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[2024] The Latest News of Apple Music Voice Plan

In the realm of technology and digital entertainment, Apple has introduced a novel subscription service known as the Apple Music Voice Plan. This innovative approach to music streaming is centered around the use of voice commands through Siri, providing users with an accessible and hands-free way to access Apple Music's vast collection of songs and playlists.

The plan is competitively priced, appealing to a broader audience looking for a more economical alternative to traditional streaming services while maintaining the convenience of voice activation. But there are some changes to the new Apple Music Voice Plan.

In this passage, we set the stage for a detailed exploration of the latest Apple Music Voice Plan. And we also provide a detailed guide to make you get an awesome listening journey with Voice Plan on Apple Music.

apple music voice plan

Part 1. What is Apple Music Voice Plan

The Apple Music Voice Plan is tailored for individuals who predominantly utilize voice commands to engage with their music library, leveraging the power of Siri on various Apple devices.

This Voice Plan on Apple Music provides full access to Apple Music's extensive catalog. However, it restricts interaction to voice-based navigation and control. Subscribers are unable to browse the app interface or select songs manually, relying instead on voice prompts to initiate playback, skip tracks, adjust volumes, and discover new music through playlists and recommendations.

apple music voice plan interface

What happens on the New Apple Music Voice Plan?

According to Apple Music’s official statement, Apple discontinued the Apple Music Voice Plan in November 2023. But, all the Apple Music plans can work seamlessly with Siri. And Apple has already turned off auto-renew for existing Voice subscribers. If you’re a current Voice subscriber, you can continue on your plan for the duration of your final billing cycle.

But can we keep our Apple Music playlists after canceling the Voice Plan? Here, you can use DRmare Apple Music Converter to help you continue your Voice Plan on Apple Music. It can offer wonderful features to listen to your Apple Music songs from Voice Plan forever. You can find a detailed guide about keeping your Apple Music songs forever in the part four.

Part 2. Is Apple Music Voice Plan Worth it

Many users concerns about the cost of Apple Music Voice Plan. There is no doubt that the price is the lowest among those Apple Music subscriptions. But is this plan really worth it? Does the Voice Plan of Apple Music have cost-effective functions especially compared with individual plan, student plan and family plan? Let’s take a closer look to find an answer.

How much does the Apple Music Voice Plan cost?

The cost of the Voice Plan is positioned at a more affordable rate of $4.99 per month, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious users who still wish to enjoy the benefits of a premium music streaming service.

From the perspective of price, Apple Music Voice Plan is a really good choice to get Apple Music Library. But there are still some limitations:

♦️ You cannot navigate to specific genres, artists, or playlists from within an app.

♦️ You can only control your Apple Music on the Voice Plan  through Siri voice commands. 

♦️ Downloading tracks to your personal library on the Voice Plan is also unavailable.

♦️ Internet connection is the neccessary condition.

To easily bypass these limitations to find a tool as good as this canceled Voice Plan, We find out that DRmare reaches our standards. With only $14.95, you can get your songs from Apple Music Voice Plan offline forever. There is no need to renew it and worry about the function could be canceled.

What are the differences between Apple Music Subscriptions?

Another way you can take is to switch your subscription to instead Voice Plan of Apple Music. There are three kinds of Apple Music subscriptions: Individual Plan, Student Plan and Family Plan.

Those plans are all available on Apple devices and listeners can enjoy original shows, concerts, exclusives, and live and on-demand radio stations hosted by artists without being interrupted by ads. Which plan is the most useful one? Here, we make a complete comparison to show their pros and cons.

🌟Voice Plan VS Individual Plan VS Student Plan VS Family Plan on Apple Music

Voice Plan

Individual Plan

Student Plan

Family Plan

Price (per month)





Apple Music Catalog

Dolby Atmos/Spatial Audio

Lossless audio

Third-party platform support

Family Sharing

In-App UI

Stripped-down UI

Full UI

Full UI

Full UI

Part 3. How to Get Apple Music Voice Plan?

If I still want my Apple Music Voice Plan, can I still get one? How to check if I can still use my Voice Plan on Apple Music? Here we provide a solution. And for users seeking an alternative to the Apple Music Voice Plan that still offers a voice-controlled music experience, we also find out some effective ways. You can read our guide and choose your favorite way to use your Voice Plan on Apple Music.

1. Check Voice Plan on Apple Music

If you have already subscribed to an Apple Music Voice Plan, you can use this guide to check the final billing cycle.

For iOS users, the process is relatively straightforward.

  • Firstly, open the 'Settings' app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on your Apple ID, which is usually displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Next, select 'Media & Purchases' and then 'View Account.' You may be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Once logged in, scroll down to the 'Subscriptions' section, where you will find a list of all your active subscriptions, including Apple Music.

Here, you can see the type of subscription plan you are currently enrolled in, as well as the expiration date.

check apple music voice plan on ios

For Windows users, you can still access your accounts and check your subscriptions through a web browser.

  • Open any browser and visit the official Apple Music website.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID account details.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the 'Account' section, which can usually be found in the top right corner of the screen.
  • In the 'Settings' tab, look for the 'Subscriptions' option. Click on it.

You will be presented with a detailed overview of your current subscription plan, including the expiration date.

check apple music voice plan on windows

2. Get Apple Music Voice Plan on Alexa

You can use Apple Music Voice Plan with your Amazon Echo through Alexa. Before that, please ensure your Echo device is updated to the latest firmware version and that the Amazon Alexa app is installed on your phone. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone.
  • Navigate to 'More' and then select 'Skills & Games.'
  • Search for 'Apple Music' and select the corresponding skill.
  • Click 'Enable Skill' and log in with your Apple ID account.
  • Once linked, you can ask Alexa to play music from Apple Music by saying, 'Alexa, play [song name] on Apple Music,' or 'Alexa, play my Apple Music playlist.'

apple music voice plan on alexa

3. Get Apple Music Voice Plan on Google Assiatant

Google Assistant also works with Apple Music. To use Apple Music with Google Assistant, make sure your Google Home device is up to date and that you have the Google Home app installed on your mobile phone. Then follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Home app on your phone.
  • Tap on your profile icon in the top right corner and go to 'Assistant settings.'
  • Scroll down and tap on 'Services' followed by 'Music.'
  • Choose 'Apple Music' from the list of available music services.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID when prompted.
  • After linking, you can say, 'Hey Google, play [song name] on Apple Music,' or 'Hey Google, play my Apple Music playlist.'

check apple music voice plan on google assistant

Part 4. Keep Your Apple Music Forever after Canceling Voice Plan

If I have to cancel the Apple Music Voice Plan, what can I do to keep my Apple Music songs from Voice Plan forever? To address this issue, you can consider using third-party software, such as DRmare Apple Music Converter, to save your favorite songs.

DRmare Apple Music Converter is a software specifically designed for Apple Music users, which can help users retain access to music even after canceling their subscription. The core function of this software is to convert DRM-protected music from Apple Music into unprotected audio files, so users can freely play these songs on any device without being restricted by Apple Music's subscription limitations.

A notable feature of DRmare software is that it can retain the original song's ID3 tags during the conversion process, including artist, album name, song title, etc. This means that the converted files not only maintain lossless audio quality, but also have organized and orderly metadata, making it convenient for users to manage and play.

Furthermore, the software supports batch conversion, allowing users to convert multiple songs at once, greatly improving efficiency.

🫠 It's very easy to use DRmare Apple Music Converter.

Step 1. Install and open Drmare Audio Converter. Apple Music desktop app/iTune app will be self-absorbed move to pop up.

Step 2. Authorize your Apple ID in Apple Music desktop app/iTune app.

Step 3. Follow the prompt tick 'Share library with other apps' in the advanced settings.

Step 4. Download songs that you want to listen from Apple Music Voice Plan. This is not mean that you get the useful audio files, so please go on and take the last three steps.

Step 5. Select the first button at the button left to add your files.

import downloaded apple music songs to drmare audio converter

Step 6. Click 'Audio' icon to set the format and other parameters of Apple Music tracks.

set apple music songs format

Step 7. Select the save address and click 'Convert' icon at the button right. Then, DRmare Apple Music Converter will automatically download Apple Music Voice Plan's songs to your local computer for listening offline.

download apple music voice plan songs

Once the conversion process is complete, you can check them on the 'History' list and listen to your own playlists from Apple Music Voice Plan without any limitations.

Whether for music lovers or regular users, DRmare provides a reliable solution to ensure that their music experience is not affected by changes in subscription services such as Apple Music Voice Plan. This is actually an effective tool to troubleshoot our problems.


The Apple Music Voice Plan marks an exciting evolution in personalized and interactive music streaming, offering a seamless and hands-free listening experience for users who prioritize voice control. And it’s lucky for us to have other ways like DRmare Apple Music Converter to help us get our Voice Plan forever.

It’s our honor that if this passage provides at least one useful information about the new Apple Music Voice Plan for you. Hope you can have a wonderful experience on Apple Music Voice Plan!

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