Useful Tips to Choose the Best iTunes DRM Removal Solution

Q: "I received an iTunes gift card from my best friend and used it to purchase numerous movies and TV shows from iTunes legally, but when I share some charming fragments of these movies to Facebook, it shows up a prompt message 'Your video could not be processed. Visit the Video Help page to learn about common problems.' I understand that a kind of DRM technology exists in iTunes videos and there are numerous iTunes DRM removal tools in the market, but I have no idea about how to distinguish and choose the best iTunes DRM removal tool. Can anyone help?"

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Admit it or not, iTunes digital media files are encoded with FairPlay DRM technology, created by Apple Inc., therefore you are prevented from unloading them to social networking sites or adding them to other non-Apple devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S8, for playback. Maybe you have heard a large number of iTunes DRM removal solutions that claim to be equipped with powerful functions and easy-to-use interface from search engine or recommendations from forums.

For most people, lacking professional IT skills, it's really difficult to pick out the most reliable iTunes M4V DRM cracker from so many similar tools. Don't worry. In this article, we will show you the key factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing the best iTunes DRM remover, including conversion type of iTunes files, output formats, output quality & speed, and update & support.

1. Conversion Type of iTunes File

As is well known that there are two types of iTunes digital movies and TV shows, namely purchases and rentals, the purchased iTunes movies and TV episodes can store in your iTunes library permanently, but it is worth mentioning that the digital media files rented from iTunes have some restrictions. The rentals you purchased legally from iTunes store couldn't be kept longer than 30 days in iTunes library, more worse, it shuts the door on watching the iTunes movies more than 24 hours (in the US) or 48 hours (in other countries) once you start playing. Therefore, before you decide to choose an iTunes DRM converter, you should be clear about which type your iTunes files are. As for now, most iTunes DRM removal tools are specialized in removing DRM protection from iTunes purchases, but not for iTunes rentals. With the intention of discovering a powerful converter to remove DRM restriction from iTunes purchases as well as rentals, you can count on DRmare iTunes DRM Video Converter, an all-in-one iTunes DRM solution to convert any iTunes movie and TV show losslessly to common formats and popular devices on both Mac and Windows.

2. Output Formats

With built-in FairPlay DRM limitation, iTunes videos are encoded with M4V container format, which can't be recognized by many portable devices. Therefore, iTunes M4V digital files are only playable on Apple-approved devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, etc. When you want to remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows for enjoying DRM-free iTunes movies on particular devices and making a full use of iTunes movies, please keep the output formats in mind. It's necessary to download and install the trial version of an iTunes DRM removal solution to check the output list, before you set out to purchase it.

3. Output Quality & Conversion Speed

No matter what we buy, the product performance is the most important factor we should take into consideration. Apart from the conversion of iTunes files and output formats, output quality and conversion speed are also crucial parts to make up a perfect DRM M4V converter. Provided that you are delight to use your purchased iTunes converter to get rid of DRM protection, but the converted DRM-free video files are imported with the poor quality. Or you need to wait for a long conversion process to get these non-DRM videos. What a disappointment! So please have a test of the trial version or just simply refer to this article: How to Remove DRM from iTunes M4V Videos Losslessly and Quickly.

4. Support & Update

Software is one of the fastest products to be outdated. As an application to remove DRM protection from iTunes movies, it must be keeping pace with iTunes updates. Besides, it needs to offer frequent upgrade to fix complex bugs and add more powerful and special features. What's more, if you are the one who have no knowledge about IT skills, a great and professional after-sale offering you with timely help is the icing on the cake, when you meet some problems using the iTunes DRM removal solution.

In Conclusion

When you take these key factors in your heart, it would be easy to choose the best iTunes DRM removal solution from thousands of iTunes converts. However, no matter which one you decide to choose finally, it would always be a wise behavior to download and install the trial version to test whether it meets your needs in advance.

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