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How to Solve Apple Music Not Working on iPhone/iPad

Music is one of the fluently used features for most mobile users. In terms of iPhone users, the best streaming music service is Apple Music. It comes with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and has the unique selling points of Siri control, Beats 1 radio and some exclusive songs.

Apple Music has great compatibility with iOS devices, but that doesn't mean you won't run into any Apple Music issues on iPhone XS/X/XR. In my daily life. I have hear many users complained that Apple Music not playing or downloading offline on their iPhone. When you get the issue Apple Music not working on iPhone/iPad, it will disrupt your day badly. So what can you do?

No worries, we have studied all the cases found online and around us. Just follow this post to let's illuminate your day if your unfortunately run into such an apple music problem.

apple music not working on iphone

Part 1. What Are the Common Apple Music Problems and Bugs on iOS

  • Can't download/play songs offline, audio stuttering issue
  • Can't Play Apple Music with the error message "Not Playing"
  • Can't load iTunes playlists
  • Can't sync Apple Music songs across iOS mobile devices, computers
  • Unable to Login, keeps asking for account and password
  • Get the error "media format not supported"
  • Apple Music "unexpected error code 4010"
  • Search feature not working after updating to iOS 12/13
  • Apple Music keeps skipping songs or the shuffle/repeat not working
  • Apple Music app Freezes, crashes and not responding

Part 2. What You Should Troubleshoot First for Apple Music Playback Issue

There are a dozen of ways to solve the related the issues of Apple Music. You don't need to try all them one by one because some solutions if not operated correctly, it would cause even further damages. Here are the top 4 things you need to check first.

Check if you have an active subscription

With the FairPlay DRM protection, you need to have a live membership to enjoy Apple Music streaming or downloading service correctly. If it is expired, you need to update it first.

Check if the network connection is good

Needless to say you need a workable network to stream any content online. Even if you have downloaded the songs offline, Apple Music may need the connection to verify you are a legal user.

Check if the remaining space of your iPhone is enough

When you stream Apple Music, the songs are cached on the temporary folder. Having enough free space will make everything perform smoothly.

check space on iphone

Check if Apple Music Server is down

Although it doesn't happen often, you should definitely check Apple server status first to confirm the the Apple Server is not down.

Part 3. What Is Up Next If Apple Music Still Not Working on iPhone

1. Enable iCloud Music Library

iTunes Match supports to upload your own songs to the iCloud Music Library. If you have uploaded songs from other devices such as computer but want to enjoy them from iPhone, you need to go to the settings of your iPhone > "Music", then switch on the iCloud Music Library as well.

2. Sign Out of Apple Music account on iPhone and sign in again

Sometimes Apple Music maybe stuck and lose the connection with the Apple server, you just need to sign out and sign in again to reset the connection. It is difficult to explain why it happens but this solution does work very well.

3. Close the App and restart your iPhone

If your Apple Music app is not responding, the most intuitive way is to force quit the App to try again. Also, you can also refresh your phone memory by restarting. It will make your iPhone runs faster and more smoothly.

4. Reset all settings on iPhone

If some Apple Music such as the Explicit contents can't be played, this is usually related to the settings. Instead of gripping your hair helplessly, why not go to "Settings" > "General" > "Reset all settings" to have a try?

reset iphone

5. Update iOS system

This way can solve any problems in technically. But it is also the most dangerous way. If not done correctly, you will lose all data from your iPhone so please backup all the items you want first.

Then you can go to "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update" and tap "Download & Install" to update the firmware from your iOS device.

Part 4. Ultimate Solution to Avoid Any Apple Music Issues on iPhone

By trying these solutions, I am sure you can 100% solve the Apple Music not working on iPhone surely. The problem is that you can't avoid such issues. You can do it one time, two times, but you will be tired if you keep getting such issues time from time.

The main reason why this problem can't be avoided is because you don't really own the streaming music. Even if you has an active subscription, you just only get the right to listening music.

Does it mean there is nothing else we can do here?


Actually there is an ultimate solution here. You just need to use a third party DRmare Apple Music Converter to batch remove DRM from the M4P songs. Then you will get the songs forever without any problems.

What is more, after converting, you don't need to pay for the subscription fee anymore.

Best Apple Music Converter

drmare m4p music converter
  • Support all iTunes audio files including iTunes podcasts, audiobooks, Apple Music
  • 30X faster speed, save you lots of time if you want to convert a bundle of songs
  • Keep Apple Music audio quality, ID3 tabs, album cover, title, author and so on
  • Make it possible for you to own 30 millions of Apple Music songs forever in theory

Sounds too good to be true? No worries, let me show you how does it work step by step on Mac computer.

Step 1Open DRmare software
launch drmare apple music converter
After downloading and installing, you will see the icon from your application folder. Just double click it to open the application from DRmare.
Step 2Load M4P songs
add apple music m4p songs
You can click the "add" buttons to either import Apple Music tracks & playlists from the iTunes music library or from your local folders.
Step 3Customize output songs
choose new output format
You can click the music format icon from the bottom right. Then you can choose a format you want and change the settings like codec, channel, sample rate and bit rate.
Step 4Start converting
convert apple music
Now you just need to click the big "Convert" button to convert Apple Music to DRM free songs. When it is done, you can keep them forever and you can distribute them to any of your devices iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, MP3 players, mobile phones, tablet and so on.

Part 5. Final Thoughts

Congratulations, you made it. By following all these solutions, you don't need to worry about Apple Music issues on iPhone anymore. All the playback, downloading, sync, skipping will be solved. Just enjoy!

By the way, what is worth to mention is that with the ultimate solution, it will not only solve any of the common issues but also will save your lots of subscription fee. It is most highly recommended.

If you still want to get more details and tips about the Apple Music related issues such as Apple Music format not supported, Apple Music lyrics search not working, Apple Music skipping issue, you can also visit the related specific tutorials.

Sharing is caring. If these tips is helpful for you, please just share it to your friends or family members, they will appreciate you.

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