Top 5 Ways to Play Spotify Music on Multiple Devices

If you are a Spotify addict, you probably want to listen to it anytime anywhere. For example. When you are in the living room, you'd like to play Spotify on TV. When you are in the bedroom, you'd like to listen to spotify on Harman Kardon Hifi speakers.

However, you may not play Spotify on multiple devices simultaneously. When you sign into another device, your will receive the message that "Spotify has been paused because your account is being used somewhere else." The reason why you get this error is that Spotify don't want you to share your account with your friends or family members. This is really irritating to keep logging in and logging out the account.

If you are affected by this same problem, now it is time to change it with the top 5 methods below.

play spotify music on multiple devices

Part 1. How to Stream Spotify Music to Multiple Devices

Though Spotify doesn't allow users to stream Spotify online with one account on different devices at the same time, you can depend on some features or tools to do that.

Use Spotify Offline Mode

If you have subscribed to Spotify subscription, you can download 3333 songs offline for up to 3 devices in total.

spotify offline mode

Step 1. Login your Spotify app from your computer, mobile phone or any other devices.

Step 2. Follow a playlist you like and then hit "Download" to download the songs to your device.

Step 3. Go to the settings window of your app > Tap "Playback" > Switch on "Offline" option.

Step 4. Now you can play the music offline on one device. It won't affect you to use Spotify account on another device online.

Spotify Family Premium Subscription

Spotify Family is designed for up to 6 family members live in the same address to listen to songs with separate account. It costs $14.99/month, which is much cheaper comparing to subscribe to 6 accounts individually.

This family membership is also good for users who want to play Spotify songs with different accounts on multiple devices. You can simply select the "Family Plan" if you are signing up for the first time or update it directly if you are an existing user. It won't sync your playlists across different accounts, but it is not difficult to structure them one by one. If you don't need 6 accounts, you can also share the plan with your friends.

Get Multiple Speakers

If you just want to play Spotify on all the rooms at your home, you don't need multiple accounts nor multiple streaming devices. The best solution is to buy multiple speakers. Many smart speakers such as Sonos, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Bose SoundTouch all allow you to connect the speakers to play music simultaneously.

You just need to link the speakers to the same source from your account by using the Spotify Connect feature. Here I take the Sonos speakers to show you how does it work.

1. Setup and connect all your smart speakers to the same WiFi network.

2. Configure the Spotify app on your Sonos speakers.

3. You will need phone, laptop, desktop or tablet with the latest Spotify app as the music source.

4. Fire up the Spotify app, start to play a song and select "Devices Available" menu. Then you can select the Sonos speakers and all the speakers will start to play songs.

Use Third-party Spotify Playlist Players

Many third party players such as BuMP Music Player, Kodi, Plex, SoundHound supports to import and play playlists from Spotify directly. And SoundHound is highly recommended because it also combines the feature to display lyrics for users just like the Shazam. When playing playlists from Spotify, it won't affect your original account.

play spotify on soundhound

1. Download and install SoundHound app to your mobile device from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2. Launch SoundHound > Hit "Play" button > Press "Connect with Spotify" > You can set up a new SoundHound account and let it access to your Spotify account.

3. Once it is done, SoundHound will show you all the playlists from Spotify. You can choose any playlist or song you want to start playing. In this way, you can play Spotify on 2 devices without problems. One limitation is that you can't search or add new music from this third-party software. And currently it is only available on Android and iOS.

Part 2. Download Spotify Songs for Any Devices For Free

The above 4 ways to stream Spotify on multiple devices all require you to subscribe to the premium subscription. And they are not perfect honestly. SoundHound only supports playlists, offline mode is time-consuming, family plan costs $5 more than an individual account and not everyone has multiple smart speakers.

This is even worse especially when you have multiple devices or keep updating devices time from time. To make Spotify songs available for unlimited devices, I'd suggest you download Spotify tracks offline by using DRmare Spotify Playlist Downloader for Windows/Mac.

It is a second to none professional software with highest music quality and 5X speed. With it, you can get the job done in a much easier way.

Best Spotify Playlist Downloader

drmare spotify audio converter
  • Capture lossless music from all the Spotify songs, playlists, artists, albums
  • Remove DRM protection while retaining all the other ID3 tabs, metadata
  • Convert Spotify OGG to common formats for mobiles, speakers, portable players
  • Support lot of output formats MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B and parameters codec, bit rate

Now you can follow this tips to convert Spotify to MP3 songs so that to play Spotify playlists on multiple devices like a breeze.

Step 1Add the link of Spotify songs
load spotify music
Launch DRmare Spotify Converter, the Spotify desktop client will be opened directly. You can find the playlists from the left side bar and drag & drop them to the DRmare main screen. This is the most intuitive way.
Step 2Set output music parameters
set up output parameters
The supported audio format maybe varied on different devices. You can customize the output format according to your requirements. But if you has no ideas about the bit rate, formats etc., there is a proven solution. You just need to keep the default preset MP3 profile. It works well for almost any players.
Step 3Download Spotify for any device
get spotify offline
Select an output folder where you want to save the output files and click "Convert" button from the bottom right. Within a while, you will get the offline songs. Before converting, you can also go to the "preferences" window to select the option to archive the music files by album or artist.


Spotify supports to run on a lot of devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Huawei Mate 10/20, P10/P20, Samsung Galaxy S9/Note 9, game consoles, smart speakers etc. However, due to the DRM protection, you can only stream music from 1 device at a time officially.

To solve this issue, you can either try the Spotify offline mode, family subscription or using another playlist player, multiple speakers. The ultimate way is to convert Spotify to MP3. You will be able to play Spotify on multiple devices without any limitations.

Let's know on the comment section below if you have any questions.

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