[Solved] How to Convert Tidal Music to FLAC Losslessly

"The real official Tidal Music Downloader Tidown was down just a few days after its release. Now I can't quickly download FLAC from Tidal without quality loss. Why Tidal does this and is there the best alternative way?"

With TiDown, users can log into Tidal through the tool and get the stream downloaded directly without listening to the entire track. However, according to the DMCA notice, this will enable users to circumvent access controls of the Tidal songs. Undoubtedly, Tidal is not happy to see this and shutdown it quickly.

Do you still want to rip FLAC from Tidal? If so, you are totally lucky here. We will show you more details about Tidal and offer the best Tidal FLAC download solution.

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Part 1. Everything We Know about Tidal Lossless Songs

What Is Tidal?

Tidal is one of the streaming music platforms on the market. Unlike other sources that mainly offer up to 320Kbps songs, Tidal is the exclusive music site that offers up to 1411Kbps CD-quality audio and it has become the first choice for most audiophiles. It includes Tidal Premium for $9.99/month and Tidal HiFi for $19.99/month.

What Format Is Tidal HiFi?

To keep the best music quality, Tidal HiFi is in lossless FLAC format. FLAC uses advanced technology to compress the files during storing and uncompress them to keep the original quality. Not only the quality is best, but also the file size is also relatively small.

Does Tidal Sound Better than Spotify/Apple Music?

If you are a general user who listens to songs on standard speakers or so, it is difficult to find out the difference. But if you are a heavy user like an audiophile with HiFi headphones, you will find Tidal MQA audio is much better.

Part 2. Best Tidal FLAC Download Tool You Can't Miss

Since the shut down of Tidown downloading tool, the other way to get Tidal songs is through recording. You can use free recorders like Audacity, iSkysoft iMusic.

Recording means play the songs and then capture and encode the music data offline. Of course, the music quality will be reduced through encoding and it may contain some system noises from your computer.

As an audiophile and want to keep 100% original quality of Tidal? Don't miss the DRmare Tidal Music Downloader.

It is a professional Tidal music to FLAC downloader that uses the same music downloading technology like TiDown. The only difference is that Tidown was developed officially and the DRmare Tidal Music Downloader is created by the third-party company.

DRmare software is well-designed for personal use. As long as you use it for personal, then it is totally legal. The trial version is totally free. If you are interested in it, you can give it a try.

DRmare Lossless Tidal Music Downloader

drmare tidal music downloader
  • Intuitive and fresh screen, downloading music from Tidal has never been easier
  • Batch ripping FLAC from Tidal with up to 5X speed, faster than any other tools
  • Keep the lossless quality of Tidal songs just like the CD
  • Get life time free update and technical support
Step 1Import the link of Tidal songs
import tidal music link
You don't need to prepare anything else ahead. Just find the Tidal music that you'd like to convert to FLAC, copy the link of the Tidal songs, and then you can paste the Tidal URL to the search box of DRmare software. Now please click "+" button to load Tidal files for a while.
Step 2Set Tidal output format as FLAC
choose mp3 output format
DRmare supports both lossy formats, including MP3,M4A, AAC, and M4B and lossless formats, like lossless FLAC and WAV. To keep the 100% original quality of Tidal, you can choose FLAC as the output format from the 'Format' option. Besides, you can customize other audio parameters as you like.
Step 3Start downloading Tidal FLAC songs
convert tidal to flac
Finally, you can click "Convert" button from the DRmare Tidal Music Downloader. It will batch download all the Tidal songs that you have imported and save FLAC from Tidal. Please just wait a little while, it will download Tidal songs with the best quality just as if you have bought them from CD.

Part 3. Best HiFi Players for Tidal

Now you have already got the lossless Tidal FLAC songs. However, you may not get the best out of the FLAC songs if you just play them on computer or mobile phones. For your convenience, I'd recommend you the best HiFi players below.

#1. Apple iPod Touch 2019. This is a well-known music player from Apple. It offers entertaining sound, good picture quality, and long battery life.

#2. Sony NW-A45. This is an award-winning walkman. With the Hi-Fi sounding vocals and solid build quality, it has become a popular choice of audiophiles.

#3. Cowon Plenue D2. This HiFi player sounds clearer and subtler and it is in a pocket-friendly size. You should definitely not miss it.

Now, you just need to convert Tidal to FLAC by following the above tutorial and then play Tidal music on one of the top three best HiFi players. Have a good listening feast.

Dec 10, 2019 6:50 PM

Posted by Anna Groove to Tidal Music Tips