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How to Transfer iTunes DRM Movies/TV Shows to Nabi Tablets

Q: Christmas is coming soon. In order to give my children a substantial and colorful Christmas festival, I purchased and rented various Disney and Cartoon movies and TV shows from iTunes store. I would like to transfer these iTunes videos to my kids' Nabi tablet, a special kids' tablet for playback so that my children can share more joy and entertainment with I and my husband during the last days of 2017.

But when I import iTunes purchases and rented to Nabi, it seems something wrong happened and I'm not allowed to convert iTunes digital videos to the Nabi tablet. Could it be caused by the different operating systems? I wonder to know is there an effective solution for me to watch iTunes movies on Nabi tablet with my kids?

itunes movies on nabi tablets

Part 1. Reasons Why Nabi Tablets Can't Support iTunes Videos Directly

Featuring with the easy-to-use interface, a long-life rechargeable battery, Nabi tablets, such as Nabi SE, Nabi Elev-8, Nabi 2 and more are designed especially for kids, which provides kids with a world of creative play and personalized learning. For the purpose of engaging, entertaining and educating kids, Nabi tablets enables kids to browse specific web page, learn different courses, read e-books, watch favorite HD videos, etc. Powered by Android operating system, Nabi tablets are a series of Android tablets. So just like other brands' Android tablets, Nabi tablets are not able to support iTunes movies and TV shows directly. It is common knowledge that iTunes digital contents, including movies, TV shows, music videos as well iTunes Extras are encrypted with Apple’s FairPlay DRM copyright technology, which prevents iTunes users from playing iTunes digital files on anywhere expect for Apple devices and players. Besides, another obstacle limiting you to transfer iTunes videos to Nabi tablets is the compatible issue. Nabi tablets are fully compatible with the following audio and video formats, such as MP3, AAC, MPEG-4, H.263, and H.264, while Apple encodes iTunes videos with M4V container format. Obviously, M4V format is not in the line of Nabi supported formats. So if you need to sync iTunes library to Nabi tablets, like Nabi Elev-8, Nabi 2 and Nabi Dream Tab, you should find out the professional iTunes DRM removal software to break nettlesome DRM lock and convert iTunes M4V to Nabi compatible formats, like MP4.

Part 2. Best Solutions to Convert iTunes Movies to Nabi Tablets

Since there are more and more software developers who realize customers' requirement that converting iTunes DRM M4V to MP4, you can discover a stunning iTunes M4V converter for paid and free through search engine. When it comes to the free iTunes DRM cracker, the first and only free iTunes DRM removal software in my mind could be Requiem 4.1, which can remove DRM protection from almost all iTunes digital content, not only iTunes videos, but also audiobooks, music, etc. However, because of failure in the battle with Apple in late 2012, Requiem founders claimed that Requiem 4.1 is the last official version and they will never update Requiem any more. As a consequence, Requiem 4.1 is not compatible with the new iTunes running 10.8 or above. Fortunately, there is an extraordinary alternative to Requiem, called DRmare M4V Converter, which can work well with the latest iTunes 12.7. It is specialized in getting rid of DRM restrictions from both iTunes purchased and rented videos, and converting iTunes M4V to multiple common formats, such as MP4, MOV, MPEG, AVI, MKV, WMV and more. Although DRmare M4V Converter is a paid iTunes DRM removal tool, you can get up to 50% off bonus from DRmare's Christmas Xmas party. For more detailed info about this Christmas special, you can visit its sales page:

DRmare iTunes to Nabi Converter

itunes m4v to kindle fire converter
  • Convert iTunes Videos to almost all non-Apple devices losslessly
  • Remove DRM protection from iTunes purchased and rented videos
  • Losslessly convert iTunes M4V to Nabi tablets at 30X faster speed
  • Compatible with all kinds of Windows and Mac operating systems

Part 3. Complete Tutorial to Sync iTunes Library to Nabi Tablets with DRmare

In order to make you easier to watch iTunes movies and TV shows on Nabi tablets, there is a detailed introduction on how to convert iTunes DRM M4V videos to Nabi compatible files with this smart DRmare software. Please choose the right version of DRmare iTunes DRM removal solution and download it on your computer firstly.

Step 1 Import iTunes DRM movies and TV shows to DRmare
import m4v videos
After you have downloaded and installed this best iTunes to Nabi converter on your computer, you can import your purchased iTunes DRM videos to DRmare by touching the "Add Files" button at the bottom left of the main screen. Or you can drag and drop iTunes downloaded files to this software directly.
Step 2Set the output format as MP4 for Nabi
select output format as nabi tablets
Click the "Format" button to open the new window, in which there are various video and audio formats for your choice. You can go to the "HD Video" bar and define the MP4 as the output format. Of course, if you only would like to convert audio tracks extracted from iTunes DRM video, you just need to set MP3 as the output format for Nabi tablets.
Step 3Remove DRM & convert M4V videos for Nabi tablets
convert m4v to nabi tablets
Once all settings are ready for conversion, please click the "Convert" tab at the bottom right of the main interface, and DRmare will strip DRM limitations from iTunes DRM M4V movies and convert these iTunes M4V to Nabi compatible MP4 format automatically. By the way, this smart software can support bath conversion, which means that you can convert all iTunes videos at once time. When this conversion procession finishes, converted iTunes DRM-free videos can be found on destination folder. And then, it's time for you to transfer iTunes unprotected videos to Nabi 2, Nabi Dream Tab, Nabi Jr. and other Nabi tablets via USB cable directly.
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