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How to Convert iTunes DRM Movies to ZTE Axon M

More and more phone users want to get dual-screen folding handset on hand. Although many phone manufacturers try their best to develop and research mythical dual-screen foldable technology making it a reality, all of them ended in failure.

Fortunately, ZTE joined the challenge and introduced ZTE Axon M into the market, the revolutionary folding dual-screen smartphone. It features two 5.2-inch displays separating by a 180-degree hinge, which can make one stunning 6.75-inch big touch-screen. Think of the Axon M as a tablet, it allows you to watch favorite movies and TV shows on a larger display. Also, it is capable of viewing different digital content from two separate sides.

It's really a wonderful and awesome thing watching iTunes movies on one side and playing iTunes TV shows on the other side of ZTE Axon M. So in this article I will tell you how to make iTunes movies and TV shows available for Axon M.

itunes videos on zte axon m

Part 1. Can iTunes DRM Videos Play on ZTE Axon M?

If you think I will just tell you the step-by-step guide on converting iTunes movies and TV episodes to ZTE dual-screen smartphone, you will make the big misunderstand. Before we start to add iTunes videos to Axon M for playback, all of us should know that digital files purchased and rented from iTunes store, such as TV shows, movies, music videos, audiobooks, and more are encrypted by FairPlay DRM technology. Due to the DRM protection, iTunes videos are limited to play on anywhere but Apple ecosystem. Obviously, ZTE Axon M is powered by Android operating system and is not included in compatible devices playing iTunes DRM videos directly.

As a result, let's talk about the solutions on converting iTunes DRM movies to common unprotected videos supported by Axon M. As a matter of fact, there are lots of paid and free iTunes DRM removal tools in the market. As for the free iTunes DRM cracker, there is no doubt that Requiem 4.1 is the best choice, since it can remove DRM protection from almost all iTunes digital files, like movies, music, audiobooks, etc. But it works well with iTunes version 10.7 or lower versions. It's not an ideal solution to get rid of DRM bondage by downgrading the operating systems and iTunes version. Here, you can meet the best alternative to Requiem 4.1, called DRmare M4V Converter. By adopting innovative DRM decryption technology, DRmare iTunes DRM removal software is compatible with latest iTunes 12.7 version and it is specially designed to strip DRM from iTunes DRM M4V videos, like movies, iTunes Extras, music videos, and so on. Apart from breaking the DRM lock, DRmare software can convert iTunes DRM M4V to other common formats, like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, MPEG, WMV and more so that iTunes movies and TV shows can be playable on any other non-Apple devices and media players, also including ZTE Axon M.

DRmare iTunes to ZTE Axon Converter

itunes m4v to kindle fire converter
  • Convert iTunes M4V videos to any other portable devices
  • Remove FairPlay DRM protection from iTunes rentals and purchases
  • Convert iTunes M4V to ZTE Axon M compatible format at 30X faster speed
  • Compatible with all kinds of Windows and Mac operating systems

Part 2. Quick Tutorial on Converting iTunes M4V Movies to Axon M

DRmare M4V Converter can work well with DRM protected iTunes purchases and rentals. Please make sure all iTunes contents you would like to convert are protected by DRM technology well. Now, you can download and install DRmare iTunes DRM M4V converter on your computer and follow the guide to convert iTunes DRM movies to DRM-free iTunes files and enjoy them on Axon M.

Step 1Add iTunes protected DRM videos to DRmare
import m4v videos
Generally speaking, you can drag iTunes movies from your iTunes library and drop them to main interface of DRmare software. But if there are various iTunes videos you'd like to import, you can click the "Add Files" button at the bottom left of main interface. And then iTunes library will show up automatically and you can choose favorite iTunes movies from iTunes library directly.
Step 2Define output settings for ZTE Axon M
select mp4 for android
Since Axon M is not compatible with iTunes M4V container format, you need to change the output format by clicking the "Format" tab next to the "+" button. There are various audio and video output formats for your choice and you can select one of them as the output format for Axon M. As for me, I highly recommend MP4 as the output format with the high compatibility. In addition, you are able to customize the converted video parameters, like bit rate, frame rate, video size, etc.
Step 3Remove DRM and convert iTunes M4V for Axon M
convert m4v to zte axon m
Once all things are OK, please press the conversion button to launch the conversion process. DRmare DRM converter can start to remove DRM from uploaded iTunes videos and convert them to Axon M compatible format. You need to wait for the end of converting process, and iTunes non-DRM files can be found on destination folder. And then you just need to connect computer and Axon M via USB cable and do copy&paste action to convert iTunes unprotected videos to ZTE Axon M directly for playback. Now, you can enjoy iTunes movies and TV shows on dual-screen Axon M without any limitation.

Part 3. More about Dual-screen Foldable Axon M

With running Android 7.1.2 Nougat, Axon M is built-in four modes for your choice, respectively Dual Mode (two apps side by side), Extended Mode (full screen), Mirror Mode (same contents on two sides), and the regular single-screen mode. Simply flip open the device and press the M button stationed in the navigation bar, and you can select the wanted mode according to your needs. Now, let's have a detailed introduction of the first three modes.

Dual Mode: Without a doubt, this mode is the most useful implementation. You can access to different apps on each screen, just like using two phones at the same time. For example, you can watch YouTube videos on the one display and send the messages on the other display rather than giving up watching YouTube videos.

Extended Mode: It seems that you are using the common smartphone but with larger 6.5-inch display. With a resolution of 2160*1920, it's great for you to watch iTunes movies and TV shows on Axon M Extended Mode. But the hinge is simply too much of a nuisance, which could influence the visual effect.

Mirror Mode: When you choose this mode, you can see the same content on the both displays. The biggest advantage of this mode is that it can be helpful for letting others who in a room to see the same content you are viewing.

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