Use Spotify as Alarm? Solved!

How to use Spotify as alarm? It sounds great to let Spotify songs wake you up every morning. There are millions of songs of high quality in the Spotify app, you would definitely feel satisfied with the alarm music from Spotify.

But since the Spotify app does not enable you to set Spotify song as alarm, you need to find some tools to help you. Then you can get the wonderful alarm from Spotify on your Android or iOS devices and enjoy the morning time. What tools do you need? Let's have a look in the following parts!

set spotify as alarm

Part 1. Play Spotify Playlist as Alarm - Tool Required

For Android: SpotOn Alarm Plays Spotify for You

If you are an Android device user, you can use SpotOn Alarm to set the songs for waking up or sleeping. Now you can follow the guide below.

1. Install SpotOn Alarm on your Android Device

Download and launch SpotOn app on your device. Log into your account. Select "WAKE" icon and make your own alarm.

2. Select Alarm Time on SpotOn

Click the digital clock on the new screen and the setting ball to choose the alarm time.

3. Use Spotify Song as Alarm

Hit the option "TAP TO SELECT MUSIC" to pick your favorite song from Spotify as an alarm. Other features like a fade in effect can be added at the same time in SpotOn alarm app. Then you can sleep and waareke up with the Spotify music you set.

For iOS: Music Alarm Clock Gives You an Alarm that Plays Spotify

You can use Music Alarm Clock app to upload Spotify music to your iOS device whether you are a free or premium account holder. Finally, you are able to enjoy Spotify ringing in the fresh morning. Here are the detailed steps for you to set the Spotify alarm.

1. Install and Open Music Alarm Clock app on your iOS Device.

2. Hit the button "+" on the interface.

3. Choose the Spotify song for waking you up. Sign in your account of Spotify and pick the song for waking you up.

4. Tap on the button "Save" to finish the step.

Part 2. Set Spotify Song as Alarm - Better Way

Here we offer you a better tool to enjoy Spotify music on Android or iOS devices when you awake up. DRmare Spotify Music Converter can help you to convert Spotify songs to files of MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, W4A and W4B. So you can import the songs to your Android or iOS devices. Why do you need to change Spotify songs' format? The reason is that Spotify music is of different format from ordinary ones. Therefore, Spotify songs are not compatible with other apps. Moreover, your downloads are cache files not local files. So you can not edit them like common audio tracks on your alarm clock.

But after you change the Spotify format, you can extract music from spotify to be the alarm music. The DRmare Spotify Music Converter will give you back lossless Spotify playlist running at 5X faster speed. All the ID3 tags of Spotify songs like title, group, composer, genre will be preserved.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter

drmare spotify music converter
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, W4A and W4B.
  • Automatically preserve ID3 tags like album cover, artist, group, etc.
  • Downlaod Spotify songs as local files for your alarm clock.
  • Keep Spotify music forever for offline playing on your alarm or other devices.

Now let's see how to transfer Spotify music to ordinary files for using as an alarm.

Step 1 Stream Spotify Tracks to DRmare
import spotify songs to drmare
Launch DRmare Spotify Music Converter on your computer after you install it. The Spotify app will be opened simultaneously. Choose the songs on Spotify and drag them to the conversion window. Or you can directly copy their links and drop them to the search bar. Then click the "+" icon to add the songs.
Step 2Define Output Settings of Spotify Songs
customize output format of spotify songs
Hit the button "Preference" on the top-right of the window. Select the output format you like and the channel, bit rate and sample rate. Choose the option "1X" if you want to make the conversion more stable. Tap on the "Convert" icon if you intend to reset the folder of output files.
Step 3Start to Convert Spotify Playlist
download spotify music
Now drop your mouse on the button "Convert". Then the DRmare Spotify Alarm Converter will work to pay you back common audio tracks. You can locate the converted Spotify files in the output folder. The free version of DRmare Spotify Music Converter provides you a one-third converted file of each track. To get a whole one, you are required to buy the DRmare software. When the conversion process is finished, you can add them to your Android/iOS devices and use Spotify as alarm.