Top Two Ways to Get Spotify Music on Kodi

What is the relax way you like best, watching movies, listening to music, audiobooks? No matter what what you prefer, Kodi, the ultimate free media center app developed by the XBMC Foundation, will help you with anything in an elegant way. Take music for example, it supports Pandora Internet Radio, Rhapsody, Spotify and so on. To stream the music you want, you just need to install the related plugins which are usually free. Kodi application is available on Android, Linux, BSD, MacOS, iOS. As an open source and cross-platform app, you don't need to spend any money but get it for free as well as lots of resources from its popular community.

Are you interested in enjoying music on Kodi? Here I will show you how to Add Spotify, the largest streaming music, to Kodi in two fantastic ways.

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add spotify to kodi

Part 1. Add Spotify to Kodi by Installing the Addon

The two most widely used versions of Kodi application are Kryption and Jarvis. And the instruction to install the Spotify addon is almost the same in both versions. Following is the quick tips on how to install Spotify on Kodi Krypton. Note: Before starting, please make sure you have already set up the Kodi media center on your computers and have the Spotify account and password.

Step 1. Download the Spotify plugin Marcelveldt Repository zip file to the local hard drive of your computer.

Step 2. Launch Kodi from your system and then click the menu "Add-ons" > "Install from zip file". Then navigate to find the Spotify addon which you have just downloaded.

select kodi plug in

Step 3. Wait a moment, it will initial the process to enable the addon, you will see a new popup window.

Step 4. Click the menu "Install from repository" > select "Marcelveldt's BETA repository" > Select "Music Add-ons" > Pick up "Spotify".

install it from repository

Step 5. Tap "Install" button, it will take a few minutes to finish the installing process.

Step 6. After installing, you can click "Configure" to add the Spotify username and password.

configure spotify for kodi

Part 2. Import Spotify Songs from Your Local Hard Drive

With the Spotify plugin, you should be able to stream songs freely online if you are ok with the randomly displayed ads. But it won't work if there is something wrong happens to your network connection. Or if you have a low Internet speed, the songs may take a long time to buffer before you can play them. To help you play Spotify music on Kodi with a much better experience, you can also import Spotify songs downloaded on your local computer. How?

You will have to rely on an streaming music downloader. DRmare Spotify to Kodi Converter for Mac/Windows is a well crafted tool tailed for users who prefer local songs to streaming music online with the core technology to keep 100% lossless quality. When the music are saved offline, you will get rid of the annoying ads as well. For for fantastic features, check the following list:

DRmare Spotify Song Downloader for Windows/Mac

drmare spotify music converter
  • Encode Spotify OGG tracks to common audio files MP3, M4A, AAC, M4B, FLAC
  • Batch converting feature, the speed could reach up to 5X which is fastest
  • Capture all the metadata, artist info, album cover, title, year, author and so on
  • Lifetime free update and technical support, get instant help whenever you need

Kodi (XBMC) provides an easy access to all your media files saved on your computer as well as any online streaming media contents from any devices online. The online streaming contents are updating time from time. That is to say, you may end up failing to find the songs you want one day due to DRM protection. If you don't feel comfortable to keep your Spotify songs online, why not follow this tips to save them offline for your home entertainment center?

Step 1Insert the Spotify playlist
load spotify files
There are different genres of songs available from Spotify, you can easily navigate the category from it and then drag and drop to add the songs or playlists, albums, artists. It supports add up to 100 songs at a time.
Step 2Select the audio format as MP3
choose output format
In order to get access to the audio files from any devices or players such as Android, iOS, mobile phones, portable speakers, car stereo, you'd better pick up the universal format such as MP3 which is a default one. You can also tweak other settings like channel, sample rate, bit rate if you want.
Step 3Start saving Spotify music to your local device
convert spotify to mp3
Finally, you can choose a local folder and press "Convert" button to start backing up all the songs you selected. DRmare software use the standalone virtual sound card to help you capture the songs instead of the system built-in sound card so the songs will be 100% lossless and it won't combine with any sound noise on your computer. Then you can upload and play Spotify music on Kodi.

To find out how does it work more easily, you can also visit this video tutorial:

Part 3. Things You Need to Know about Kodi

Kodi was originally named Xbox Media Center (XBMC) developed for the first-generation Xbox game console. Because of its open source and cross-platform nature, many voluntary developers and developed countless app-ons and resources on the Kodi community. You may go to the community to find more wonderful plugins you want and find out answers if you have any questions. Following are the frequently asked questions for your reference.

Q1: How to access Spotify after installing it to Kodi?

A1: You can click “Music" > "Add-Ons" > "Spotify" from your home screen to launch it directly.

Q2: What kinds of add-ons can I install to Kodi?

A2: You can add any add-ons such as video, music, program, picture add-ons and so on.

Q3: How can I fix buffering on Kodi?

A3: It is not possible to avoid buffering permanently due to network issue. To reduce it, you'd better get a faster Internet connection or stream media files from your local device.

Q4: Is Kodi connection secure? Will someone else find out what I'm streaming?

A4: Generally, Kodi is secure, others won't have access to your contents.

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