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  • Download Spotify song, etc. without a Spotify Premium account
  • Convert Spotify to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A and M4B
  • Play Spotify music anywhere and anytime offline for free
  • Keep Spotify Premium for free forever as you like

How to Get Spotify Premium Free Lifetime on Android/iPhone/PC/Mac[2024]

Spotify, the popular streaming service, offers an expansive library of over 100 million tracks, including 5 million podcasts and 200,000 audiobooks. Despite the vast selection, free users must navigate through audio and visual ads, lack offline listening capabilities, endure a limited number of skips, and settle for lower-quality streaming.

For those looking to bypass these constraints, the option to upgrade to Spotify Premium at $10.99 per month exists. Yet, the subscription fee is a barrier for many. Many free users have asked how to get Spotify Premium free for a lifetime or several months. Fortunately, there are many practical ways to obtain free Spotify Premium access, either temporarily through official channels or indefinitely using third-party solutions. Dive in and find feasible methods to enjoy Spotify Premium for free.

spotify premium free

Part 1. Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium: Is It Worth Upgrading?

Is Spotify Free Completely Free?

Yes, it's completely free. You can sign up, download the app, and start streaming music without any charges. However, you'll encounter ads, limited skips, lower sound quality, and the restriction of only shuffling songs on your phone. To access all features, a Spotify Premium subscription is required, which costs $10.99 per month.

Should I Use Spotify Premium or Stay Free?

The decision whether you should upgrade to Spotify Premium or stick with the free version depends on your personal preferences, usage patterns, and budget constraints. Here are some factors to consider:

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Spotify Premium Benefits Reasons to Stick with Spotify Free

✔ Enjoy an ad-free experience, which means no interruptions between songs.

Download your favorite Spotify tracks and playlists on computer and mobile devices.

Listen to Spotify offline on your devices, which is convenient when you don't have an internet connection.

✔ Stream music at higher audio quality, providing a better listening experience.

✔️ Skip as many tracks as you want.

✔️ Play any song on-demand. You can turn off Shuffle Play on Spotify as you like on all devices.

✔️ Skip as many tracks as you want.

✔ Spotify Free doesn't cost anything. If you're on a tight budget, you can keep using it to listen to songs.

✔ If you use Spotify rarely and don't care about premium features like offline listening and higher audio quality, it's better to use Spotify Free.

✔ If you don't mind occasional ads and are okay with the limitations, the free version might be sufficient for your needs.

If Spotify Premium's ad-free listening and high-quality streaming match your vibe, and it fits your budget, upgrading might just be your best next move. And if you're in for a treat, discovering a method to snag Spotify Premium for free forever could be the cherry on top.

spotify premium features

How Can I Get Spotify Premium for Free?

When you choose to upgrade, Spotify Premium rolls out the red carpet with four options for you: Premium Individual, Premium Duo, Premium Family, and Premium Student. Fortunately, each of them offers a free trial for users to get a free Spotify Premium account for 1 month.


The number of months of Spotify Free Trial will change based on Spotify promotions. Generally speaking, it is one month to 6 months. Keep tabs on Spotify's announcements for the latest offers.

Spotify frequently teams up with reputable third-party partners to offer Spotify Premium for free as part of promotional campaigns. By exploring these collaborations, you can gain access to Spotify Premium at no cost. Additionally, specialized software solutions, such as the DRmare Spotify Music Converter, exist that can help you get Spotify Premium for a lifetime.

Part 2. How to Get Spotify Premium for Free Lifetime🔥

The Spotify free trial only lets you enjoy free Spotify Premium for a limited time. So, before showing you these methods, we want to tell you how to get Spotify Premium for free forever.

Get Spotify Premium on Android

1. Use Spotify Premium APK

You can download the Spotify Premium APK free file on Android to get free Spotify Premium lifetime. Yet, there is no way to download this modified Spotify app on Android from Google Play Store. Just follow the steps below.

Here’s how to Get Spotify Premium Free Forever via Spotify Premium APK

Step 1. Open a web browser to download the Spotify free Premium lifetime APK file on Android.

Step 2. Navigate to the 'Settings' option on your Android. Please allow to install a modified or hacked APK file under the 'Unknown sources' section.

Step 3.Unzip it and open the file to install it.

Step 4.After installation, please open the Spotify app and sign in with your account to get Spotify Premium for lifetime free. You can enjoy almost all the Spotify premium features.

get spotify premium free forever

2. Get xManager for Spotify Premium


Before proceeding with any unofficial Spotify Premium app, it's crucial to remove the official Spotify app from your device to avoid conflicts.

Step 1.Start by looking up a trustworthy Spotify Premium Mod APK online, like xManager. Ensure you select a reputable download source to minimize risks.

Step 2.Once you've found a reliable source, download the app's installation package to your device.

Step 3.Follow through with the installation process. After successfully installing the app, launch it, sign in with your Spotify credentials, and you're all set to experience the perks of Spotify Premium.

3. Use Spotify Mod APK on Android by TutuApp

Step 1.Start by accessing the 'Settings' on your Android device and navigating to 'Lock Screen and Security'. Here, enable the option for 'Unknown Sources' to allow installations from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Step 2.Proceed to download and install the TutuApp from a trusted source. Once installed, launch TutuApp and enter 'Spotify' in the search bar.

Step 3.Select the 'Spotify Music Mod' from the search results and install it on your device. For an added layer of privacy, consider activating a VPN before launching the Spotify Mod to fully enjoy the Spotify Premium experience at no cost.

spotify premium free android by tutuapp

Get Spotify Premium on iPhone/iOS

Another route to unlock all Spotify Premium features is by using Spotify++, a modified app for iOS users. This version has been tweaked to unlock premium features without the official subscription.

Step 1. Launch the Safari web browser to navigate to TweakBox's official website. The TweakBox app will show up. Please click the 'Install Now' button to install it on your iPhone.

Step 2. Open the TweakBox app from the home screen. Please select the Apps tab and scroll down to the Tweaked apps option.

Step 3. Type the Spotify++ on the search box of the TweakBox app and find it. Next, tap the 'Install' button to download the Spotify modified version.

Step 4. When the installation finishes, please launch it. It will pop up a warning message. Please choose the 'Cancel' it. It's better to go to the 'Settings' > 'General' > 'Profiles' to trust the developers.

Step 5. Congratulations! You can open the Spotify app. Then log in to your free Spotify account details to enjoy Spotify Premium lifetime free.

get spotify premium for free forever


It's worth mentioning that a modified Spotify version is not legal to some extent. Based on this, it's recommended to use DRmare Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify playlists on PC and Mac. You can then transfer Spotify music downloads to your mobile devices from computers. It's a better way to get lifetime Spotify Premium for free on all devices.

Get Spotify Premium Free Forever on Mac/PC

DRmare Spotify Music Converter is a dedicated Spotify solution that helps you enjoy Spotify Premium features for free indefinitely. It allows you to download Spotify songs, playlists, albums, podcasts, and more without Premium. All tracks are downloaded at a high bitrate of 320kbps. Additionally, it can convert Spotify music to MP3, M4A, AAC, M4B, FLAC, WAV, etc. without protection. ID3 tags and metadata are 100% preserved. After conversion, all annoying ads will also be removed. You can then listen to ad-free Spotify tracks offline on any device, without an internet connection.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free for Lifetime via DRmare

The following tutorial will show you how to download Spotify songs as local files with or without Premium by using DRmare Spotify Music Converter. . After that, you can control them in the same way that you do with Spotify Premium before and use Spotify abroad on any other countries.

If you haven't downloaded the DRmare software on your PC/Mac yet, you can click the "Download" button above to get its trial version. It is free to use.


DRmare Spotify Music Converter

vector Security verified. 6, 201,912 people have downloaded it.

  • Download any Spotify audio content including playlist, track, etc.
  • Convert Spotify files to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, etc. without Premium
  • Batch convert your Spotify songs at a 5x speed
  • Block Spotify ads, help you play Spotify music offline anywhere

Step 1. Open the DRmare software, which will simultaneously start the Spotify app on your computer. Proceed to log in with your Spotify account details, applicable for both free and Premium users. Next, you have the option to either drag and drop your desired Spotify tracks into the DRmare interface or simply copy and paste the song's link into DRmare Spotify Music Converter's search bar. By hitting the '+' icon, the software will automatically load your selected Spotify songs for conversion.

import spotify music to drmare music converter

Step 2. To download Spotify songs without Premium and play anywhere, the MP3 format is recommended. It not only keeps the high quality but also has the best compatibility. Besides, you can change the channel, sample rate, and bit rate. Finally, you can pick up the output folder and choose to archive the playlist by artist/album for easier management.

To adjust these settings on a Windows PC, you can go to the 'Menu' icon. Next, choose the 'Preferences' option and then click on the 'Convert' option. While for the Mac version, please go to find the DRmare Spotify Music Converter from the left side of your Mac system. Then head to 'Preferences' > 'Convert' and begin.

select spotify output format

Step 3. Once you hit the "Convert" button, the conversion kicks off and it would convert at a fast speed. Following the conversion, you'll have high-quality Spotify tracks stored on your computer permanently. You can enjoy these songs offline, ad-free, and with unlimited skips, just like Spotify Premium—except it's forever free. Honestly, this method is a game-changer for enjoying Spotify Premium benefits without the subscription.

get  spotify premium free lifetime

Part 3. Get Spotify Premium Free for Up to 6 Months

Spotify regularly rolls out various promotions to draw in new users, ranging from 30-day to 6-month free trials at no cost, or a special 3-month offer for just $0.99. These deals are subject to change, so it's a good idea to keep an eye on the Spotify Premium official webpage for the latest offers. Currently, Spotify is extending a 1-month free trial absolutely free, but it's worth mentioning that this is exclusively available to new subscribers. If you've previously subscribed to Spotify Premium, consider setting up a new account to take advantage of this deal.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free Officially [1 Month]

The safest route to enjoying Spotify Premium for free is through the options Spotify itself offers. Fortunately, there are several alternatives directly from Spotify that let you experience Premium at no cost. Below, we'll outline three such options.

1. Try Spotify Premium for free on Android/iOS

Step 1. Open your web browser and then go to the Spotify Premium page.

Step 2. Click the button "Try free for 1 month" and it will prompt you to input your payment info to complete the subscription. You can pay with either a credit card or PayPal.

Step 3. After that, you get 1 month of Spotify free Premium. After the free trial expires, you will be charged $10.99/month to continue the subscription. You can choose to cancel your Spotify Premium membership before the trial ends.

get free spotify premium account

2. Try Spotify Premium for free on Mac/PC

Spotify Premium for Family is one of the premium plans. It costs $16.99 per month and gives six members living under the same roof access to Spotify Premium features. In this case, you can join a family account to have a free Spotify Premium account. If your friend or relative subscribes to Spotify Premium for Family, you can ask her/him to invite you. Or you could find five people who live with you who use Spotify and ask them if they'd like to upgrade to a family account. This method can save everyone money.

have free spotify premium via family account

3. Using Gift Card

Spotify gift card also works well to extend your Spotify Premium free trial period. This is the legal and direct way. If you have one from your friends, or family, you can redeem it to make Spotify Premium account for free. Below we will show you how to get a Spotify Premium account for free by redeeming Spotify gift card.

Step 1 Go to Then log in with your Spotify account.

Step 2 Find the Pin by scratching behind the gift card.

Step 3 Type the Pin on the card or the code on the receipt.

Step 4 Press on Redeem. Then your account will become a Premium one now.

make spotify premium account for free via gift card

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free by Spotify Partners

Spotify regularly teams up with third-party partners for promotional activities. To catch the newest deals, keep an eye on Spotify's official announcements. Highlighted below are current promotions that are still valid, allowing you to enjoy Spotify Premium subscriptions without a credit card.

1. Secure Spotify Premium with Rakuten Viber [3 Months]

Rakuten Viber is a brand in private secure messaging and voice communications. It has a partnership with Spotify and offers a three-month free trial of Spotify Premium subscription. This offer is available to Rakuten Viber users in select countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Additionally, eligible users need to be 18 years or older and is only available to new Spotify subscribers. Please note that in different regions, the trial period may be different, or it may be 90% discounted.

get spotify premium for free by rakuten viber

Have Spotify Premium for Free via Rakuten Viber

Step 1 Go to the Spotify Rakunten Viber partnership page.

Step 2 Click 'Start free trial' and follow the instructions to redeem the free Spotify Premium trial for 3 months.


Only for Spotify new subscribers, valid until 24 July 2024.

2. Snag Spotify Premium with Starbucks [3 Months]

You can also get a Spotify Premium free account by being a Starbucks employee. Besides, Starbucks Partners can get it as well.

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get free spotify premium by working at starbucks

Download Spotify Premium for Free via Starbucks

Step 1 Sign in to your free Spotify account on the Spotify website.

Step 2 Head to and choose 'Get Premium'. Then hit 'Agree' to connect your Spotify account to it.

Step 3 Enter your last name and your Starbucks Global User Name on the verification page. Then your account will be activated later and you will get Spotify free Premium account.


Activating speech-to-text on your Android device can be a huge time-saver and increase productivity. By following the step-by-step guide outlined above, you can easily set up and start using speech-to-text on your device.

3. Unlock Spotify Premium with Microsoft [3 Months]

Microsoft and Spotify have joined forces multiple times to offer users exciting features and deals. With the discontinuation of Microsoft's Groove Music service, they recommended users make the switch to Spotify, illustrating their strong partnership. Their latest collaboration introduces a special offer that grants 3 months of Spotify Premium for free, further enhancing the user experience.

How to Access:


This promotion is available until February 20, 2025.

get spotify premium via Microsoft

4. Obtain Spotify Premium with Xbox [4 Months]

If you are signing up for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription, you can also get free Spotify Premium. It costs about $14.99/month for a subscription to get around 100+ games and get a 4-month Spotify Premium account for free. Again, this only works for those who haven't subscribed before.

get free spotify premium by xbox game pass ultimate subscription

Get Free Spotify Premium via Xbox

Step 1Go to the Xbox Game Pass on your PC, console or mobile phone.

Step 2Head to the Perks Gallery. Then select Spotify Premium as a perk.

Step 3Redeem the 4-month free trial for Spotify Premium.

Step 4Scan the QR code shown on your Xbox via your phone's camera.

Step 5The code of Spotify Premium will be then sent via the Xbox message center. As the crediting of the code may take some time, you need to wait for it.

5. Claim Spotify Premium with AT&T [6 Months]

Customers who use AT&T can get free Spotify Premium account without any cost. Besides Spotify, they can select HBO, Pandora and Showtime. Here let's find out how to do that with AT&T.

get spotify premium free via att

Get Spotify Premium for Free via AT&T

Step 1 Create an AT&T WatchTV account if you don't have one.

Step 2 Select Spotify Premium among all the options.

Step 3 Press on 'Confirm choice' > 'Visit Spotify'. Sign in to your Spotify account.

Step 4 Touch on the 'I agree' and the 'Start subscription now' button to get Spotify Premium free and enjoy Spotify music as you want.

Part 4. Pros and Cons of Spotify Free Premium Solutions

Now, we got a full tutorial on each method of getting Premium on Spotify for free. Here let's check their pros and cons below. It is designed to help you quickly pick out the most suitable solution.

Pros/Cons DRmare Spotify Converter Spotify's Modified Version Spotify Official Offers Spotify Partner Promotions


✔️ Downloads music without Premium

✔️ Enables listening on any device

✔️ Retains Spotify tracks indefinitely

✔️ Provides ad-free music experience

✔️ Wide availability of modified apps

✔️ Grants access to all Premium features

✔️ Completely safe and official

✔️ No risk of account suspension

✔️ Multiple partners offering free Premium access

✔️ Varied promotions available


❌ Requires purchase of a full license to remove all limitations

❌ May stop working unexpectedly

❌ Risks account suspension by Spotify

❌ Potential security risks with malware

❌ Temporary access; needs renewal

❌ Requires timely cancellation to prevent automatic subscription charges

❌ Only for new Spotify users

❌ Relies on third-party platforms

❌ Needs timely cancellation to avoid charges

❌ Short-term access

❌ Only for new Spotify users

Part 5. FAQs of Getting Spotify Premium for Free Forever

Q1. Can College Students Use Spotify for Free?

A1. You can sign up for an annual plan with a Spotify gift card, which is much cheaper than paying monthly for a premium subscription. You can purchase these gift cards from Amazon or Best Buy.

Alternatively, you can sign up for Spotify Premium somewhere with lower prices. For example, Spotify Premium in India starts at INR 7 ($0.08) per day. For this, you need to use a VPN to log in to Spotify from other regions. You can also use all the methods we mentioned above to get Spotify Premium frees.

Q2. How Many Times Can I Redeem Spotify Premium Free Trial?

A2. Generally speaking, eligible users can only redeem a Spotify trial offer once. Previous trial users or users who have previously subscribed to Spotify Premium are not allowed to redeem the offer again. But you can re-register a new Spotify account to enjoy the trial.

Q3. Is It Safe and Legal to Get Free Spotify Premium?

A3. If someone goes through some cracked app to get Spotify Premium free lifetime, it might not be safe for his/her device. Also, it is risky to download them from some unreliable websites. It is safe if you sign up for a free trial or use DRmare Spotify Music Converter. Just playing Spotify files for personal use, all methods are legal.

Part 6. Conclusion

Now that we've explored various methods to access Spotify Premium at no cost, let's recap your options. The DRmare Spotify Music Converter stands out as a reliable tool, enabling you to download and enjoy Spotify tracks freely, without the need for a Premium subscription. This approach ensures an uninterrupted, ad-free listening experience, with the added benefit of owning your downloaded songs for playback anytime, anywhere.

Alternatively, you might consider trying out the free trials offered by Spotify or through its partners. Just remember, these trials require you to be a new subscriber and once the trial period is over, you'll need to pay a monthly fee to keep the Premium perks. Another route is using modified versions of Spotify to unlock all the Premium features, but these often come with lots of ads, can be less functional, and might even risk getting your Spotify account banned.

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