Top 6 2019 Best Spotify Visualizer You Can Try Out

Music is an important tool when it comes to entertainment. It may, however, feel awkward when you use this tool without much enhancement. One such way to bring on some jilters to your music is to use music Visualizer online.

This is a feature that brings some sort of animated imagery depending on the frequency of the track you are playing. You would agree with me that this is a very cool experience. So if you are a Spotify fun, it is high time you get off the hook and learn how to use this feature for a fun-filled experience.

spotify music visualizer

Part 1. How to Activate Music Visualizer in Spotify

Spotify has got a built-in visualization tool that you can activate and use as desired. This will allow you to play music visuals on your screen. However, this ability was popularly available sometimes back. Despite this, it is still important to have an idea on how to activate Spotify music visualize.

Step 1. Search the visualizer. Since everyone has their own taste, Spotify avails numerous generators to use. Pick what suits you in relation to the music being played.

Since everyone has their own taste, Spotify avails numerous generators to use. Pick what suits you in relation to the music being played.

Step 2. Choose generatorsSince everyone has their own taste, Spotify avails numerous generators to use. Pick what suits you in relation to the music being played.

Step 3.Enjoy your music Different visual effects will be generated in turns as the music continues to play.

Part 2. Top 6 Third-party Spotify Music Visualizer

Visualizer for Spotify so far needs the assistance of third-party software because the native one was pulled out for some unexplained reasons. We have summed up the best tools that you can use to continue enjoying your Spotify music in 2019.

#1. AIMP Visualizer

AIMP Visualizer is one of the music Visualizer for Spotify that works across numerous operating systems. You can use it for Windows, Android or iPhone operating systems. It does not only have the capacity to visualize audio tracks but it gives you up to three options for visualization. Simply download, install and activate this tool to enable you to visualize your tracks.


#2. PotPlayer

This tool is encompassed with powerful algorithms for utmost visualization. So, depending on the loudness of your music, PotPlayer has a unique way of controlling its visuals. Besides real-time visuals, it ensures that you are entertained with great visual effects of different styles for all your videos and audio music. So whether you need Spotify Visualizer Mac or Windows, PotPlayer can spread its wings to accommodate them all.


#3. Kauna

This is one of the Spotify audio Visualizer that also supports Xbox One. Besides, it has the ability to capture audio from a microphone. Change your 2019 perspective with the most dynamic and beautiful visualizations that Kauna brings on board. Get waves which are frequencies as fine lines, bars for a rainbow spectrum analyzer, burning clouds or a light ring with background triangles and much more. It also enables you to adjust your sound level sensitivity and to select your desired sound card.


#4. MilkDrop

MilkDrop has a unique way of giving you all that it takes for that amazing visualization. This open source Spotify visualizer online uses DirectX and intelligent beat selection criteria to bring you the most iterated images. The end result is a constantly changing experience of visuals that blend seamlessly. On top of that, it comes bundled with Winamp although you can as well use it as a separate package. Its present pack comprises of over 700 visuals, a number that is here to keep you locked up.


#5. Synesthesia

It is extremely suitable for Spotify audio Visualizer online because of its numerous built-in effects. Besides, Synesthesia also has lots of controls for both video and audio effects, making it a creative app for great music experience. The pre-installed orientation is a plus as it enables easy navigation of this app as you play any Spotify track in its deserving visual form.


#6. Windows Media Player

This is a Spotify Visualizer that is the default player for Windows operating systems. Being preinstalled makes it easy to use. Simply click on the “Switch to Now Playing” button any time you need to play a song. With this move, you are able to select the visualization to use from the various collection categories.

Part 3. Add Spotify Music to Popular Spotify Visualizer

All of the above mentioned Spotify visualizers are packed with tons of explicit features to properly enhance your music. However, you should consider that Spotify music is protected by DRM and hence the visualizer download format is not generally compatible with it. This calls for the converting of Spotify songs to the required format while removing the DRM protection.

You need a reliable tool to remove DRM from Spotify tracks and convert Spotify to third-party Spotify Visualizer compatible format. DRmare Spotify Music Converter is the best tool that will enable you to download any Spotify songs, albums and playlists as well. This software works by eliminating DRM restriction from Spotify music streams. As consequence, you can play Spotify tracks with any Spotify music visualizer.

Step 1. Download and install the App.

Download DRmare Spotify Music Converter then install it on your device. Once you launch it, Spotify will then kick off automatically. Drag all the Spotify songs that you wish to download to the DRmare screen.

drmare spotify music connverter

Step 2. Import Spotify Songs to DRmare

Once all the songs and playlists have been added, you will have to confirm whether they are the ones you need to download. Then click the “+” button to confirm your songs.

add spotify songs

Step 3. Convert Spotify to MP3 with One Click

With the hit of the ‘Convert’ button, your playlist or songs will be converted to the desired format. You can then export them to MP3, MP4 or any other playback device.

convert spotify to mp3

In a nutshell, music from streaming services doesn’t have their default setting for songs as visual. This is the reason why you need an audio Visualizer online for your favorite tracks. Use DRmare Spotify Music Converter to enable you to convert and play Spotify songs without limitations.

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