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How to Use Apple Music Family Plan

Apple Music is one of the top music streaming services available. It has one of the biggest music libraries with all the classic and trending songs available. Unlike many other streaming services, Apple Music is a paid music streaming service.

Apple Music has three membership plans that you can choose from according to your personal preference. It is $9.99 for individual users, $4.99 for the students, and finally $14.99 for a Family Plan that you can share with multiple members that can be your family or friends. In the Family Sharing plan, you just have to buy the music on one of the sharing accounts, and it will automatically be shared among all the shared accounts.

Apple Music comes with many features that a normal free streaming service does not provide. Apple Music Family Plan is the one with the most features. So, in these articles, we will be discussing Apple music's Family Plan, its features, how to buy the Family Plan, how does Apple Music Family Plan work, how to set up the Family Sharing, and many more.

how to use apple music family plan

Part 1. Know More about Apple Music Family Plan

Apple Music Family Plan is the most premium membership of Apple Music and comes with all the features of other membership plans. Apple Music has a library of 50 million songs and has the feature of having music videos, Beats 1, curated playlists, and many other features. There are three main features that you will get after joining Apple Music Family Sharing Plan.

1. More cost-effective and affordable than Individual

Apple Music Family Plan is the most cost-effective membership plan at a price of $14.99 per month. It allows up to 5 members at once with Apple Music Family Plan. So, if two or three-member shares the price of the membership, it becomes even more affordable.

2. Each member of the Family Sharing has their own Apple music account

The one good point of having an Apple Music Family Plan is that every sharing account has their own private Apple Music account. Each account can be tailored according to their music taste, and each account has access to the iCloud Music Library across all the sharing accounts.

3. Each member of the Family Plan can share across the devices

Each account in the Apple Music Family Plan can share their music across each account. They can share their songs, playlist, albums to each account in the sharing plan. It works on all the Apple iOS devices.

Part 2. Guide to Set Up Family Sharing on Apple Music

Now that you know everything about Apple Music Family Plan. Now the question arises that how does Apple Music Family Plan work. Therefore, here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to use Apple Music Family Plan.

sign up apple music trial

Step 1. Launch the Apple Music app on any of your iOS devices and then tap on the "Continue" button at the bottom of the main interface.

Step 2. If you are signing up for Apple Music for the first time, you can get a free trial by tapping on "Try it free".

Step 3. Then, you will be asked to select a membership plan. To get the Family Plan, click on the "Family" option and then "Start Trail".

Step 4. Agree to all the terms and conditions that will appear on the screen.

Step 5. Choose the genre and artist you like to get personalized music on your account, and then you are done with the signup process.

Part 3. How to Set Up Apple Music Family Sharing

After you are done purchasing the Family Plan, you have to set up the Family Sharing. Here is a guide on how to set up apple music Family Sharing.

how to set up apple music family sharing

Step 1. Go to the settings on any of your iOS device and then tap on your name on the top of the settings. After that, press on the Set-up Family Sharing button and then tap on "Get Started".

Step 2. After that, follow the on-screen guide to set the Family Sharing with desired members.

Part 4. How to Share Apple Music without Apple Music Family Plan

Now that you know how to set up Apple Music Family Plan. If you do not have an Apple Music Family Plan setup but still want to share music with your friends, DRmare Audio Converter allows you to do that.

DRmare Audio Converter is a professional tool that allows you to convert and download music from iTunes. We will tell you how to use DRmare Audio Converter to download music from iTunes.

First of all, you have to download and install DRmare Audio Converter. Once you are one doing that, here is a quick guide on how to use DRmare Audio Converter.

DRmare Apple Music Converter

drmare apple music converter
  • Unprotect Apple Music M4P songs with high output quality
  • Convert Apple Music M4P to MP3, FLAC, WAV for any device
  • Customize output songs and edit music as you like
  • Support lifetime free update and support
Step 1Add the Apple songs to DRmare Audio Converter
import apple audios to drmare
Go to the location where you installed DRmare Audio Converter and launch it by double-clicking on the DRmare Audio Converter icon. Once it is launched, click on the add music button on the bottom left corner of the main interface. Then manually choose the encrypted music from iTunes that you are willing to download and then import it.
Step 2Alter the settings and other parameters
set a new format for apple music
After importing the music, now change the format of the song by double-clicking on the "Format" button. Change the format of the music file according to your personal preference, preferably change it to MP3, and click on the "OK" button. You can also change other parameters to get the highest quality possible.
Step 3Download and convert the music
download apple music
Now that you are done changing the settings to your personal preference, just click on the "OK" button, and it will start downloading. Once it is downloaded, it will be stored locally on your desktop in the Download file. You can listen then listen to that music without being online.
Step 4Sharing the music with your friends without Apple Music Family Sharing
Now that you are done with downloading the music from iTunes. You have that stored locally on your computer, which means that you share that music with any of your friends without having the need to purchase the Apple Music Family Plan.

Part 5. Conclusion

Therefore, in this article, we discussed the Apple Music family subscription, which is the best plan available on Apple music, and how to set up Apple Music Family Plan. Apple is no doubt one of the best music streaming services available on the internet.

However, if you do not want to buy the Apple Music Family Plan but still want to enjoy all its features, DRmare Audio Converter is the tool that allows you to download music from Apple music and then share it among your friends or family.

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