audible audiobooks on Nintendo Switch.

1. Insert a MicroSD card into the card reader of your computer. Go to "This PC / My Computer / Computer".

2. Find the inserted MicroSD card. Add the converted Audible books to it.

3. Connect the MicroSD card to the card reader of Nintendo Switch. Click the "Nintendo 3DS Sound" option on the HOME menu.

4. Choose the "Open" icon and select the Audible files on the card. Hit "Play" to play Audible audiobooks on Nintendo Switch.

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