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For DJ users, digital streaming music and DJ software are two indispensable things in their daily life nowadays. Instead of using the turntables and CD players with Vinyl and CDs, it is a new trend to mix songs for audiences by using Virtual DJ and streaming music like Spotify, Deezer. But unfortunately Spotify doesn't seem to work any more after an update on Sept 8th, 2017. According to the official announcement, Spotify is currently no longer available on VDJ 8 as they have changed the terms in regards to using Spotify inside professional DJ applications. What is worse there is no expected time when this service will be restored.

Do you want to add Spotify songs to Virtual DJ software? We'd really happy to recommend a best alternative solution here.

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spotify to virtual dj

Part 1. Spotify and Virtual DJ

Before we get started to find a good solution, we'd glad to introduce why Virtual DJ software and Spotify music is vital to DJ users.

Virtual DJ is one kind of DJ software for Windows PC and Mac. It can mix songs like the old turntables and CD players yet with more options such as adjusting speed, applying effects, crossfading from one side to the other. In addition, it is extremely easy to use. Virtual DJ started as a software for beginner DJs and mobile DJs. Their philosophy is to use cutting-edge technology to make DJing more accessible. Consequently, Virtual DJ is used by millions of people every day, ranging from bedroom DJs to international superstars to use in clubs, stadiums, parties, weddings. It has been downloaded more than 150,000,000 times, making it is the most used DJ software in the world.

Spotify is the most famous streaming music available online. It offers both free and paid tiers of subscriptions. The best part of it is the well curated playlists from different genres and moods like hip-hop, pop, country, workout, rock and so on. You can easily find the right songs and playlists for your audience under different atmosphere and environment. It has over 170 million monthly active users and 75 million paid subscribers.

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Part 2. Alternative Solution to the Removal of Virtual DJ 8 Spotify Integration

Though Spotify removed the integration with Virtual DJ officially, it doesn't mean that there is not other ways to link Spotify songs to Virtual DJ. The only problem is that Spotify songs are DRM protected, making it impossible to move the songs to other programs. Even if you subscribe to the Spotify premium, you can't move the songs elsewhere. To solve this problem, you'd better extract the songs from Spotify to your local computer just like other common songs.

DRmare Spotify Song Converter for Mac/Windows is one of the top DRM removal software to help you get rid of DRM protection from Spotify playlists and transform the songs to universally supported formats such as MP3, M4A, AAC, M4A, M4B and so on. It is well known for its great output audio quality. After that, you won't have any problems for transferring the songs to Virtual DJ 8 software.

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DRmare Spotify Playlist Converter

drmare spotify converter
  • Support all kinds of Spotify songs, albums, playlists, radio stations, artists
  • Batch Convert Spotify songs at a 5X faster speed while keeping original quality
  • Customize output audio formats, bit rate, sample rate for any devices and players
  • Automatically find and retain the ID3 tag info, meta data, album cover, etc.

Now you can follow me here to use the Spotify software to save the songs offline first before transferring to your Virtual DJ music library.

Step 1Load Spotify tracks and playlists
load spotify songs and playlists
DRmare software works with the official Spotify app best and it can automatically capture the music online directly with the URL, all you need to do is to copy the link of the songs and then press "+" button on the DRmare software or you can drag and drop the songs, albums, playlists from Spotify app to DRmare software. Note: Please don't download the simplified version from the Microsoft Store, else it may not be recognized.
Step 2Set output format
set outputformat for virtual dj
The format with best DJ practice is MP3 320 Kbps. You can click the icon from the top right corner and then choose "Preferences", then it will prompt you all the options. Please simply select the format as MP3 and then change the bit rate to 320 Kbps to ensure the best quality.
Step 3Convert Spotify playlist to MP3
convert spotify to mp3
Finally, you can select the output folder and click 'Convert' button to start converting. The 5X converting speed is not low, but to make the conversion runs smoothly, we'd suggest you turn off your Antivirus or Firewalls due to the reason that some security software don't allow for removing DRM protection. If you have a long playlist to convert, please wait for it to complete patiently.
Video Tutorial
To find out how does it work in a more easier way, you can also follow this video tutorial.

Part 3. How to Add Converted Playlists to Virtual DJ Music Library

Virtual DJ supports to play music, videos, playlists from the hard drive , iTunes on your computer. To load a song, you can follow the steps:

add music to virtual dj

Step 1. Install and launch Virtual DJ software on your computer, you will see the main screen with a many menus and buttons.

Step 2. Click the "Local Music" menu, you will see the options to import songs from the folders "My Music“, "My Videos", "Hard Drive" and so on. Or alternatively you can drag and drop the converted Spotify songs from the computer to the deck of it.

Step 3. You can start to mix the songs you want with the Virtual DJ premium.

That all it is to it. Have you learned how to use Spotify with Virtual DJ software well? In case you still have any questions, please simply add your comments below, I will answer it personally for you.

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