How to Play iTunes M4V Videos on Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung is the world’s top leading TV manufacturer and released the first Samsung Smart TV in 2008. Since then, it has continued to innovate the technologies to enhance the TV performance and quality and produced a number of world firsts such as the 29.9mm world’s slimmest TV in 2009, the 110-inch world’s largest UHD TV in 2013 and the 105-inch curved UHD TV in 2014. At CES 2016, Samsung announced the latest SUHD TV with quantum dot display.

Today in the latest 2017 TV models, Samsung completely redesigned its Smart TV experience. With a new intuitive menu, enhanced recommendations and various kinds of video apps, you can quickly access to your favorite shows, movies from Hulu, Netflix etc. However, just like other Smart TVs, it still can’t play iTunes M4V movies and TVs shows directly. In this article, I will explain why iTunes videos can’t be played on Samsung Smart TVs and find another way to do that.

Samsung Smart TV

Part 1. Why iTunes Videos Can’t be Played on Samsung Smart TVs

The obvious reason is that iTunes M4V comes with the FairPlay DRM protection which is created by Apple Inc. for stopping piracy and unauthorized distribution to protect the authors’ benefits. But everything has the pros and cons. It also brings a lot of inconvenience for legal users. For example, the iTunes movies are limited to play on iTunes player on up to 5 authorized computers and it is impossible to edit the videos with DRM protection. Because of that many users don’t like the FairPlay at all.

But good news is that many software companies find out the demand of the customers and developed kinds of DRM removal tools to bypass DRM from iTunes videos so that to play iTunes videos on multiple devices including Samsung TVs. The top DRM remover for iTunes videos are including DRmare M4V Converter, TunesKit DRM Media Converter, Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, Pavtube ChewTune. Among all these iTunes DRM converting tools, DRmare M4V Converter is highly recommended for its neat interface and best performance. You can evaluate it by yourself too.

DRmare M4V to Samsung TV Video Converter

drmare m4v converter
  • Remove DRM from iTunes M4V videos with simple processes
  • Support multiple output devices such as Samsung Smart TV
  • Support various versions of systems including the latest Windows and Mac system
  • 100% clean, reliable and it comes with high performance

Part 2. How to Remove FairPlay DRM from iTunes Videos

With a well-designed DRM converting tool DRmare M4V Converter, getting rid of DRM is rather easy. Please refer to this guide step by step.

Step 1Download and open DRmare M4V Converter
open m4v converter mac
I would recommend the Mac version as it has a lot of output options. You can double click to download the Mac version from the link above, then you can follow the screen wizard to drag it to the application folder to install it. When it is done, you can open it to see the software main screen.
Step 2Load iTunes M4V videos
load itunes m4v videos
Please make sure your iTunes M4V videos can play on your computer first, then you can click the import-files botton at the bottom left to load your iTunes M4V videos into the software main screen.
Step 3Define the output format as Samsung TV
set output format as samsung tv
You can click the drop list from the bottom and then click ‘Devices’ tab to find all the supported devices. Please locate and select the device as ‘Samsung TV’. By the way, you can also go to the ‘General Video’ tab panel to select other formats of videos such as MP4.
Step 4Remove DRM and convert videos for Samsung TV
convert m4v to samsung tv
Finally, you can simply click the start button at the bottom right to let the software remove DRM and convert the videos to Samsung TV as you customized. The process is so smooth.

Part 3. How to Play the DRM Free iTunes M4V Videos on Samsung TVs

After removing DRM from the iTunes videos, there should be no problem to play them on Samsung Smart TV any more. Generally, there are several ways to transfer and play videos on your Samsung TV. Following are the recommended top 2 ways:

Play videos on Samsung Smart TV via a USB flash drive.

Almost every Samsung Smart TV supports USB flash drives, please just copy the converted DRM free iTunes videos to the USB flash drive first from the computer. Then you can plug in the USB drive to the USB interface of your Samsung TV. Ultimately, you can choose to play local source media files on the Samsung TV and locate the videos from the USB drive to start to play. This is the most common and easiest way.

Play videos on Samsung Smart TV by burning a DVD

If you have a DVD burner on your computer, you can also burn the converted iTunes videos to a DVD first, then plug in the DVD disc to your Samsung TV to play. However, DVD is on the way out, so more and more new devices including some model of Samsung TVs don’t support DVD disc any more. Please have a check before you do that. Anyway, burning to DVD is a good way to backup and play videos. If you do want to play DVDs on some TVs which doesn’t have a built-in DVD Rom, you can also buy an external DVD player.

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