DRmare Spotify Music Converter

Best music converter for Spotify to download and convert Spotify music

  • Download Spotify song, etc. without a Spotify Premium account
  • Convert Spotify to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A and M4B
  • Play Spotify music anywhere and anytime offline
  • Run at a faster speed without touching the audio quality

Spotify Downloader Chrome Extension for Music and Video

A Spotify downloader Chrome extension is a browser extension that endows music enthusiasts with the ability to download music or videos from the Spotify Web Player directly to their computer. These extensions are typically used to obtain Spotify music for offline listening or to create personal music collections.

Spotify offers over 100 million tracks for all users to stream online via its desktop app, mobile app, or Web Player. Premium users can download Spotify music for listening offline within the Spotify app. Yet, it doesn't provide a Download option in its Web Player. Fortunately, a Spotify to MP3 converter Chrome can make up for this shortcoming. In today's post, here are some Spotify downloader Chrome extensions and the best alternatives to download from Spotify online.

spotify downloader chrome extension

Part 1. 3 Best Spotify Downloader Chrome Extension for Music

In this part, we will list the top 3 best Spotify music downloader Chrome extensions for you to download Spotify music tracks on Chrome. Please go to check them out in detail.

No.1 DZR Music Downloader Chrome Extension

DZR Music Downloader is a free Chrome extension for many streaming music services, including Spotify. So it can serve as a Spotify MP3 downloader Chrome extension. As a small software program, it does not take up much space on your computer.

With the help of this tool, it will show a 'Download' option in your Spotify Web Player. You can use this Chrome extension to download Spotify songs to MP3 audio format with ease. In fact, it is well-designed for users to download not only Spotify music, but also SoundCloud music, Deezer music, and more. It's worth metioning that this program isn't in the Google Web Store, you need to install it from other third-party sources. Now, let's check how to use this free music downloader Chrome extension.

dzr music downloader spotify downloader chrome

Step 1. Find the DZR Music Downloader on your Chrome web browser. Once found, click on it and head to touch the 'Add to Chrome' button install it.

Step 2. Once installed, hit on its icon at the top-right menu bar on Chrome browser. After that, it will start the Spotify Web Player.

Step 3. Go to log in to your Spotify account and find music you want to download. Then click on the 'Download' button to download Spotify music playlists via this Spotify downloader Chrome plugin.

Pros Cons

✔ Totally free

✔ Download music in high audio quality

✔ Save ID3 tags

✔ Supports most music streaming services

❌ Not all Spotify songs can be downloaded

❌ Only support MP3 output audio format

No.2 Spotiload Music Downloader Chrome Extension

Spotiload Music Downloader is also known as Spotify VK Downloader and Music Downloader - VKsaver. It is also a Chrome extension Spotify downloader. Different from the first toolkit, it is bundled with the VK website. It only allows users to download audio tracks from Spotify Web Player. Before using this extension, you should be a member.

It can also block ads from Spotify to help users get a better listening experience online. But please note that this Spotify to MP3 converter Chrome extension is not available in some countries. You need to check whether it works in your country or not. Now, let's learn how to use Spotiload Spotify downloader extension Chrome in detail.

spotiload spotify music downloader chrome extension

Step 1. Go to the Google Web Store to find and add Spotify VK downloader extension on your Chrome browser.

Step 2. Head to and log in to your account. Then search for any Spotify song you like to download in the Web Player and copy its link address. Next, put the link in Spotiload to search for the song from

Step 3. When found, hit on the 'Download' tab and this Chrome plugin will start to download Spotify music for you.

Step 4. Once downloaded, touch the 'Add Track' option add the files to your downloaded music list.

Step 5. At last, you can find the downloaded Spotify music files on your computer and keep them for listening offline.

Pros Cons

✔ Completely free

✔ No need to install additional software

❌ Need to have a VK account

❌ Output MP3 audio format only

❌ Can't save ID3 tags

No.3 Spotify Deezer Music Downloader Chrome Extension

Spotify Deezer Music Downloader is another Spotify song downloader extension we'd like to introduce to you. With this extension, you can download music from Spotify and Deezer as well as SoundCloud without spending any cent. And this tool can save audio files as MP3 audio format in 320kbps high quality.

Yet, it was removed from the Chrome Web Store in 2021. So, now you can't download and install it in the Chrome Web Store. Luckily, you can install it from ChromeStats. Here let's find out how to use this Spotify playlist downloader extension for Chrome to download Spotify tracks online.

spotify deezer music downloader chrome extension

Step 1. Go to ChromeStats to download, install and add Spotify & Deezer Music Downloader to your Chrome browser.

Step 2. Once added, open it on your browser and it will show you the Spotify Web Player page. And then sign in to your Spotify account.

Step 3. Find any track you want to download. Then click on the 'Download' button to begin to download Spotify songs to MP3 online.

After that, you will get downloaded Spotify audio files on your computer for playing offline.

Pros Cons

✔ Free of charge

✔ Support to download playlists and single tracks from Spotify

❌ Conversion quality and speed is not stable enough

❌ MP3 audio format is the only output format

❌ Can't be installed in the Google Chrome Web Store anymore

Part 2. Best Spotify Video Downloader for Chrome Browser

On Spotify, you can not only listen to tracks but also watch music videos and video podcasts. If you are eager to download videos from Spotify. a powerful Spotify video downloader free could be a nice choice.

YouTube4KDownloader is an online Spotify video downloader Chrome tool. It can also works with Safari, Firefox and more web browsers. And it supports to download Spotify videos in MP3 audio format, MP4 video format and more. But its output audio quality is a little bit low. If you can accept it, you can refer to following steps to use it.

spotify video downloader chrome

Step 1. Go to YouTube4KDownloader website with your Chrome browser.

Step 2. Go to the Spotify platform and search for the music video or podcast video you want to download. Then get the target video link address by hitting on the '...' icon > 'Share' next to the video file.

Step 3. Back to the YouTube4KDownloader webpage, then put the copied link into the text box. And then touch the 'Download' button.

Step 4. Set the output settings for Spotify videos like format and frame rate. Then hit on 'Download' to download Spotify music video online.

Pros Cons

✔ Free

✔ Support to download videos from 1,000 websites

✔ Download video playlists and channels with ease

✔ Output multiple formats and support different resolutions

❌ Slow download speed

Part 3. Spotify to MP3 Converter Chrome Alternatives

Above are the Spotify downloader extensions for Spotify music and videos we shared with you. Yet, they have common limits such as low output quality, and slow download speed. What's worse, they operate erratically and often fail to work smoothly. And it will cause your Spotify account to be banned. So, here we'd like to introduce some reliable and brilliant alternatives to these Spotify MP3 downloader Chrome extensions.

No.1 DRmare Spotify Downloader

DRmare Spotify Music Converter is a desktop program, which is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. You need to download and install it on your computer first. With this tool, you can download songs, playlists, albums, podcasts, and audiobooks from Spotify service in bulk. And you can customize the output audio format (MP3/FLAC/WAV/AAC/M4A/M4B), bit rate (up to 320kbps), sample rate, and so on. Besides, it can keep the 100% original quality and complete metadata of Spotify songs.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter can run at a rapid conversion speed. This will save you precious time. After the conversion, you will get local Spotify audio files on your computer forever and listen to them offline anywhere and anytime. Now, let's see how to use this Chrome Spotify downloader alternative to download music from Spotify without Premium at 5X speed in detail. Please hit on the 'Download' button below to install it on your computer first.

drmare spotify downloader

Step 1. Once installed the tool on your computer, then open it. In the meantime, the Spotify app will show on the desktop as well.

Step 2. Go to the Spotify app to search for music you like to download. Next, drag the track to the main screen of the DRmare tool. Also, you can copy the link to the song and put it in the blank bar on DRmare. And then hit on the Plus symbol next to the box.

Step 3. Now, click on the 'three-lines' icon at the top bar on DRmare. Then choose 'Preferences' and open its window. And then you can reset the audio format, sample rate and more for Spotify files. To make Spotify audio compatible with other devices with, you can choose to convert Spotify to MP3. After that, touch the 'OK' button to ensure and apply.

Step 4. Click the 'Convert' button to start the conversion. A while later, you will get the converted Spotify songs and check them in the 'history' section on DRmare. At last, you can move and use Spotify music on any device you want. For example, you can play Spotify in the background with ease on your device.

Pros Cons

✔ Professional and easy to use

✔ Download playlists, podcasts, albums and more from Spotify

✔ Save audio files with original quality and full ID3 tags

✔ Support multiple output audio formats and other audio parameters

✔ Download songs in batches and work at a fast speed

❌ Not free

❌ Work on desktop only

❌ Not work with Linux OS

No.2 4HUB Spotify Downloader

If you don't want to install the program to download Spotify music to computer, then you can try this Spotify downloader web alternative, called 4HUB Spotify Downloader. It is free online and helps download both audio and video files from various streaming websites, including Spotify. You can use it to download and convert content from Spotify. Also, it will keep Spotify music in MP3 audio format in 128kbps and 320kbps bitrates. Below are the steps on how to use this online tool. You can check and follow.

4hub spotify downloader

Step 1. Go to the Spotify platform to look for the music you wish to download. Then get its link address.

Step 2. Head to the 4HUB Spotify Downloader website. And then put the link in the search box.

Step 3. Now you will see a 'download' button. Please click on it and it will start the downloading process.

Step 4. Later, once the process done, you will get Spotify music downloaded online on your device.

Pros Cons

✔ Free

✔ Support to download audio and videos

✔ Keep files in high quality

✔ Can be accessed across devices

❌ Can't download files in a batch

❌ Download speed is quite low

Part 4. More Tips: Spotify Downloader Extension for Other Browsers

The products we displayed are extensions for Chrome. In addition to the Chrome browser, there are also some other popular web browsers such as Safari, Opera, Edge, Firefox, and so on. In this case, some Spotify music downloader extension for those browsers will also be introduced here to download Spotify songs in 320kbps.

No.1 Audio Downloader Prime (For Firefox)

Audio Downloader Prime is an extension on Firefox browser. It can help download audio and videos in your Firefbox web browser at a fast speed. It allows you to download music online for offline listening from the Spotify app and Spotify Web Player. With this addon, you can get Spotify premium features for free, such as offline listening, unlimited skips, and no ads. Here's how you can use it.

audio downloader prime extension on firefox

Step 1. Head to the Firefox web store, find and download the Audio Downloader Prime extension. Next, go to add it to your Firefox browser.

Step 2. Navigate to the Spotify Web Player and get the URL to the song you want to download.

Step 3. Open the Audio Downloader Prime extension and put the link in it. Then click on 'Download Song' to download music from Spotify.

Pros Cons

✔ Free

✔ Compatible with Firefox and Opera

❌ Can't keep ID3 tags

No.2 Skyload (For Opera)

Another tool is namely Skyload, which lets you download tracks from Spotify,, YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, and more websites. Moreover, it can save ID3 tags and an album cover. Besides, you can preview and play music before you download it. Check below to see how it works.

skyload spotify downloader extension on opera

Step 1. Download and add Skyload addon on your Opera web browser.

Step 2. Open it and you will lead to the Spotify Web Player. Next, go to find tracks you need to download.

Step 3. Hit on the 'Download' button to download music once you got it.

Pros Cons

✔ Support to preview and listen to music

✔ Preserve ID3 tags

❌ Only output MP3 format

Part 5. In Conclusion

To unlock the feature of downloading music from Spotify Web Player for offline listening without paying a dime, the Chrome extension is proven to be one of the best solutions. In this article, you can get three best Spotify to MP3 converters Chrome extensions, and two powerful alternatives to achieve this goal. Besides, you can get two online software for Firefox, Safari, Opera, or other browsers.

Now, you can check out the comparison table below to learn more about these extensions for Chrome and other web browsers and have an idea to choose the tool.

Output Format
Download without
Ad Free Keep ID3 Tags
DRmare Spotify
Music Converter
M4A, M4B
High High 100%
Spotify Downloader
Chrome Extension
Chrome browser Spotify
MP3 Low Low Low
4Hub Spotify
Chrome browser Spotify
MP3 Low High Low
Audio Downloader Prime Firefox browser Spotify
MP3 Low Low Low
Skyload Opera browser Spotify
MP3 Low Low Low

From the table, it's easy to conclude that the Spotify downloader Chrome alternative, DRmare Spotify Music Converter stands out among these tools. It has lots of features, like multiple output audio formats, high output quality, high conversion speed, and so on. With it, you can get easily high-quality Spotify audio for playing.

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