[Software Review] Top 4 iTunes DRM Removal Solutions for Mac & Windows

itunes drm removal

If you often buy movies or TV shows from iTunes, you'll find it's really annoying that you can't play the downloaded iTunes movies on Android or other non-Apple devices due to the DRM copy protection.

On one hand, we have to admit that digital rights management is great as an anti-piracy technology to protect the copyright of the media providers. On the other hand, it somehow punishes consumers by restricting their freedom to use those digital content they legally purchased. In this case, it's reasonable for iTunes users to find out a solution to break the DRM lock from iTunes movies so as to get back the ownership of the iTunes media.

However, as there are so many iTunes DRM removal tools with similar functions, it's difficult and time consuming for you to pick up the right tool.

To make it easier, we've collected some top-rated iTunes DRM removal software in the market by covering their main features, conversion speed, performance, price, etc. so that you can tell which tool is best for you to remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows. All software reviewed here have been tested practically. Now let's find out the top 4 best iTunes DRM removers for Mac and PC.

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01. DRmare M4V Converter (Mac & Windows) - $44.95 with Free Trial

drmare itunes video converter

DRmare M4V Converter for Mac/Windows is a complete iTunes DRM cracking tool and DRM M4V video converter well designed to remove iTunes FairPlay DRM and convert the protected iTunes movies and TV shows from M4V format to DRM-free MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV, etc. for playback on popular devices and players, such as Samsung Galaxy S8, VLC, Xbox, PS4, Plex Server, etc. The reason why we put it as the top 1 iTunes DRM video converter is that it's able to preserve the lossless quality of the original iTunes movies while processing at 30X faster, the fastest conversion speed by far. It can keep all audio tracks and subtitles, such as AC3 5.1 audio, AAC, CC, and so on. In addition, DRmare allows you set the parameters for the output videos, including bit rate, video size, codec, etc. to make your videos more personalized.


* Support removing DRM from both rented and purchased iTunes movies
* Keep original quality without re-encoding
* Support a large number of output formats, profiles and devices
* Fully compatible with the latest iTunes version


* Some profiles are outdated

02. Requiem (Mac, Windows, Linux) - Free

requiem free drm removal

If what you are looking for is a free iTunes media converter, then Requiem could be the best choice. As the best known free iTunes DRM removal software, Requiem is specialized in removing FairPlay DRM from iTunes videos as well as music and eBooks. Unlike DRmare M4V Converter that preserves lossless quality for AC3 5.1 audio and video only, Requiem is doing complete lossless for all iTunes audio tracks and videos. For more details about the differences between Requiem and DRmare, you can read this review: iTunes DRM Removal Solutions Battle.

However, Requiem stopped upgrading permanently since the release of iTunes 11 in 2012. That's to say, if you want to use Requiem to strip DRM from your iTunes movies successfully, you'll need to install iTunes version 10.7 or lower.


* One-stop solution to remove DRM from iTunes videos, songs, audiobooks and iBooks
* Perform true lossless conversion without re-encoding
* Completely free


* Out of development for years
* Can't convert iTunes movie rentals

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03. Aimersoft DRM Media Converter (Windows) - $35.95 with Free Trial

aimersoft drm media converter

Differs from the DRmare and Requiem that uses lossless DRM decryption technology, Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is using the video recording technique to strip off the DRM protection from iTunes movies. In addition to iTunes media, this smart DRM removal tool also works for other DRM-protected audio and video content, such as WMV, WMA, M4P, M4V, M4A, M4B, ASF, etc. downloaded from Windows Media Center, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Instant Video, Audible, Napster and others. Besides, it's also a common video converter that supports converting DRM-free video and audio formats.


* All-in-one DRM video and audio converter
* Support multiple protected media content from different sources


* Doesn't support iTunes movie rentals
* Poor output quality due to the recording technique
* Support Windows OS only

04. Audials Tunebite Premium 2017 (Windows) - $39.90 with Free Trial

audials tunebite

Similar to Aimersoft, Audials Tunebite is also a smart video and audio recorder software for recording music and video streams and converting the streaming media to other formats. It's well designed to legally remove the DRM protection from iTunes videos, music, audiobooks, etc. It supports recording and converting the iTunes videos to more than 100 audio and video formats so that you can enjoy your iTunes media content on all popular smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles, etc.


* All-in-one DRM video and audio converter


* Doesn't support iTunes movie rentals
* Reduced output quality because of the recording technology
* Support Windows OS only

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