How to Download Spotify Podcasts for Offline Listening

Spotify is the incomparable king in the streaming music industry with over 96 premium users. But it is not satisfied as only a music platform and has acquired multiple podcast startups such as Gimlet Media, Anchor, Parcast and so on to march into the podcast business.

According to the Spotify official report, it will spend up to 500 million USD on podcast startup acquisition in 2019. Spotify is late in the podcast service which dates back to 2000 when Apple started to release the iTunes podcsats with iTunes 4.9. With the new acquisition, Spotify has become the second podcast service provider which is only behind Apple. There will be at least 20% of Spotify users want to listen to podcast media files. And that is why Spotify bet big on it.

As for now, the podcasts on Spotify are not perfect, but anyway you can listen to them for free with Wifi or cellular network. If you have the premium account, you can even download Spotify podcasts for offline listening. Following I will continue to explain all the details on how to do that.

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Part 1. Spotify and Podcast

Podcast Instruction

A podcast is an episodic series digital audio or video files. Many users many confuse it with radio. Actually there are many differences. Podcasts are usually on-demand and can be listened repeated while radio is scheduled to play automatically and won't be back when the time is over. Besides, podcasts are mainly for niche users. You can easily pick up the material you want to listen.

Why Podcast Is Important to Spotify

Although music are great, you may feel bored to listen to music all day long. In this case, you may want to try other types of audio files such as audiobooks, radio, podcast and so on. They will help you relax and acquire new info and knowledge that you can't get from music.

Without podcasts, Spotify users will have to switch to other apps such as iTunes to get the iTunes podcasts. And this is not a good user experience. Undoubtedly, Spotify don't want its users to turn to the competitors.

Finally, podcast is a big enough business. Spotify believe it will make big return for the investment.

Part 2. How to Save Spotify Podcasts for Offline Playback

Spotify is an online streaming platform, usually you need Internet connection to make it work. This won't be a problem if you use it at home with Wifi. But if you are using it mobile devices with cellular data, it would cost you an arm and a leg to play audio file for a long time. In this case, you can subscribe to the Spotify Premium to download podcasts offline.


If you are using a Windows/Mac laptop outside, you can follow these tips to make the Spotify podcasts you want offline.

1. Launch Spotify desktop client.

2. Click the "Browse" menu from the left side bar and then click "PODCASTS" on the pop up window.

3. It will list some recommended hot podcasts in the top, featured episodes, categories.

4. You can browse the categories such as "Stories", "Educational", "Comedy", "Games", "Kids & Family", "Sports" and much more.

5. If you still can't find the podcast you want from Spotify, you can also insert the keywords to find it from the top search box.

6. Open the podcast details page and then switch the "Download" button to "On" status.

search spotify podcasts

Mobile phones

The instruction on mobile phones is similar, If you are using an iPhone or Android phone, please try the steps.

1. Log in Spotify app with your premium account and password.

2. Find and play the podcast you want.

3. Click the 3-dot icon on the playback page.

4. Choose "Available Offline" and wait a few seconds or minutes for it to download depends on network speed.

Part 3. How to Convert Spotify Podcasts without Premium

"When I try to download episodes from Spotify offline, the "Download" or "Available Offline" are not available. I have reinstalled the app but still doesn't work. Anyone has any ideas about it?"

If you get the similar problem, that is most likely that you didn't subscribe to the Spotify Premium account. So you should have a check on your membership status.

The membership costs $9.95/month. If you'd rather not pay for the money for enjoying Spotify podcasts, you can also try this best solution to get podcasts on Spotify for free by using DRmare Spotify Music Converter for Mac.

It is a top music converter with lifetime free update and technical support. When Spotify adds the podcast category, it was revamped quickly to support the new content. Converting podcasts from Spotify will be as easy as encoding standard songs.

DRmare Spotify Podcast Downloader

drmare spotify music converter
  • Download all kinds Spotify audio such as audiobooks, podcasts, albums and playlists
  • Batch convert podcasts to new format files MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, M4B, WAV
  • Keep original quality and the metadata such album cover, title, author and so on
  • Listen to up to 320Kbps high quality Spotify podcasts for free

Have you tried to record songs online before with free real-time recorder? If so, you will be surprised how convenient to use DRmare software. Now let me show you how does it work.

Step 1Import Spotify podcasts
add podcsts on spotify
Launch DRmare software, the Spotify app will be opened as well. Please simply drag & drop the podcasts you want to convert from the Spotify app to the DRmare main screen.
Step 2Choose a new audio format
In order to make the downloaded podcasts supported by any players, we'd suggest you choose an universal format such as MP3 or M4A. If you'd like to keep lossless quality, you can also choose WAV or FLAC. Here I will choose MP3.
Step 3Convert Spotify podcasts
convert spotify podcast to mp3
At last, you can click “Convert" button. Within a quick while, the podcasts will be saved to your local computer from Spotify. When it is done, you can copy and paste the files you want to any devices you want for playback.

April 30, 2019 10:24 am

Posted by Harry Zamorski to Spotify Music Tips