How to Download Amazon Music to MP3 Player

When it comes to MP3 player, it should be a nice tool for people to enjoy music on the go. The MP3 player is small and portable, but with a large storage capacity. Thus, users would like to add some music files to it for listening.

However, nowadays some music files can be only listened online like Amazon Music, etc. Besides, even you get the downloaded files, you can't move them to other devices for using. Thus, how to transfer Amazon Music to MP3 player if you want to do that?

Well, in this post, we will walk you through on how to download music from Amazon to MP3 player with a powerful tool. Just dive in and see how to achieve.

download amazon music to mp3 player

Part 1. Download Amazon Music to MP3 Player - Tool Needed

In order to get Amazon Music MP3 player work successfully, you need to make Amazon Music as plain audio files first. As we know, Amazon Music is under protection and in special format, which can't be moved and used on other devices directly. Thus, we need to find a tool to break the limitation before putting Amazon Music on MP3 player.

Here, in this part, we'll introduce the DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter to help you. This tool is a professional converter and downloader for Amazon Music. It supports to download Amazon Music to computer and other devices like MP3 player for offline using with ease. It can convert Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Music HD to local MP3 and other audio formats.

In addition, the DRmare tool is able to convert Amazon Music in batch at a time. And it can retain lossless sound quality of Amazon Music. Moreover, you can edit the channel, sample rate, etc. of Amazon Music for MP3 player to enjoy better listening experience.

During the conversion, you can choose and add other Amazon Music playlist to convert as you like. After the conversion, you can get the local Amazon Music on your computer. Then you can transfer Amazon Music to MP3 player for listening on the go offline.

DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter

drmare amazon music downloader
  • Convert Amazon Music to MP3, M4A, FLAC, etc.
  • Keep lossless audio quality and ID3 tags of Amazon Music
  • Batch convert Amazon Music at a fast speed, save your time
  • Support to play Amazon Music on MP3 player, etc. offline

Part 2. How to Download Amazon Music to MP3 Player

So, how to download music from Amazon to MP3 player? It is easy. In the following post, we will show you how to use DRmare Amazon Music Converter to convert and download Amazon Music to MP3 player. Just follow the simple steps below and start the conversion.

Step 1Sign in Amazon account on DRmare program
log in amazon account on drmare amazon music converter
To get Amazon Music to MP3 player, you need to download and install DRmare iMazonKit Music Converter on your PC or Mac first. Please directly choose the right version of DRmare program for your computer, then hit on the 'Download' button to download it. Then follow the installation guide to complete the installation of DRmare program. Once done, open it. Then hit the 'Sign In' button at the main screen. You will be required to enter the account name and password of your Amazon account. Once signed in, you are ready to convert Amazon Music for MP3 player.
Step 2Define Amazon Music audio format for MP3 player
alter amazon music output format for mp3 player
Before converting Amazon Music to MP3 player, we need to set the right audio format of Amazon Music so that it can be compatible with MP3 player. Here please click the three-lines icon from the top bar on DRmare. Then choose the option for 'Preferences'. A new window will show. Then hit 'Advanced'. Here are Format, Channel, Bit Rate, etc. for you to alter for Amazon Music MP3 player. You can set MP3 as the output audio format for MP3 player. Then you can customize other audio parameters of Amazon Music as you want.
Step 3Add Amazon Music to DRmare to convert for MP3 player
add amazon music to drmare to convert for mp3 player
Once done the setting, then you can go to Amazon Music playlist to choose the target playlist you want to convert for MP3 player. Then click on the playlist. At the same time, the 'add files' button will light up at the right side. Just touch on it to load the Amazon Music playlist to DRmare. You can add the whole playlist or choose some tracks for converting. Then hit 'Convert' button and DRmare will guide you to the conversion window.
Step 4Download Amazon Music to MP3 player
download amazon music to mp3 player
Now, you are at the window for converting Amazon Music to MP3 player. You can see the conversion process in the window. A few seconds later, all the added Amazon Music files are converted completed. And you can hit the 'Converted' icon to check them.
Step 5Play Amazon Music on MP3 player

At this time, you are ready to play Amazon Music on MP3 player. Please follow the steps here to see how to transfer Amazon Music to MP3 player.

Step 1. Connect your MP3 player to your computer through the USB cable.

Step 2. Find and copy the converted Amazon Music on your computer.

Step 3. Paste the audio tracks of Amazon Music to MP3 player. Or you can directly drag & drop the Amazon Music files to MP3 player.

Step 4. Once done, you can play Amazon Music on MP3 player offline directly.

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