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Way to Sync Spotify Music to Traktor DJ

Had you ever dreamed of DJing when you are in the bar? Maybe you will be envious of those who are good at DJing. In here, Traktor DJ will make your dream come true. Traktor DJ is a professional DJ app for iOS, which has truly hands-on sets on your iPhone and iPad, so you can fulfil your DJ dream by touching your iPhone or iPad's screen.

Although you can make music on Traktor DJ, until now, this software isn't integrated with Spotify, which is not friendly with Spotify user. Moreover, it also doesn't support online music streaming service, it is really not convenient for those who use Traktor DJ. Don't worry. Next, we will give you a way to listen Spotify music on Traktor DJ. But here comes another problem: Spotify does not allow people to play Spotify music outside its own software as its music files are under the protection of DRM, so how to do to remove DRM protection and let Spotify music can be played on other software? Please look at the following article to get the solution.

spotify to traktor dj

Part 1. Way to Sync Spotify Music to Traktor DJ

In this article, we will show you a program of removing DRM, which is called DRmare Spotify Music File Converter for Mac. It is a DRM removal software, which not only can convert Spotify music files into MP3, AAC and other formats, but also can output 100% lossless quality of music files. According to your own preferences, you also can customize for the music files you want to convert, like changing the bit rate or frame rate. After you finish converting, you can sync the converted music files on your Traktor DJ.

Next, we will take MP3 format as an example to guide you how to convert Spotify music to MP3 format and add the converted Spotify music to Traktor DJ. Before starting, please click "Download" button as below to download DRmare Spotify music converter and follow the 4 steps to have a try.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter for Mac

drmare spotify music converter
  • Remove DRM protection from Spotify music
  • Output several formats, such as MP3, FLAC, etc.
  • Batch convert music files at up to 5X speed
  • Play downloaded Spotify music on other devices

Part 2. Guidance to Convert Spotify Music for Traktor DJ

Step 1Import Spotify music files
import spotify music
Right now, you had downloaded and finished installing DRmare Spotify music converter, then you could launch the program. In the main interface of the program, you could drag or drop the music files from Spotify to the program as the words show in the middle of the interface, or you also can copy the links and paste them to the search box and then click "Add" button to finish adding. And then the program will automatically list the songs on the interface for you.
Step 2Choose output formats
choose output formats
As for the output formats, we provide MP3, AAC, WMA, etc. for you to choose. You could select the format which is suitable to your Traktor DJ. If you want to set more parameters for your Spotify songs, we also have bit rate, frame rate and others for you to customize your music files.
Step 3Begin to convert music
start to convert music files
If you are ready to convert, next you just need to click the "Convert" button and start converting. Once the conversion finished, the Spotify music files with DRM protection is now in DRM-free and the converted files had been downloaded to your computer.
Step 4Add converted files to Traktor DJ

As the whole conversion is finished, then you can launch Traktor DJ software and follow the steps as below to add converted Spotify music files.

Step 1: Click "Setting" button >>"File Management". On the pop-up window, please check the box that says "Import Music-Folders at Startup", then find the part of "Music Folders", and click "Add" button to locate the converted Spotify music files on your computer.

Step 2: Close the window, and click on "Track Collection" >> "Import Music Folders" to add your music.

Then it may take few minutes for the transferring process, once it is completed, your music files is also being added to your Traktor DJ successfully and then you can use Spotify music on the Traktor DJ without limits.

sync spotify music to traktor dj

Part 3. Conclusion

All right, the way of how to sync Spotify music to Traktor DJ is all in this post, including the solution to remove DRM from Spotify music, steps to convert Spotify music, stream Spotify to Traktor DJ. With this helpful Spotify music converter, we believe that you will enjoy the music on your Traktor DJ. If you still have questions or other problems want to ask us, please write down your comments to us.

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