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How to Get Spotify 6 Months Free Trial in 2023

Spotify offers free and premium services to users to enjoy music. And the premium plan costs $9.99 per month, which may be not affordable for most people. In this case, users want to know if there is a way to access Spotify premium for free. Luckily, Spotify sometimes cooperate with third-party companies/platforms to provide free trial of Spotify premium plan to users.

In this post, we collected some ways that can get Spotify free trial 6 months offer. You can take a look at them and follow the tutorial below to learn how to make it. Also, you will get a tip to play Spotify music forever without premium. Just check them out here.

spotify premium free trial 6 months

Part 1. How to Get Spotify Free Trial 6 Months via Starbucks

Spotify and Starbucks had partnered to offer a 6-months free trial of Spotify premium to Starbucks' employees. During their employment, they can enjoy Spotify songs with ads just like the Spotify premium users. It is noted that if you had already have a premium account, then you need to cancel your Spotify premium plan first. And then you can acquire a new Spotify Starbucks plan. Here you can follow the steps below to see how to get Spotify 6 month free trial as a Starbucks employee.

Note: This offer is always valid.

get spotify free trial 6 months via starbucks

Step 1. Go to the Spotify platform to sign in or sign up for an account.

Step 2. Head to Spotify & Starbucks Partners webpage. Then click on 'Get Premium' to link your Spotify account with Spotify's Partner Provisioning Portal

Step 3. Then type your last name and Starbucks global username to verify that you are a partner of Starbucks.

Step 4. When verified, you can get Spotify premium six month free trial and start listening to music.

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Part 2. How to Get Spotify Premium Free Trial 6 Months via OnePlus

OnePlus had teamed up with Spotify to offer a Spotify premium 6-months free trial to its Red Cable Club members. But they need to link their OnePlus mobile phones to Red Cable Club to get this offer. And it is noted that this offer is only available for those who haven't subscribed to Spotify premium. Now, let's check how to get and redeem Spotify free 6 month trial.

Note: This offer will be valid till December 20, 2023.

get spotify 6 months free trial via oneplus

Step 1. Head to the Red Cable Club homepage in the device Settings once you connected your OnePlus device to Red Cable Club. Tips: You can link your device to Red Cable Club in the Setup Wizard or via your device Settings.

Step 2. Click on the banner 'Claim now and listen to music ad-free'.

Step 3. Press on the 'Claim Now' button on the page and then you will get a promo code.

Step 4. Now, tap the 'Activate Free Trial' button to enter the Spotify website.

Step 5. Enter your account info to get Spotify premium free trial 6 months offer.

Part 3. Other Invalid Ways to Get Spotify Free Trial 6 Months

Spotify had partnered with lots of platforms to offer 6-month free trial to users. When you search for it on the internet, you will find kinds of offers. Yet, some of these offers had expired and don't work anymore. So, here in this part, we had got some invalid Spotify 6 months free trial offers and you can avoid them.

1. Walmart+ Offer

Since Mar 8, 2022, Spotify partnered with Walmart Plus to provide a 6-month free trial of Spotify Premium offer. It is for new and existing Walmart+ members who is a new user of Spotify premium. When you sign up for a Walmart+ member account, you will get lots of Walmart benefits as well as the Spotify premium free trial 6 month. And you can only redeem this offer via the Spotify and Walmart landing pages. Yet, this offer was just invalid in 2023.

Expire Date: March 6, 2023

2. Xbox Game Pass Offer

New Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers and new Spotify premium users were ever offered a Spotify 6 month free trial. Once you subscribe to Xbox, you will get a Spotify free trial 6 month code. And you need to redeem it as soon as possible.

Expire Date: October 1, 2020

3. AT&T Offer

New and existing AT&T users like AT&T Connected Car or AT&T THANKS Gold & Platinum can get a Spotify free 6 month trial.

Expire Date: August 5, 2021

4. Currys PC World Offer

Customers who buy a Currys product will get the chance to get a Spotify 6-month free trial for premium.

Expire Date: November 4, 2021

5. Chase Credit Card Offer

If you have a Chase credit card, then you are able to get a Spotify free 6 months trial to enjoy its premium service.

Expire Date: September 30, 2020

6. Flipkart Offer

If you buy a selected audio product on Flipkart, you will receive a Spotify 6 months free trial code for Spotify premium.

Expire Date: May 15, 2021

Part 4. Tips to Listen to Spotify Music Forever without Premium

From above, you got two ways to get Spotify free trial 6 months. Also, you get tips to avoid expired offer code for Spotify premium 6 months free trial. And here we will show you one more tip. That's to get Spotify premium for free forever and listen to Spotify music offline without any limits.

What you need is a powerful Spotify music converter. DRmare Music Converter is here to help you. With this tool, you can download and convert music from the Spotify platform without a Spotify premium account. And then you can access Spotify premium service like listening to music offline without ads and so on.

This tool is able to convert Spotify songs/playlists/audiobooks/albums to plain audio formats like MP3, FLAC and so on. Also, it can keep the original quality of the Spotify audio content while working at a quick speed. Besides, it will save the complete metadata of Spotify audio files like album art and so on. Also, it allows you to modify the channel, bit rate and more to output better quality of Spotify music files. After using this tool, you can keep Spotify songs on your computer as local files. And then you can play them offline anytime and anywhere. In this case, you can access Spotify premium for a long time.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter

drmare spotify music converter
  • Download any audio content from Spotify without premium
  • Support to batch convert Spotify audio files at fast
  • Output Spotify music to MP3, WAV and more audio formats
  • Allow to get Spotify premium for a long time and listen to music offline

Now, check the steps here to see how to download and convert Spotify audio tracks to plain audio formats for keeping and listening offline forever.

Step 1Import audio files from Spotify to DRmare program
add spotify tracks to drmare
Install and start DRmare Music Converter for Windows or Mac on your computer. Then enter the pop-up Spotify app to drag audio to the DRmare tool. Or, you can copy the shared link to song/playlist. And then put it into the search bar in the top of the DRmare Music Converter's screen. And then tap on the 'plus' icon to import files.
Step 2Alter output audio parameters for Spotify audio files
set audio format for spotify music
For the Windows users, you can go to the menu icon at the DRmare tool and choose 'Preferences' to open the settings window. Then click 'Convert' in the new window. For the Mac users, please open the Mac's system menu from the top-left corner of the screen. Next, click 'DRmare Spotify Music Converter' to open 'Preferences' and then tap 'Convert'. Now, you can start to edit the output settings by changing the audio format, bit rate and so on. Once done, locate the 'OK' button and hit on it to apply.
Step 3Download and convert Spotify tracks for use offline
save spotify music for listening offline forever without premium
Now, touch the big 'Convert' button to download and convert Spotify audio files at once. Later, you can find the converted Spotify music tracks via the 'history' section in the DRmare Music Converter. You can also head to locate Spotify local files on your computer by clicking on the 'search' icon on the track. At last, you can enjoy Spotify audio offline without premium forever on any device.

Part 5. In Conclusion

In this post, you get tips how to receive Spotify premium free trial 6 months by Starbucks and OnePlus. Besides, you can avoid some invalid offers in Part 2. By the way, you get the best way to enjoy Spotify premium for 6 months and even longer. To do that, you just need to use DRmare Spotify Music Converter to convert and save Spotify music as local files on your computer. Then you can put and listen to Spotify audio files forever even without subscribing to a Spotify premium plan. In this case, you don't need to worry about that your Spotify free trial 6 months or other offers will expire one day.

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