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  • Output audio tracks to plain audio formats, like MP3, AAC, WAV, etc.
  • Allow to edit the pitch, volume, speed, ID3 tags for Audible audiobooks

Ultimate Guide to Burn Audible to CD [2021]

Burning Audible books to CD would be nice if you have a CD player. With a CD player, you can get Audible burn to CD. Then you can listen to Audible audiobooks on your car DVD system and so on.

However, it is not easy to burn Audible to CD as it is in special audio format. But no worry. In this post, we will guide you how to burn Audible books to CD with iTunes and without iTunes in detail.

burn audible to cd

Part 1. Burning Audible Books to CD using iTunes

Audible has authorized iTunes to burn Audible book to CD. Thus, you can directly burn Audible book to CD in iTunes.


1. Please update iTunes to the latest version before you start burning Audible books to CD.

2. Please make sure you have downloaded the Audible audiobooks to your computer already.

After then, please follow the steps below to see how to burn Audible books to CD on iTunes.

Step 1. Import Audible files to iTunes

If you are on a Mac, the Audible books should have been already in your iTunes.

Else, if you are on a Windows PC, you can find your downloaded files from the Audible Download Manager. Then you can import them to iTunes by clicking 'File' menu > 'Add File to Library'.

import audible to itunes to burn to cd

Step 2. Create an Audible playlist

You can go to the audiobook section of iTunes to locate the audiobooks you like. Then right click on them and choose 'Add to Playlist' > 'New Playlist' to generate a playlist.

create audible playlist on itunes

Step 3. Burn the playlist to a CD

Just insert a CD disc into the CD burner of your computer. Then right click on the playlist and choose 'Burn Playlist to Disc'.

You can customize the burning settings too. The optimized settings are 8X burning speed, audio CD disc format and choose no gap between songs.

burn audible to cd in itunes

Step 4. Burn Audible to CD

Now, hit 'Burn' button to begin to burn Audible file to CD in iTunes.

Note: For the book longer than 80 minutes, you need to insert another disc to complete the burning process.


* You don't need to install extra CD burners or software.

* Run fast and smoothly without hassles.


* You need to update iTunes program to the latest version.

* All Audible tracks can only be burned once. If any accident happens, you will lose the chance the burn audiobook to CD from Audible again.

* It doesn't support to burn Audible books to MP3 CD except audio CD. And DVD is not supported by Audible burning.

* You have to authorize the files to play on iTunes with your Audible account.

Part 2. How to Burn Audible to CD without iTunes

So, how can you burn Audible books to CD on iTunes again if you failed unfortunately? Or sometimes you just want to burn more than one Audible book to CD to use on more different locations? Or you want to send some of them to your friends as gifts? Due to the Audible FairPlay DRM restriction, you can't use iTunes to burn the same book from Audible to CDs. Also, you can't get Audible burn to CD with free tools like Windows Media Player.

But thing changes. DRmare DRM Audio Converter for Mac is an all-in-one tool to strip DRM scheme from most audio files. It can remove DRM from Audible AA/AAX files, etc. It makes easier than ever to play audio files freely.

It contains both Windows and Mac version, so you can pick up the right version you want to try it out. By converting Audible audiobooks to MP3, you can burn Audible to CD freely. And you can save your time to enjoy them without the need of performing the DRM authorization.

DRmare DRM Audiobook Converter

drmare audio converter
  • Strip DRM restriction from Audible AA/AAX audiobooks and so on
  • Encode Audible AA/AAX to MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAV, M4B format
  • Support the premium features to split files, edit tag info, change playback parameters
  • Run at a 30X faster speed to convert all Audible books with parallel processes

#1. Convert Audible Audiobooks

First, to burn Audible to CD, you need to get Audible audiobooks to plain audio formats. Now you can follow the steps to get rid of DRM protection from Audible audiobooks via DRmare program.

Step 1Add Audible AA/AAX audio files to DRmare
import audible aa aax audiobooks to drmare
Install and then open the DRmare Audio Converter. Click the two buttons from the bottom left to import your Audible audiobooks.
Step 2Choose Audible output settings
customize audible output file parameters
We'd recommend you choose Audible output format as MP3 which is a popular audio format. Usually, every audiobook contains many chapters. But you can click the 'Edit' icon beside the audiobook you imported. And then choose the option to split your audiobook by chapter.
Step 3Convert Audible DRM AA/AAX to MP3
convert audible aax aa to mp3 for burning to cd
After that, you can click 'Convert' icon from the bottom right of the DRmare screen. With the parallel converting acceleration technology, you will be surprised how fast it runs. What is even better is that the output quality is 100% lossless.

#2. How to Burn Audible Book to CD without iTunes

As you got the plain audio formats of Audible audiobooks above, here you can learn how to burn Audible books to CD. There are two ways for you to get Audible burn to CD without iTunes.

Way 1. Burn Audible to CD via Windows Media Player

burn audible to cd on windows media player

1. Open Windows Media Player. Hit 'Playlist' panel to create a new playlist to store Audible audiobooks. Then you can move converted Audible files to the playlist.

2. Hit 'Burn' button from the top right in WMP. Then drag Audible files to the 'Burn List' at the right side.

3. Touch on the 'menu' in the Burn panel. Then choose the 'Audio CD' option.

4. Press 'Start Burn' button to burn Audible book to CD.

Way 2. Audible Burn to CD by VLC Media Player

audible burn to cd via vlc media player

1. Launch the VLC Media Player on your PC. Then create a new playlist and drag Audible audiobooks to it.

2. Touch the 'Media' menu and hit 'Convert/Save' option

3. Hit 'Disc' button and insert a new CD or DVD into your computer.

4. Click on 'Audio CD and Browse' on your computer.

5. Choose the CD you inserted and hit 'Convert/Save' button.

6. Hit 'Browse' button in the 'Convert' screen to choose Audible audio files.

7. Touch 'Convert/Save' button to begin to burn Audible to CD.


* Liberate you from keeping authorizing your books before playing.

* Save your time and make it more comfortable to listen to Audible books.

* Batch convert both DRM and non-DRM audio files for using on any devices.

* Make all your files safe, backup them offline without the need of worrying DRM server error, etc.


* The software costs $39.95 which is not cheap for some users.

Part 3. Final Thoughts

The ways above are so easy, right? But which method do you prefer? If you only have a few Audible books to burn to CDs, iTunes will be good enough to help you. But if you have couples or hundreds of Audible AA/AAX files, DRmare will help you get the job done with ease. After removing DRM by DRmare Audio Converter, you can burn Audible to CD for listening.

If you find any other better ways to share, please go ahead to type your comments and share with us below.

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