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How to Transfer iTunes Movies to InnoTab 3/3S/Max for Kids

"I usually buy educational contents for Children from iTunes and enjoy them together with my son through the computer. The problem is that I need to use my computer for other works sometimes. So I am wondering is there a way to transfer the iTunes learning materials to InnoTab so that my son can watch it directly?" - Question from a mum.

InnoTab are the tablets developed by the VTech company which is the top 50 electronic manufacturing services providers globally. These tablets are specifically designed for kids with the most user-friendly interface. In addition, there are multiple educational games, apps and eBooks available there, making them best learning tablets. Parents can even communicate to their kids with the free apps from their mobile phones.

But if you have an iTunes account and purchase movies from there, you won't be able to access that content on the InnoTab tablet, why? Let's continue to find out the reason and the solution to it.

innotab tablets

Part 1. Why You Can't Download iTunes Movies on InnoTab Tablets

There are many reasons why a movie can't be opened such as incompatible format or damaged file. But that is not the main reason in terms of iTunes movies. The real reason is that iTunes movie are limited by Apple with the FairPlay DRM protection. The general process to play iTunes movies is to authorize them on the device first. But since all the InnoTab tablets including the latest InnoTab 3/3S/Ma are based on Android system to develop, so it is impossible to unlock them to play.

But you don't need to worry, it is possible to strip DRM with today's technology. And this is where DRmare comes into play. This is the easiest and fastest DRM media converter for Mac/Windows. It's extremely easy to use, versatile and it will help remove DRM from iTunes movies in no time.

DRmare iTunes to InnoTab Converter

itunes m4v to kindle fire converter
  • Convert iTunes Videos to almost all non-Apple devices quickly and losslessly
  • Remove DRM protection from iTunes purchased and rented videos, Extras
  • Lifetime free update, free 24 x 7 technical support, 60 days money back guarantee
  • Compatible with the latest version iTunes 12.7, Windows XP, 7/8/10, Mac 10.8~10.12

Part 2. Remove DRM from iTunes Educational Movies and TV Shows

Want to find out how does it work exactly? Just download the free trial version and install it to your computer. It's not that hard you think to convert videos. All you need to is to follow the software screen instruction and do a few clicks.

Step 1 Import iTunes DRM movies you want to convert
import drm m4v videos
To get started, please locate the downloaded iTunes movies or TV shows which you want for your kids, then you can drag and drop them to the DRmare M4V Converter's main screen to import them. Please make sure the files are authorized to play on your iTunes, else they may not be recognized well by DRmare.
Step 2Choose the output format for InnoTab
customize videos for innotab
DRmare provides you with multiple options to customize your output videos such as output format, subtitle, audio track, video parameters. Just did what you need. According to official info the H.264 baseline profile video such as MP4 is highly recommended for InnoTab tablets. Here I will just go ahead to choose MP4.
Step 3Output to DRM free videos
convert m4v to innotab
After doing all the settings, you can one click to start converting, DRmare will batch convert all your iTunes media files automatically. Normally you will see that iTunes movie is playing on iTunes and a status bar showing how much progress of the video are converted on DRmare software. Please don't close the iTunes or do any other things on the computer.

Part 3. How to Put DRM Free Videos on InnoTab Tablets

Finally you can connect the InnoTab tablet and transfer the videos directly to the tablet for your child. The process is also easy to go through similar to any other Android tablets.

1. Connect your InnoTab 3/3S/Mac to a computer, you will see the device ion show up the on Windows explorer or Finder. If they don't show up, you can go to the settings of your InnoTab to turn on the USB debug mode.

2. Double click the device icon to open the InnoTab device folder, you will see a list of folders and documents.

3. Go to the 'LLN' folder > 'MOVIE' folder and start to copy your converted iTunes digital media contents to this folder from your computer.

4. When it is done, these movies will show up on the built-in video player of InnoTab tablet, you can click the movie you want to start playing for your child.

And that's it. With just a few tips and tricks, you will have no problem playing iTunes videos on your InnoTab tablet for your child, enjoy watching!

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