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How to Transfer iTunes Movies to Sony Xperia Phones & Tablets

Xperia is the brand name of a series of Sony smartphones and tablets which are previous known as Sony Ericsson. Generally, the Sony Xperia devices are with an appealing distinctive omni balance symmetric design which are different from the mainstream phones. Besides that, they are also have top-notch workmanship, water and dust resistant technology, great camera and screen, reliable performance.

Since 2008, there are couples of models of smarts phones and tablets came out with Windows mobile or Android system. The representative models are the Xperia tablet S, Z, Z2, Z3, Z4, budge smartphone Xperia E series, C series and High-end phones Xperia Z series, X series etc. The latest flagship model of Xperia phones are Xperia XZ, XZS, XZ Premium.

If you like the personalized design, it is suggested you to get one Sony Xperia for paragraphing, watching videos online. The only drawback is that it doesn't support iTunes M4v videos. Here I will continue to present a good solution to play iTunes M4V movies on Sony Xperia.

itunes to sony xperia

Part 1. Why You Can't Play iTunes M4V on Sony Xperia Devices

There are a lot of reasons why you can't play iTunes videos on Xperia. First of all, iTunes videos is in a proprietary M4V format, which are not supported by almost all the Sony Xperia mobile phones and tablets. You may think that you can solve this format compatible is by installing a new player since there are many free players online which supports M4V format of videos. Usually it does will work for common M4V files. However, it is not the case for the iTunes M4V files because they are loaded with the notorious iTunes FairPlay DRM protection. Under this mechanism, you have to authorize the digital video contents on Apple devices before you can enjoy them. That makes it nearly impossible for non-apple devices to play iTunes videos as you can't bypass the authorization directly.

But please don't worry. Good news is that there are many DRM programs have been developed to solve this annoyance today such as DRmare iTunes to Sony Xperia Converter for Mac/Windows. It integrates almost all the features of other converters like converting videos, removing DRM, customizing video parameters, subtitles, audio tracks and so on. With this tool, it is a cinch to remove the FairPlay DRM and convert the iTunes M4V videos to Sony Xperia compatible videos.

DRmare iTunes to Sony Xperia Converter

itunes m4v to kindle fire converter
  • Remove DRM restrictions from all kinds of iTunes purchased and rental videos
  • Convert M4V to multiple different formats of videos compatible with Sony Xperia
  • Keep high quality to convert iTunes videos at an unbelievable fast speed
  • Most intuitive software interface, enabling you to convert videos easily like a pro

Part 2. Steps to Convert iTunes Videos to Sony Xperia with Ease

You can download the trial version and do it by yourself directly if you are an experienced user. Else you can follow me to do that step by step. You will find out how simple the process is to convert iTunes movies and TV shows.

Step 1Add iTunes M4V videos
add itunes m4v videos
Before you add the iTunes videos files, you'd better make sure that they have been downloaded completely and played well on the computer. I'd suggest you try to play them on the iTunes first. If they are played well, then you can import them to the software main screen by dragging and dropping.
Step 2Customize output video format
select mp4 for sony xperia
Different Sony Xperia mobile devices may supports different formats of videos. Take the new luxury Xperia XZ series for example, it natively supports 3GPP, AVI, MP4 etc. For other Xperia phones and tablets, they should be compatible with MP4 too. You can select a right format according to the video support list of your Xperia device. Here I will choose MP4(Lossless) and click 'OK'.
Step 3Convert iTunes M4V to Sony Xperia
encode m4v to xperia
After that, you can click the 'Conversion' button slightly to start the converting process. You will see the iTunes flashes one second and plays the videos on the background. Please don't close iTunes else it will interrupt the converting process. Once the process is done, there won't be any DRM protection on the output videos and you will find that the video extension has been changed to the one you customized before.

Part 3. Transfer iTunes Videos to Sony Xperia

Congratulations! Now you can start to transfer and enjoy iTunes videos on your Xperia device like Xperia Z series, X series, XZ series etc. The official way to transfer photos, music, videos from computer to Xperia is by using the official tool called Media Go. You may download it online and then follow the screen wizard to use it directly. Or you can try the most intuitive way to transfer the videos from USB or Micro SD. Most Xperia mobile devices support to extend the memory by an Micro SD card up to 128GB. For instance, I will take micro SD card to show to does it work. You just need to connect an Micro SD card to your computer via a card reader first. Then copy the converted iTunes videos to the micro SD card. At last, you can input the SD card to your Xperia device. That is it. You will be able to open the video player on your Xperia and play the converted videos flawlessly.

Video Guide on How to Copy iTunes M4V to Sony Xperia

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