How to Download Audible Books to PC – Latest Solution in 2020

On May 27, many Audible users have received this email from Amazon Audible:

"…In the past, you may have downloaded your Audible titles on your Windows PC in an older audio format we call "format 4." In the upcoming weeks, we will be moving all downloads to an enhanced, high-quality audio format and will no longer support format 4 downloading…You can continue downloading using the Audible Manager software on your computer if you would like, but you will need to make sure you are downloading in Enhanced format. If you switch to a different computer in the future, you will need to download a new software called AudibleSync."

As you can see above, Audible has made some important changes to Windows PC downloads. How will this affect the normal way we download Audible for PC? How will AudibleSync work with our PC exactly? Here in this post, you will find out the latest method we provide on how to download Audible books to PC.

Part 1. Download Audible Books to PC via AudibleSync

As is mentioned in the email to listeners above, Audible now provides a new software called AudibleSync. The AudibleSync app is an Audible app for PC on Windows 10 that allows for quick and easy downloading of your titles. You can use this app to transfer your titles to an MP3 player.

If you visit the Audible Help Center and go to the "Audible App on Windows" section, you will find AudibleSync now available to download. Follow the steps below, and you will be able to download Audible for PC.

#1 Download and install the AudibleSync app on your computer.

#2 Open the app and Sign in with your Audible/Amazon account.

#3 You will be brought to your library where you can tap Download on the title you want to download.

download audible books via audiblesync

#4 Once the downloading process finishes, the Download button will no longer show.

You will now able to transfer the downloaded Audible books to an MP3 player. However, AudibleSync can only recognize a few mainstream MP3 players on the market, but not all of them. If you prefer the previous way to download Audible books to PC, you can also check out Listen to Audible on PC Windows 10.

If you prefer to listen to your Audible titles in audio format 4, you can still download them all to your device before Audibles make the switch on Jun 30 2020.

Part 2. Download Audible Titles to Common Audio Files on PC - Recommended

This change announced by Audible has aroused a heated discussion among audiobooks addicts. Some Windows users who aren't using Windows 10 complained that they need to rely on the buggy Audible Manager software which has not been updated since 2015, according to the information it shows. As for Audible Download Manager, you have to be very careful not to overload it, otherwise, it hangs up and never shuts down. And there exist glitches in the downloaded Audible books occasionally.

Therefore, we are here to provide you a more reliable and effective way to download Audible books to PC and convert them to common audio files. You will first need to download DRmare Audible Audiobook Converter. It can download audiobooks from Audible and convert them to 5 formats including M4A, MP3, AAC, WAV, and FLAC so that you are free to listen to Audible on any watch, TV, or even in the car without using network data.

Additionally, with the latest converting skill and tech, it can keep 100% sound quality and preserve all the ID3 tags, the same as the original Audible files. It is also intelligent enough to recognize every section in an audiobook and split them up automatically.

DRmare Audible Audiobooks Converter

drmare audio converter
  • Download and Convert Audible AA/AAX files
  • Convert Audible to MP3, and other common formats
  • Split audiobook into small segements by chapters
  • Work at 30X faster speed and preserve original quality

When you downloaded and installed DRmare Audible Audiobook Converter on your computer, you can follow the step-by-step guidance on how to download Audible books to PC.

Step 1Load Audible files into DRmare
add audible audiobooks to DRmare
The download process involves iTunes as well. Once you launch DRmare Audible Audiobook Converter, it will open iTunes as well. Make sure you have authorized your Audible account to iTunes in advance. Click on 'Add', and in the pop-up window, you can select and load those books you would like to convert into DRmare.
Step 2Edit output format for Audible books
set output format for audible books
Tap on the 'Format' button from the bottom right corner, and here you can see various options to personalize your audiobooks. If you don't want to do much change, just go by 'Auto' on every parameter, and don't forget to select 'Keep lossless quality".
Step 3Start to Convert Audible books for PC
convert audible books for pc
Hit the 'Convert' button and it will start the conversion. Wait until it finishes, and you will be able to locate your downloaded Audible files from the history list.

Part 3. More Information about Audible Format 4 and Enhanced Audio Format

"Format 4" provides standard Audible audio quality at 64kbps and has the extension as ".aa". They have been around for a long time. Similarly, Audible has eliminated Formats 1, 2, and 3 in the past. Audible Format 4 do not support many portable players such as iPod Classic.

"Enhanced Format " is the next level up. The Audible audio quality is better at 128kbps. These have the file extension as ".aax" and have a larger size.

audible format 4 and enhanced format

There is also a new format that came out in 2019 and is for the mobile app only. It has the file extension as ".aaxc".

DRmare Audible Audiobooks Converter now fully supports to convert all Audible AA/AAX files to MP3, and other common audio formats.

To sum up, some Audible users are supportive of this change while others hold a negative opinion on it. One feeling that most users sensed is that Audible seems to be leaning towards smartphones and streaming. Luckily, when you want to be out in the woods without network and have a walk listening to Audible, you don't have to worry anymore. Besides using the Audible app for PC on Windows 10, we have shown you a more stable way on how to listen to Audible on PC and later transfer them to portable players via DRmare Audible Audiobooks Converter.

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