How to Download Podcast on Spotify on Computer and Mobile Devices

As a popular music streaming service, Spotify not only allows users to enjoy songs and albums. Besides, it also allows users to listen to podcasts and TV shows.

When it comes to Spotify podcasts, it is late in the podcast service. It is found in 2000. Though Spotify podcast is the latter, there are lots of Spotify users like to listen to podcasts.

Spotify podcasts allows you to enjoy at free online. If you want to download Spotify podcasts for offline playing, then you need to have a premium account. But no worry. In this post, we'll show you how to download podcast on Spotify on computer and mobile devices. Let's dive in.

how to download podcast on spotify

Part 1. How to Download Podcasts on Spotify on PC/Mac without Premium

At the first part, we would like to show you how to download podcasts on Spotify on computer at free. To enjoy Spotify podcasts, you can try this solution to download podcasts on Spotify for free. It requires you to use DRmare Music Converter to make it.

This tool is a top music converter with lifetime free update and technical support. It can convert and download podcast from Spotify to plain audios. And you can customize Spotify output audio parameters with it. And the output audio quality is original and with full ID3 tags kept. After then, you can keep Spotify podcasts on your computer for using offline.

DRmare Spotify Podcast Downloader

drmare spotify music converter
  • Download Spotify podcasts, albums, playlists, etc.
  • Batch convert Spotify podcasts to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, M4B, WAV
  • Keep original quality and metadata such as album cover, title, author, etc.
  • Listen to up to 320Kbps high quality Spotify podcasts for free

How to Download Podcasts on Spotify on PC via DRmare Music Converter

If you use Spotify podcast downloader online before, you'll be surprised how convenient to use DRmare. Now, let us show you how does it work. Please check how to download podcast on Spotify on desktop as below.

Step 1Import Spotify podcasts to DRmare
add spotify podcasts to drmare
Install and launch DRmare Music Converter software. The Spotify app will be opened as well. Please drag & drop the podcasts you want to convert from Spotify to DRmare main screen.
Step 2Choose a new audio format for Spotify podcast
spotify podcasts audio format customization
To make the downloaded podcasts supported by any players, you can choose a universal format. You can select from MP3, M4A, etc. If you'd like to keep lossless quality, you can also choose WAV or FLAC. Besides, you can reset sample rate, channel, etc. for podcast on Spotify.
Step 3Convert and download Spotify podcasts on PC
download spotify podcasts on pc mac
At last, click "Convert" button to download Spotify podcast. Within a quick while, the podcasts will be saved to your local computer from Spotify. When it is done, you can copy and paste the files you want to any devices you want for playback.

Part 2. How to Download Podcast on Spotify with Premium

Spotify is an online streaming platform. Usually, you need Internet connection to make it work. It's ok if you use it at home with WiFi. But if you use mobile devices with cellular data, it would cost you a lot to play audio file for a long time. In this case, you can subscribe to Spotify Premium to download podcasts offline.

Below we will show you how to download podcast on Spotify on computer and mobile devices. Just check it out now.

How to Download Spotify Podcasts on Mac/Windows Computers

If you are using a Windows/Mac laptop, here are the tips on how to download Spotify podcasts on computer offline.

how to download spotify podcasts on computer

Step 1. Launch Spotify desktop client. Or, go to Spotify web player.

Step 2. Log in with your Spotify premium account. Please make sure that your computer is connected to the internet.

Step 3. Click the "Browse" menu from the left side bar. Then click "PODCASTS" on the pop-up window.

Step 4. You can see some recommended hot podcasts in the top, featured episodes, categories.

Step 5. Browse the categories like "Stories", "Educational", "Comedy", etc. you like. Or, search the podcast you like.

Step 6. Open the podcast details page. Then switch the "Download" button to "On" status.

Step 7. Just wait for the downloading process. Once done, you can get the downloaded Spotify podcasts in Your Library.

How to Download Podcast on Spotify on Mobile Devices

The instruction on mobile devices is similar. If you are using an iPhone, Android phone, or a tablet, please try the steps below. Then you can see how to get a podcast on Spotify on mobile devices.

download podcast on spotify on mobile devices

Step 1. Log in Spotify app with your premium account and password.

Step 2. Find and open a podcast you want to download.

Step 3. Tap 'Download' switch on Android. Or, hit downward arrow icon on iOS. Then the podcast will be in Your Library.

Step 4. Hit 'Your Library' in Spotify to find the downloaded Spotify podcasts. After that, you can enjoy Spotify podcast offline.

Part 3. Know More about Spotify and Podcast

Brief Introduction of Podcast

A podcast is an episodic series digital audio or video files. Many users may confuse it with radio. Actually, there are many differences. Podcasts are usually on-demand and can be listened repeated. While radio is scheduled to play automatically and won't be back when the time is over. Besides, podcasts are mainly for niche users. You can easily pick up the material you want to listen.

Spotify and Podcast: Why Podcast Is Important to Spotify

Although music is great, you may feel bored to listen to music all day long. In this case, you may want to try other types of audio files like podcast. Then you can relax and acquire new info that you can't get from music.

Without podcasts, Spotify users will have to switch to other apps such as iTunes. And this is not a good user experience. Undoubtedly, Spotify don't want its users to turn to the competitors.

Finally, podcast is a big enough business. Spotify believe it will make big return for the investment.

Benefits to Enjoy Podcasts on Spotify

1. No need to download another music apps. With a Spotify app installed in your computer, you can listen to podcast on Spotify directly.

2. Clean and simple user interface. The UI of Spotify is quite clean and user-friendly.

3. Supports new podcasts recommended. Spotify will recommend new podcasts according to your listening experience via its algorithm.

How to Search and Subscribe to Spotify Podcast

For newer to Spotify podcast, here we will guide you how to search Spotify podcast and subscribe to it.

Step 1. Open Spotify app on your device and log in with your account.

Step 2. Hit 'search' option to find a podcast via name, genre, etc.

Step 3. Choose a podcast name for more details and listen to the episodes.

Step 4. Once found the podcast you want to follow, hit 'Follow' button. Then it will turn to 'Following'.

Step 5. Touch 'Your Library' > 'Podcasts' to check your subscribed podcasts on Spotify.