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[Spotify Serato] How to Connect Spotify to Serato DJ

"Does Serato work with Spotify?" The answer may disappoint you. Now, there is no Serato Spotify integration. So, many Serato users want to find a way to fix this issue.

In this post, we will show the best way for you to link Spotify to Serato DJ. Also, we will illustrate more details about the Serato DJ program for you. Now, please refer to the post to see how to get Serato DJ Spotify to work. Let's get started.

link spotify to serato dj

Part 1. How to Link Spotify to Serato DJ via DRmare Music Converter

DRmare Music Converter is a well-known music converter that can help get Serato and Spotify to work. It can remove protection from Spotify tracks with ease. And it can batch download Spotify songs offline without Spotify premium.

Besides, it can convert Spotify for Serato DJ-supported audio formats. And you can define Spotify audio parameters for Serato DJ. There are bit rate, sample rate, channel, and more for you to reset. There won't be any quality loss after converting.

Once got the local Spotify files, you can use Spotify with Serato. Then the Serato DJ Spotify and Serato DJ Lite Spotify issue will be fixed. Or you can move the local Spotify music to other devices you want to play offline.

DRmare Music Converter for Spotify

drmare spotify music converter
  • Support to download millions of songs, playlists, and more from Spotify
  • Convert Spotify music to AAC, M4A, and so on for Serato DJ
  • Retain all metadata, ID3 tags of Spotify songs while running at a 5X faster speed
  • Support to use Serato with Spotify without any limit

Part 2. How to Convert and Export Spotify to Serato DJ

Now, follow the instruction below to convert music for Serato Spotify. Then you will get the local Spotify music files on your computer for use on Serato DJ. Here we will take DRmare Music Converter for Mac as an example to show you how to use it.

Step 1Add Spotify songs or playlists to DRmare Music Converter
pick up spotify music and add to drmare music converter
Install and launch DRmare software. You will see its clean and beautiful screen. Please locate the songs you want from the pop-up Spotify app. Then drag and drop them to the DRmare main screen. If you have the link to the Spotify playlist, you can copy and paste it to the search bar of DRmare. Then touch on the '+' icon to import Spotify to DRmare.
Step 2Select MP3 format for Serato Spotify
choose mp3 audio format for serato dj spotify
Serato DJ supports many file types like MP3, FLAC and more. You just need to select one format you like. Here we'd suggest you keep the default "MP3" format. To do more customization, please find 'DRmare Music Converter' on your Mac menu at the top left. Then choose 'Preferences' > 'Convert'. And then you can define bit rate, channel, and so on as you like.
Step 3Convert Spotify for Serato DJ
download spotify for serato dj
At last, you need to tap the "Convert" button. DRmare software will convert and extract music from Spotify to Serato. The converted Spotify songs are of better quality. To find the converted Spotify music, check the 'converted' icon on DRmare.

Part 3. How to Use Spotify with Serato DJ

Now, you had got the local Spotify music files on your computer. Here you can see how to link Spotify to Serato DJ below.

Way 1. Use Spotify on Serato DJ from Music Folders

add spotify to serato dj

Step 1. Launch the Serato DJ program on your computer.

Step 2. Click the "Files" menu to open the files panel. It will show you various locations to import your files. You can choose one location to browse the converted Spotify files on your computer.

Step 3. Once located Spotify files, then drag and drop them to Serato DJ software.

Step 4. Wait for s few minutes, then all the converted Spotify files are imported to the 'All...' icon on the Serato DJ program.

Way 2. Connect Spotify to Serato DJ from iTunes Library

Note: To use this way, please move Spotify music to iTunes first.

add spotify to serato dj by itunes

Step 1. Set up the iTunes program.

Step 2. Go to the 'Edit' > 'Preferences'. Then move to the 'Advanced' option.

Step 3. In the Advanced Preferences window, check the box near the Share iTunes Library XML with other applications.

Step 4. Open the Serato DJ software and go ahead to the 'SETUP' screen.

Step 5. Launch the 'Library + Display' option. Then check the 'Show iTunes Library' box.

Step 6. Back to the main interface of Serato DJ. Then hit on the 'Library' to find your iTunes music.

After then, you can use Serato Spotify music with ease. And you can mix Spotify with Serato DJ without any restriction.

Video Tutorial: How to Play Spotify on Serato DJ

This video guides you on how to convert and connect Spotify Serato DJ. Just check it out here.

Part 4. FAQs about Serato DJ

Serato DJ program is an excellent choice for DJs and music producers. It is reliable and has rich features. And as a mainstream DJ program, Serato DJ wants you to access millions of tracks. The Serato DJ is aimed to help users create, play and share music with others. It supports SoundCloud and Tidal and many audio formats. Below you can find some FAQs about Serato DJ.

Q1: Which Streaming Service that Serato DJ Software Support?

A: SoundCloud is an online audio distribution and sharing platform. It allows users to upload and stream millions of music online. You can access SoundCloud music with 256kbps in Serato DJ Pro. To do that, you need a SoundCloud premium subscription.

Tidal is the exclusive streaming music that offers lossless audio up to 1411Kbps. There are two tiers of membership. They are a HiFi subscription and a high-quality 320Kbps music subscription. You can choose to buy the type of membership you want to organize your playlists for Serato DJ Pro.

Q2: What Kinds of Audio Formats that Serato DJ Software Support?

A: Serato DJ supports several audio formats. For detail, you can check below.


For Windows: WAV, AIF, MP3, FLAC, AIFF, OGG, WMA

Q3: What's the Difference between Serato DJ Lite and Serato DJ Pro?

A: Serato provides two versions. They are Serato DJ Lite and Serato DJ Pro. Both of them can work on Windows and Mac operating systems. Serato DJ Lite will offer the basic features for mixing. At the same time, the Serato DJ Pro has more features. It supports to mix music tracks with lots of effects.

Q4: How Can I Add Music to Serato DJ?

A: There are three ways for you to add music to Serato DJ. Please check them below.

1) Buying Music. You can purchase music from an online digital music store like iTunes, Amazon Music and more. Then you can add the purchased music files to Serato DJ.

2) Free Music. You are allowed to get music for free from SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Then you can import them to Serato DJ for mixing.

3) Streaming Music. You can subscribe to Serato DJ-supported streaming music services. Then you can access the music library in Serato DJ.

Part 5. Conclusion

From this post, we know that there is no Serato Spotify integration. What's more, Spotify songs are in protected OGG audio formats. So, you can't get Spotify to Serato DJ program for use.

But to use Spotify with Serato DJ, you need to use the tool DRmare Music Converter. You can convert Spotify songs as local files on your computer with it. Then you can then link Serato and Spotify and mix music with ease.

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