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How to Use Spotify Connect to Stream Music on Any Devices

The biggest difference between personal-owned music and streaming music is that you can't distribute streaming music but enjoy it through the specific app. As the most wildly used music service, Spotify app is available on most devices like computers, mobile and so on.

But there are still a lot of HiFi speakers, streamers, smart TVs and portable music players are not built with Spotify. Thanks to the Spotify connect feature, now it is possible to stream and control Spotify playback on these devices without paying for extra money.

Check it to learn everything about Spotify connect and have it to help you reduce any pain of listening to Spotify music.

use spotify connect

Part 1. Everything We Should Know about Spotify Connect

What Is Spotify Connect?

Spotify Connect was announced in September 2013. It is one of the latest connection technology just like Apple's AirPlay and Google's Cast. It offers better sound and more stable connection compared to Bluetooth as it based on Wi-Fi connectivity.

With it, you can easily stream Spotify music on most media playback devices and control millions of songs conveniently.

What Tools You Need to Use Spotify Connect?

  • A mobile phone or a desktop computer.
  • Spotify app.
  • Compatible audio device.
  • Spotify premium subscription.
  • Wifi Network

How to Set Up the Connection?

1. Make sure all your devices are connected to the same Wifi network.

2. Launch the Spotify app on your mobile phone or computer and make sure to login with a premium account.

3. Play a Spotify song and click the "Spotify Connect" icon from the bottom of the screen to see the devices available.

4. Select the destination device, the song will be streamed automatically to the selected device.

set up spotify connect

How to Control Music Playback?

After setting up the "Spotify Connect" connection, you can still control the music playback activity such as adjusting volume, skipping the song or so. Just use the Spotify app as the remote control. Besides, if you connect to a speakers with the Alex or Google assistant, you can also control Spotify with voice commands "Alex, play Taylor Swift new music" or "OK, Google, play Drake songs".

What audio devices are supported by Spotify Connect?

It supports over 300 Spotify wireless audio playback devices including smart speakers, smart displays, HiFi, Wearables, Game consoles, TVs, car audio and so on.

Part 2. Best Alternative to Spotify Connect

Many users has complained that Spotify Connect not working. The main reasons are they don't have Spotify Premium membership or their audio devices is not compatible.

If you'd rather not spend extra money to subscribe to the membership or buy another audio device, one of the best way it to try this best alternative solution to save Spotify songs offline with DRmare Spotify Converter.

This is a well-crafted tool which can efficiently extract music from Spotify server and then them to common MP3 songs with original quality just as if you have purchased them.

Powerful Spotify Converter in 2019

drmare spotify music converter
  • Enable you to download Spotify songs for free
  • Batch convert Spotify songs to multiple format, save your time
  • Enjoy Spotify on any devices conveniently
  • Enable you to get all the benefits of Spotify premium without paying any money

It takes only a few steps to convert Spotify songs to MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV and FLAC and then you will be able to transfer the songs to any devices via USB. You don't need "Spotify Connect" to do that. Now let me show you how does it work.

Step 1 Load Spotify tracks
load spotify songs
First off, you need to prepare the songs or playlists which you want to listen to and then you can drag & drop them from your Spotify desktop client to the DRmare software main screen.
Step 2Customize the new music
choose lossless format
To keep the songs offline, you need to choose a common audio format. By default, Spotify is set as MP3 format. If you'd like to customize the format and other parameters, please head to the "Preferences" and then follow the screen instruction to customize them.
Step 3Download songs offline
download songs from spotify to connect to any device
Next, you can go to the button of the DRmare Spotify Converter screen and click "Convert", the songs will be saved to your computer quickly. Finally, you can transfer the songs to any audio devices freely.
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