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Top 10 Best Music Players for Windows 10 In 2024

Many people using Windows computers and Windows smartphones usually spend lots of money building a collection of songs, podcasts, and other interesting content; as such they always want the best Windows music player.

Every Windows user deserves to have the best media player compatible with Windows 10 in order for them to enjoy their music collections. If you have used Windows for a couple of years then you know that there are numerous window players that you can use to play your music on Windows.

However, not all these players live up to expectation. For this reason, you need to find the best music player for Windows 10 in order to be safe. To help you avoid the trouble of trial and error an attempt to discover the best media player for your Windows PC, here is the list of 10 best Windows media player for Windows 10:

No. 1. Dopamine Music Player

dopamine player

Dopamine music player is one of the most popular music players for PC in the world and it is very easy to see why. This is because it is one of the best music players that are compatible with Windows 10. It has one of the most user-friendly interfaces which make using it quite easy for everyone. All the features, options and settings are arranged in such a way that you can easily find them without having to strain your eyes or fumble guessing what each tab mean.

In addition, this music player supports a wide range of formats such as MP4, MP3, FLAC, OPUS, APE, M4A WMA, WAV and OGG among others. This makes it easy to play any music files and this perfect for users who source their music from different sources with different formats.

No. 2. MusicBee


The MusicBee Windows 10 player is another great media player you should use on Windows devices. The music player is compatible with Windows 7 and all the later versions such as Windows 10. It has a great user interface that makes great use of color to make things easy for users. It is an awesome audio player window 10 application that makes it easy for you to play audio files from iTunes and other sources.

In addition, it supports different file formats such as TAK, MP3, FLAC, WAV, APE, and M4E among others. MusicBee works well with other portable music players and does not consume much space which makes it more popular among many Windows users.

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No. 3. AIMP


The AIMP music player is another great music player for Windows 10. The name AIMP the short version of Artem Izmaylov, which is the name of the original creator of the player that was first released in 2006.

This music player is a cut above the rest when it comes visual appearance as it has an amazing user interface and in addition, has great inbuilt audio skins if you love watching your audio files. It supports almost all the popular music formats and in addition, it has an 18-band equalizer for giving the best sound quality to your music.

No. 4. Windows Media Player

windows media player

Windows media player is the default media player that everyone gets when they buy the Windows 10 computer. It is thus one of the most common media players in the world given the popularity of Windows computers in the world.

The player plays a wide range of music formats which makes it quite popular. It also makes it visualize audio files which make playing audio music quite interesting. It can also play videos which make it best for not just playing music but also watching movies, documentaries and other forms of video clips. You use Windows media player to play files stored on your computer's hard drives and even those on portable devices such as flash drive.

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No. 5. DVDFab Player 5

dvdfab player

DVDFab Player 5 is one of the most recognizable and best pc music player software in the world. This media player supports almost all known music formats which reduce the need for external plug-in and converters to play certain file formats. It also has a great user interface that makes it easy for anyone to use this player.

This music player is best when it comes to high fidelity audio which gives a theater-like experience. It is a complete media player that can play 3D movies, HDR10, UHT and 4K movies. This makes it perfect if you need more than music. It also plays DVDs and Blue-ray disks with a lot of ease.

No. 6. Groove Music Player

groove music player

The groove music player for Windows is another great media player that offers a lot more features than your default Windows Media Player. If you want great sound quality then this is the best media player for you. It has inbuilt equalizer which gives you better sound than most music players in the market currently.

Being owned by Microsoft, the creators of Windows operating system, these media player seamlessly integrates with your Windows 10 making it easy to play files with a lot of easy just like you were using the Windows media player. It also can play a wide range of music formats just like the Windows media player.

No. 7. VLC Player

vlc player

VLC is one of the most common video players in the world and a perfect choice for someone with a Windows 10 device. It is also an older player that has undergone numerous refinement over the years making it fit for video lovers.

It supports all forms of audio files and video files making it easy to play any song on your computer. VLC also has a super easy to use interface which makes it quite popular as anyone can easily use it.

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No. 8. WinAmp


This is another complete media player for anyone who wants to play music videos on Windows 10. It is has been around for a while and just like VLC has undergone a number of fine-tuning to make it perfect for use by anyone.

It supports all audio formats and also plays all forms of videos making it perfect for playing music and non-music videos. It is compatible with a wide range of plug-in visualization making it easy for you to visualize your audio songs. It also has an online feature which lets you download new songs and makes a recommendation of songs you may love to listen to.

No. 9. Media Monkey

media monkey

Media Monkey is another great media player for use on Windows 10. It supports all forms of audio files and allows you to download songs and podcasts and even record CDs. It automatically updated album arts, music lyrics, metadata, and tags.

It has an auto-DJ mode which is quite helpful if you are playing music at a party. It can convert files from one format to another and has a music sharing feature which makes it perfect to have if you have several devices for listening to music and especially your other devices do not support many audio files.

No. 10. JetAudio


This is a great music player for Windows 10 that is both lights in weight and quite fast when it comes to playing audios. It offers both audio and video playback capabilities which make it perfect for playing both videos and audio files.

It supports almost all music formats and has lots of other great features such as metadata editing capabilities. It also comes with a large collection of inbuilt sound effects which gives improved music sound. You can also use it to rip and burn DVDs. You can also visualize your audio files with a lot of ease.


So, there you have it, the 10 best music players for Windows. If you are starting out then this list will serve you best as these are the top players available. There are numerous other players you can also use especially if you want those with specialized features that a regular media player does not have. But if all you want is to listen to your music on Windows 10 enabled devices then this is a comprehensive list for you.

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