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Way to Convert iTunes M4V Videos to Huawei Mate X

Q: I am a loyal fan of Huawei smartphone and recently I purchased a Huawei Mate X. This phone gives a wider view to watch videos or play games. But the one thing bothered me is that Huawei Mate X can't support movies and TV shows that I purchased and rented from iTunes store directly, so I want to know is there any way to convert iTunes M4V videos to Huawei Mate X?

As for your question, it's not a difficult task to play iTunes M4V videos on Huawei Mate X. Here we will show you an easy way to convert iTunes videos, you could check this post and take a look.

huawei mate x

Part 1. Brief Introduction of Huawei Mate X

The Huawei Mate X is an amazing foldable phone, which gives users three screens by using one 8-inch flexible panel. When it is folded, you have a 6.6-inch, notch-free main display, and the back screen is 6.38-inch. When you open the device up, you'll get a beautiful tablet with a full 8-inch screen, which is definitely a visual feast for you to watch videos or play games.

In addition, as for Huawei, the most shining point is its 5G speed. The Mate X is powered by the its own company's Kirin 980 processor and Balong 5000 5G modem clip. It just takes less than three seconds to download a 1GB movie. Moreover, there is another reason that why so many people want to use it. The reason is its dual battery and fast charging, because Mate X is with the world's fastest 55 W Huawei SuperCharge, it can let you charge you phone up to 85% within 30 minutes.

Part 2. Way to Convert iTunes Videos to Huawei Mate X

Though Huawei Mate X has become the most appealing device in 2019, it still has shortcomings. Just like the friend asked at the opening of this post, Huawei Mate X can't play iTunes movies directly. The main reason is that iTunes M4V videos is under the protection of DRM, it only can be played on Apple devices. If you also want to convert iTunes DRM purchased and rented videos to your Mate X, please don't worry, you just need a powerful tool to help you convert iTunes videos. You should have a try of DRmare M4V Converter for Mac. It is the best iTunes videos converter. With this program, you can remove DRM restrictions from iTunes and convert iTunes M4V movies to the formats that Huawei supported with 100% lossless quality.

DRmare iTunes Converter for Huawei Mate X

itunes m4v to huawei mate x converter
  • Get rid of DRM protection from purchased and rented iTunes videos
  • Edit the needed converted videos, such as trimming, adding effects, etc.
  • Convert iTunes M4V to Huawei Mate X with lossless quality in 30X speed
  • Play converted DRM-free iTunes videos on Huawei Mate X or other devices

Part 3. Tutorial to Remove DRM from iTunes M4V Movies/TV Shows

Before you follow the guidance to convert iTunes DRM movies as below, please make sure that you have downloaded and iTunes DRM purchases and rentals on your computer in advance.

Step 1 Launch DRmare & import iTunes downloaded movies
add m4v videos
Please double click the icon of DRmare M4V Converter and launch it. Then you can click "Add Files" button to add downloaded iTunes videos from your computer folders. Or you can touch "Load iTunes Library" button. A pop-up window will automatically show all the iTunes videos you purchased and rented, and then you can choose the videos you want to convert from iTunes library. And, you can also add iTunes movies by dragging and dropping to DRmare main interface directly.
Step 2 Customize the output format for Huawei Mate X
set output format for huawei mate x
In this step, you can click the "Format" at the bottom left of the main interface to set output formats. We provide many formats for you, as for Huawei Mate X, we recommend you to select MP4 format, since MP4 is of high compatibility and can be recognized easily. If you want to customize your iTunes videos, you can click "Edit" button on the right of the chosen video, then you can trim your videos, add effects for them and more as you like.
Step 3Start to convert iTunes DRM videos
convert itunes m4v to huawei mate x
Before you begin to remove DRM protection from iTunes videos, you can choose the destination folder for your converted iTunes videos according to your needs. Once all the settings are ready, you can click "Convert" button to start converting and then iTunes DRM videos will be saved with DRM-free on your computer. After the conversion is complete, you can check the converted files by clicking "Converted" to locate them on your computer.

Part 4. How to Transfer iTunes DRM-free Videos to Huawei Mate X

Above is the way to convert iTunes M4V videos to Huawei Mate X. When the whole procession is done, you will get the DRM-free iTunes videos. Next, you just need to transfer converted iTunes videos to Huawei mate X. You need to plug your Mate X to your computer with the USB cable, and then you can copy and paste iTunes videos to Mate X without any restriction. Then you can play the converted iTunes files on your Huawei Mate X. Under the help of DRmare M4V Converter, you also can play these DRM-free purchased and rented iTunes videos on other Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S9, Vivo X20, etc.

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