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  • Enable users to listen to Tidal music offline anywhere

How to Download Tidal Music on Mac [2024 Updated]

"Is there a Tidal app for Mac?" Yes. The Tidal app is available for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Tidal is renowned for its commitment to high-quality audio and is becoming more and more popular among music enthusiasts and audiophiles. Users can stream and listen to plenty of Tidal music at HiFi (up to 1411kbps) or MQA (up to 9216kbps) quality online via its Tidal for Mac app.

Some people want to download Tidal music on a Mac computer for offline listening. Sometimes they can't get their macOS desktop connected to the network to use cellular data, such as while traveling, in a remote area, or on an airplane. However, there is no Offline Mode feature in the Tidal Mac app even if you are using a premium subscription. Therefore, today, we will explore two effective methods to download and listen to Tidal offline on your Mac computer.

tidal download mac

Part 1. How to Download Tidal for Mac App on Your Computer

The two methods we will introduce later need to be used with the Tidal app for Mac. Before learning how to download Tidal music on Mac, we can first learn how to download Tidal for Mac app on your device. Here are these steps:

Step 1. Visit the Tidal official website on the web browser on your Mac computer.

enter tidal official website on mac

Step 2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Then find 'Download Tidal' option and click on it.

pick up download tidal option on tidal website

Step 3. On the new screen, hit on the text 'download here' under the big 'Download' button of the Windows version to enter the Tidal download center for Mac version.

choose to download tidal mac app

Step 4. Two 'Download' buttons are provided to download the Tidal Mac app according to your macOS operating system. You can tap the right button to download Mac with Apple chip version if you are using macOS 11 or above. And you can click the left button to download Mac with Intel chip version if you are using a Mac OSX 10.13 or later.

download tidal app for mac

Step 5. When you get a file with the extension ".dmg", you can open the Finder from your Mac's Dock. Go to your Downloads option, double-click the Tidal for Mac app file, and follow the instructions to install it on your Mac desktop.

Part 2. How to Download Tidal Music on Mac via DRmare Tidal Music Converter

DRmare Tidal Music Converter for Mac

After installed Tidal desktop app for Mac, let's see how to download Tidal music and playlists. The first software we can use is DRmare Tidal Music Converter designed for both Tidal free and premium users to download songs, playlists, albums in high quality, HiFi quality, and Master quality on Mac and Windows computer.

It can also convert Tidal music to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, and so on in batches without touching the original quality at 5X faster speed. And you can edit the Tidal output audio parameters such as audio channel, sample rate, and more to bring a nice listening experience.

This download file is different from downloading to a mobile device. The files downloaded from Tidal mobile app are cache files, which can't used outside the Tidal app. But the music tracks downloaded via DRmare Tidal Music Converter are local files. You can keep them on your Mac computer forever and move Tidal music from your macOS computer to any other device you like for playing offline.

DRmare Tidal Music Converter

drmare tidal audio converter mac
  • Download music from Tidal on Mac for offline listening
  • Work at a rapid speed while keeping the original audio quality
  • Output Tidal to FLAC, AAC, MP3 and other plain audio formats
  • Use Tidal music on Mac and other devices offline with ease
Price Supported
Tidal Account Supported
Output Format
ID3 Tags
DRmare Tidal Music Converter Free trial or premium Mac, Windows Free, HiFi or HiFi Plus account MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, M4B 5X High, HiFi, MQA

Notes: When you subscribe to Tidal HiFi, you can get audio quality at up to 1411kbps. For Tidal HiFi Plus users, you can stream music at up to 9216kbps. But with a free Tidal plan, the audio quality is limited to up to 160kbps. In this case, if you'd like to download Tidal songs on Mac computer with better quality, it's highly recommended to get Tidal free trial of Tidal HiFi or HiFi Plus.

How to Download Tidal Music on Mac via DRmare Tidal Music Converter

To download Tidal songs on Mac, you need to install DRmare Tidal Music Converter for Mac on your computer or laptop. It's compatible with macOS operating systems from MacOS X 10.08 to macOS 10.14. Also, you need to have a Tidal account. A free Tidal account is also useful. Then you can check out the steps below.

Step 1Set up DRmare Tidal Music Converter for Mac
First, get the DRmare Tidal Music Converter downloaded and set up on your Mac computer. Then open it. Now, you will see the Tidal app for Mac pops up. Then log in to your Tidal account and access your Tidal music library.
open drmare tidal music converter for mac
Step 2Alter output Tidal music parameters on Mac
To get a better listening experience with Tidal songs, you need to alter the Tidal audio parameters. Find the 'DRmare Tidal Music Converter' from your macOS menu. Then touch it. Next, hit the Preferences option. In the new window, hit 'Convert'. Then you can set the output format (MP3/FLAC/WAV/AAC/M4A/M4B), bit rate (320kbps), bit depth (16bit, 24bit, 32bit), and more. You can also choose to archive your Tidal music by Album or Artist. When done, touch the 'OK' button to apply them.
set output preferences for tidal music on mac
Step 3Add playlist from Tidal to Tidal Music Converter
Find the playlist you like to download on Mac in the Tidal music app. Drag and drop it to the main screen of the DRmare tool. Or, you can copy the link to the Tidal playlist. Then paste it into the blank box at the top of the DRmare program. After that, click on '+' next to the box.
load tidal playlist to drmare tidal converter mac
Step 4Download music from Tidal on Mac
At this step, click the big 'Convert' button and you can download Tidal songs to Mac computer. The conversion process starts. You can wait for a moment. Once done, check the 'Converted' icon at the bottom bar. It will show you the converted Tidal music files. Then you can click the 'search' icon to get Tidal offline files on Mac computer. Now, you can listen to Tidal on macOS offline without any restrictions.
download tidal music on mac

Part 3. How to Download Tidal Music on Mac for Free via Tidal-dl

Tidal-dl for Mac

DRmare Tidal Music Converter provides a fast, easy, and professional solution to download music, albums, and playlists from Tidal for offline playback. However, it requires a premium version to unlock the download length. So, in this part, let's meet a Tidal downloader for Mac, namely Tidal-dl at no cost.

Tidal-dl is one of the versions of Tidal-Media-Downloader on GitHub specializing in downloading tracks, playlists, videos and more from the Tidal website. And Tidal-dl not only supports Mac OS, but also supports Windows, Linux, and Android devices. By the way, using this software, you have to subscribe to Tidal HiFi plan or above. To download Tidal music for free on Mac, you can refer to the following steps.

Price Supported
Tidal Account Supported
Output Format
ID3 Tags
Tidal-dl Free Android, Linux,
Mac, Windows
HiFi or HiFi Plus account MP3 1X Normal, High, HiFi, MQA

How to Download Tidal Songs on Mac for Free

Step 1. Go to GitHub to download Tidal-dl on your Mac computer.

Step 2. Open Tidal-dl. Then enter your username and password.

Step 3. Type '2' and then press the 'Enter' keyboard to go to set the parameters.

Step 4. Go to the Tidal music app to get the link address of the songs you want to download.

Step 5. Put the URL onto Tidal-dl to download Tidal HiFi on Mac.

download tidal music on mac by tidal dl

Part 4. FAQs about Tidal Download Mac

Q1: Can I Listen to Tidal Dolby Atmos on Mac

A1: No. The compatible devices supports Tidal Dolby Atmos are mobile devices, soundbars, TVs, and AVRs. Obviously, Mac computer is not included in the list.

Q2: How to Control Tidal on Mac from iPhone?

A2: To control Tidal on your Mac from your iPhone using the Tidal mobile app, make sure your Mac and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You can perform the following steps:

Step 1. Open the Tidal app on your iPhone and log in to your Tidal account using your credentials.

Step 2. In the Tidal desktop app for Mac, you can play a song and see a device selector under the 'Now Playing' interface. Tap it to choose your Mac to play music through.

Step 3. Now, you can use the Tidal app on your iPhone to control Tidal playback, adjust the volume, skip tracks, and more on Mac.

See Also: How to Download Tidal Music to iPhone

Q3: How to Listen to Tidal on Mac Offline?

A3: There is no official Offline Mode on Tidal for Mac app. You should use DRmare Tidal Music Converter or other third-party tools to download music from Tidal on Mac and then play them offline.

Part 5. In Conclusion

This article walks you through two methods to download music from the Tidal Mac app. Taking output audio quality and conversion speed into consideration, the DRmare Tidal Music Converter has proved to be a better solution.

It helps all Tidal users to download Tidal music on Mac without data loss and save Tidal music as the audio formats you like. Then you can enjoy Tidal songs and playlists on Mac offline or move them from your Mac computer to any other device or platform for offline playing.

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