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How to See Your Loved/Favorited Songs on Apple Music

find loved songs on Apple Music

In a recent update, Apple Music refined the original “Love” feature to “Favorite”, envisioning to provide users with a more unified and seamless listening experience. In the previous, “Love” feature was purely designed to teach Apple Music the user’s taste, helping them keep track of songs they enjoy in the wild. And Apple Music’s Mobile App doesn’t show you a list of loved songs on iPhone or iPad. Users have to create a specific playlist to collect their loved songs or set a smart playlist on PC/Mac to dynamically curate their loved songs.

Now with the new “Favorite” feature, Apple Music would automatically add all your favorited songs to a Favorite Songs playlist and your music library for convenient revisiting on iPhone or iPad so you can see them easily, just like what Spotify can do. However, this feature only opens to users having a device whose system version is iOS 17.0 or later, older system version may not enjoy this robust feature.

To address the needs and questions that most Apple Music users would meet in regard of loved songs, in this guide, we will explore how to find your loved songs both with Love & Favorite feature, regardless of your devices’ version. Let’s go ahead.

Part 1. How to Find Loved Songs with Favorite Feature on iPhone with iOS 17

Before we move on to find your favorited songs on Apple Music, make sure you have actually marked them as favorited. In case you are not sure about how to add favorite songs on Apple Music, we’ve also listed the quick guide as below for your reference.

1.1 How to Add Favorite Songs on Apple Music with iOS 17

Open the Apple Music app and tap the star button ☆ in Now playing.

favorite songs being played

You can also Add a playlist or album to favorites. On your iPhone or iPad, tap the button which looks like ellipsis (…). On your Android, tap the vertical ellipsis button. Then tap Favorite.

favorite playlist or album

And if you want to add an artist to favorites, just go to the artist’s page in the app and tap the star button to keep up with their latest hits.

favorite artist on Apple Music

1.2 How to See Your Favorited Songs on Apple Music with iOS 17

Now that you’ve marked items as favorited, you can find your favorited songs on Apple Music as such:

See your favorite songs in a playlist :

1. Launch the Apple Music app and click the Library tab.

2. Click Playlists and then Favorite Songs.

Sort your library to see favorites

1. Launch the Apple Music app and click the Library tab.

2. Select Songs, Artist, Albums, or Playlists.

3. Click the Sort button, then tab Favorites.

Part 2. How to Find Loved Songs with Love Feature on iPhone without iOS 17

On older iOS version, Apple Music doesn’t allow you to directly curate and see loved songs, it seems like Apple wants to use this feature exclusively for personalized music recommendations. And if you want to keep track of your loved songs, you need to create a new playlist to curate them or set a Smart Playlist to automatically update songs you loved. Next we will talk about these two approaches one by one.

2.1 How to Love Songs on Apple Music without iOS 17

Like what we did on iOS 17.0, we need to mark songs as loved before we begin to find them.

When you are using an iPhone or iPad to listen a song, simply navigating to the song's Now Playing page, tap the three dots (…) located at the top right corner. From there, choose the "Love" option. then, make sure to also tap on "Add to Library." It's important to note that only songs which are both "Loved" and added to your library will display the heart icon for easy recognition.

2.2 How to See Loved Songs on Apple Music without iOS 17

While Users with iOS 17.0 have the privilege to easily find their loved songs, users without iOS 17.0 can curate their loved songs for conveniently listening through creating a specific playlist for it.

Here’s how to do it:

Create A Playlist to Collect Previously Loved Songs on iPhone/iPad

1. Launch Apple Music app on your computer.

2. Click the "Library" tab.

3. Head over to the "Songs" section and find a song you've marked as "Love." To select multiple songs at once, click on the first song, then hold down the “Shift” key and click on the last song in the range you want to select. This will highlight the first, last, and all songs in between, allowing for batch selection.

4. Tap the (…) icon next to the song.

5. Select "Add to Playlist" and click "New Playlist."

add loved songs to new playlist

6. Click the "Library" tab.

rename created playlist

Create A Smart Playlist to Collect your Loved Songs Effortlessly on iPhone/iPad

You may want to automatically update music that you would mark as loved in the future. Let’s see how to create a Smart Playlist to do it.

1. On your computer (Music or iTunes app), go to "File" > "New" > "Smart Playlist."

create smart playlist

2. Select “Love” from the first drop-down, ensure the second drop-down is “is” and the third one is “Loved”. Other selections remain in default.

set rules for smart playlist

3. Save this Smart Playlist, and you can rename it, eg., "New Loved Songs."

rename created smart playlist


Please remember that only songs that you’ve both loved and added to  your library can be automatically updated into this Smart Playlist.

After you’ve done this, all the tracks you’ve loved and added to your library would automatically appear in the Smart Playlist you created and you can find these loved songs directly on your iPhone or iPad through this Smart Playlist.

Part 3. How to Find Loved Songs on Apple Music Mac /PC

Marking songs as "Favorite" is not confined to iPhone or iPad. You can also see the songs you loved on Apple Music on your computer.

For Mac

If you're on a Mac, you can add a favorite song to your library easily.

1. Launch Music app on your Mac.

2. Click "Songs" in the sidebar and move the pointer over a random song.

3. Click the "Favorite" button which looks like a star.

For PC

While Mac users can mark an item as favorited with a star icon, in iTunes, this feature may remain "Love" with a heart icon .

1. Launch iTunes on your Windows.

2. Find the song you want to mark as a loved song. Here are four ways to find them:

a. Right-click the song in the "Songs" section and choose "Love."

rightclick loved songs

b. Look for the heart column, hover your mouse over the song in this column and tab "Love"

c. Find the song in "Albums” or “Playlist” section, hover your mouse over it and tab "Love" .

love songs in album

d. Choose the song, then click "Song" at the top and tab "Love."

love songs through top navigation

Part 4. FAQ

Q1. What Does Love Feature Do on Apple Music?

A1. In Apple Music, loving and disliking songs is a great way to teach Apple's subscription service what type of tunes you like and which you don't. It is used to provide personalized recommendations to you from its subscription service in the "For You" tab.

Q1. What Happens When You Mark Items As Favorite on iOS 17?

A1. When you mark a track, artist, album or playlist to favorites:

  • The song you marked as favorited would be automatically added to a Favorite Songs playlist. But you need to turn it on in Settings > Music > Add Favorite Songs, in this case, the song is also added to your library.
  • Favorited album would be automatically added to your library.
  • Favorited playlist would be automatically added to your library. Ensure Add Playlist Songs is turned on in Settings > Music, and the songs in the playlist are also added to your library.
  • Favorited artist would be automatically added to your library. This feature would notify you when your favorite artist releases new music.
  • You can sort your library to see only your favorites.
  • Your music recommendations would be improved according to your liked or disliked songs.

Part 5. Sustain Your Favored Soundtracks on Apple Music Forever

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