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6 Ways on How to Watch iTunes Movies on TV 2023

Suppose you downloaded some iTunes movie blockbusters, where would you watch them? Instead of watching those movies on small-screen phones or tablets, home TVs with large HD screens seems a nice option. It brings a better watching experience to watch iTunes movies on TV.

There are many smart TVs for iTunes movie playback, such as Samsung smart TV, Sony Bravia TV, and so on. What's your best way to play iTunes movies on TV? If you are not sure,you can choose one from the following top 6 best ways to watch iTunes 1080p HD movies and TV shows on TV.

watch itunes movies on tv

Method 1. Watch iTunes Movies on TV via iTunes Movies and TV Shows App

As time goes by, Apple no longer keeps its media files within Apple's own ecosystem. With the partnership between Apple and Samsung, iTunes content has been accessible on Samsung smart TV. Apple has released a new 'iTunes Movies and TV Shows' app, which allows users to watch iTunes movies on Samsung smart TV through it directly.

watch itunes movies on samsung tv

People can browse the iTunes library and buy content from the iTunes Store. And then watch iTunes movies on Samsung smart TV, including the 4K HDR titles. If you are using a 2019 or 2020 Samsung Smart TV models, you can find this built-in app on your TV. If not, please do a firmware update to make your Samsung TV available for this app. Just open this app on your TV, and find a movie or TV show to play it on your Samsung smart TV without a problem.


* The most direct and simple way to watch iTunes movies.


* It only works on Samsung Smart TV.

Method 2. How to Watch iTunes Movies on TV with Apple TV

The above way works perfectly but doesn't work on almost all other smart TVs. If you are not using a Samsung smart TV, you can draw support from Apple TV. It will save many efforts on syncing iTunes movies to TV. In this case, all your problems will be a matter of connecting cables.

As for how to watch iTunes movies on TV via Apple TV, you should launch Apple TV and activate AirPlay in advance. Then navigate to the iTunes store and find the movies or TV shows you'd like to connect to your TV for watching. To successfully stream iTunes movies on Apple TV, please make sure the Internet connection is workable.

If you already saved some movies in your iTunes library, simply choose Movies > Purchased (or Rental) on the Apple TV main menu. Then you can select a movie you would like to view on TV and choose Play to start playing the movie on your Apple TV.

If there are no iTunes movies in your library, you should select Movies > Top Movies, Genius, Genres, and Search in Apple TV menu. And then you can find a movie to buy or rent. Once selected, choose Buy or Rent from the onscreen menu to purchase or rent the movie. Simply click OK to continue and start watching iTunes on TV.

watch itunes movies on apple tv


* Straightforward cast iTunes movies to TV
* Work on Samsung, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and LG smart TVs.


* Cost an extra $149 if you don't have an Apple TV.

Method 3. Stream iTunes Movies to TV via Other Streaming Media Boxes

If you don't own an Apple TV but another streaming box, like Roku, Chromecast, etc., it's also easy to stream iTunes to TV. But it's worth mentioning that iTunes videos are not compatible with other streaming sticks. Only Apple TV is approved to access to iTunes movies and stream the video content to watch on TV.

To unlock it, please download and install the DRmare M4V Converter on your computer. It will help you convert iTunes movies to common video formats. Under this circumstance, streaming Apple movies to TV by using non-Apple-TV media streamers is available.

stream itunes movies to tv

By choosing this way to stream iTunes videos, you can not only play them on smart TVs offline but also on phones, tablets, and any other device offline. Let's get back to stream iTunes movies to TV. Here, we will take Chromecast as an example, you can refer to this complete guide to stream iTunes movies to Chromecast. It also does work for other streaming media boxes to stream from iTunes to TV.


* Gain the full ownership of iTunes movies and TV shows
* Play iTunes movies and TV shows anywhere without limits


* Need DRmare iTunes M4V converter to complete the process

Method 4. How to Play iTunes Movies on TV via AirPlay or HDMI Port

This method only works when your TV has an HDMI port or AirPlay. They could enable the connection between your computer and TV set. And then you can play movies from iTunes through the computer.

Play iTunes Movies on TV via HDMI Port

To play iTunes on TV via a Windows computer, please plug the HDMI cable of the PC into the HDMI port of your television. Then you can launch iTunes on your computer and start to play a movie you'd like to watch on TV. Now use the TV remote control to access the settings and switch the TV's input to the correct port of the computer. You will see iTunes movies playing on your PC will simultaneously display on the large TV screen.

Play iTunes Movies on TV via AirPlay

Things become much easier if you have a Mac computer while your smart TV supports AirPlay. Thanks to the smart technology, you can easily and wirelessly stream anything from your Mac to your TV screen and speakers. Connect your Mac and HDTV to the same Wi-Fi network. When connected, the TV and your computer will be paired automatically once you click the AirPlay button on Mac. Congratulations! You can now begin to enjoy any iTunes movie or TV episode on HD smart TV while playing it back on your Mac.

watch itunes movies on tv from computer


* Watch iTunes Movies on TV without Apple TV


* Not very convenient
* Cost a waste of resource when the movie is playing back on both computer and TV
* AirPlay 2-enabled TVs are Samsung, LG, Sony, and Vizio only.

Method 5. How to Watch iTunes Movies on TV from iPhone and iPad

Similar to play iTunes movies on TV using a computer, you can also do it with your iOS devices. You can watch iTunes movies on TVs from iPhone or iPad. There are two ways to complete it, including AirPlay and the adapter cable.

With AirPlay, you can follow the same process on Mac. Simply tap the AirPlay button on your iPhone or iPad and start to play the movies. Then the iTunes movies playing on your iOS will be mirrored to the large TV display.

watch itunes movies on tv from iphone

If you prefer the AV adapter cable to connect your iOS device to the TV, join the cable to your iPhone or iPad and HDTV. Then you'll get the display of brilliant picture quality on the large screen of your TV. If you don't have an AV adapter cable yet, you can go to the Apple official store to get it.


* Easy-to-handle via AirPlay


* Need to pay extra money to get an adapter cable
* A waste of resource to play the same movie on two devices simultaneously

Method 6. How to Watch iTunes Movies on TV via DVD Player

burn itunes movies to dvd

We like watching DVDs on TV if we have a DVD player. Because it's convenient to operate and the image quality of the movie is always amazing. This is true for iTunes movies too. How about burning those iTunes movies or TV shows to DVD copies so that we can play them on TV through our DVD player? It's not an easy task, but it works actually.

With the help of the DRmare M4V Converter mentioned above, you can do format conversion of iTunes videos. And then iTunes M4V videos can be burned onto DVDs and you can watch Apple movies on TV via the DVD players. Just download the free version of this smart tool via the Download button. You can follow the complete guide to burn iTunes M4V movies to DVD.


* A good way to back up the iTunes movies
* Get the full control over iTunes videos


* Need an extra iTunes DRM removal tool

Conclusion and Suggestion

In conclusion, solution 1 is the best way to stream iTunes movies to Samsung smart TV. Solution 2 is the most straightforward way on how to watch iTunes movies on TVs. Solution 3 is the best for users who have Chromecast, Roku, or other streaming sticks.

Solution 4 and solution 5 are somehow more complicated and not so practical. Because they need us to play the iTunes movies on both TV and another device at the same time. If you have a DVD player, you can try to use the last solution to watch iTunes movies on TVs.

After all, it depends on your own decision to choose which way to watch iTunes movies on your TV. If you have different opinions to play iTunes movies on TV, tell us in the comments below!

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