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Q: "How to burn music from Tidal onto a CD?" You may wonder that does anyone else use the CD to play music? It is undeniable that streaming music is the mainstream way of listening to music, but there is still a big part of audiophiles that prefer to listen to CDs. Some of them might be used to enjoying music in this old-fashioned way. Others might have collected hundreds of CDs or have an expensive player. No matter what in which way, it is hard to let them give up CDs and the CD player.

Compared with CDs, one of the deficiencies of streaming music is audio quality. But with the new techniques developing, HiFi streaming music services such as Tidal, Qobuz, etc. emerge to make up the deficiency. To burn CDs from streaming music sites is a new way of music collection now.

In this article, I will take Tidal streaming music as an example, to introduce a detailed tutorial of how to burn Tidal music to CD by using an indispensable tool.

burn tidal music to cd

Part 1. Burn Tidal Songs to CD: What You Need

Before to know about the tutorial, it is necessary to learn about the tool you are going to use. That is DRmare Tidal Music Converter, a 100% clean, safe, third-party software, specially designed to download and convert Tidal music to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, M4B, and other most-used formats. Supported by the latest converting technology, this tool can keep 100% original HiFi / Master quality in the converted files. Besides, other metadata are completely identified and saved, such as artists, album, album art, track numbers and so forth.

With the help of this intelligent program, you can simply change another big defect of Tidal music, the protection in Tidal songs, which may cause loss of the music collection in the Tidal app once your Tidal subscription expired. DRmare Tidal Music Converter can remove the protection from Tidal songs, and then download all of the tracks as local files from the Tidal app to your device. In this way, it is super easy for you to burn Tidal music onto a CD.

DRmare Tidal Music Converter

drmare tidal music converter
  • Simple design, easy to download songs from Tidal app
  • Lossless convert Tidal music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.
  • Support resetting output parameters, like bitrate, sample rate
  • Convert at 5X speed, batch loading 100 track in once add


Part 2. Burn Tidal Music onto a CD: How to Do

Before we actually start, here are two tips you need to notice.

Step 1Import Tidal playlists to DRmare
import tidal music to drmare
Open DRmare Tidal Music Converter on your desktop. The Tidal app will launch automatically. Please browse and select any song, album, or playlist that you want to burn it to CD in the Tidal app. Just copy the URL of it and paste it to the search box in DRmare. Then hit on the '+' icon to load it to DRmare.
Step 2Reset Tidal output settings for CDs burning
reset tiadal settings for cd burning
For Windows users, please find and click the menu icon from the top icon list in DRmare. Then choose the "Preferences" > "Convert" to go to the "Settings". For Mac users, please direct to Mac's menu and find the "DRmare Tidal Music Converter". Then open "Settings". Now you can customize the output parameters according to your favorites. Then tick the box of "Conversion speed" to set a stable conversion.

Tips: In order to keep the best quality for CD playback, I recommend to change the bit rate to 24 bit and sample rate to 96000Hz.

Step 3Convert and download Tidal for CD burning
convert tidal music for cd burning
Please hit on the big "Convert" bar to start converting. The tool will convert all selected songs depending on the output settings. When the conversion finishes, a red spot will bounce on the "History" button. Please hit it to visit the local folder named "Converted". In there, all Tidal tracks are converted and ready for burning to CDs.
Step 4Burn Tidal playlists to CDs via iTunes or CD burner
convert tidal music for usb
Now you are available to burn Tidal to CD by using iTunes or other CD burners. Here I will use iTunes as the sample to burn CD from Tidal.

Step 1. Open iTunes. Then load Tidal music to iTunes library from the local "Converted" folder.

Step 2. Insert a blank CD into the CD-ROM of your computer.

Step 3. Choose the Tidal playlist that you added in step 1. Then find and click "Burn Playlist to Disc" in iTunes.

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