DRmare Spotify Music Converter

Best music converter for Spotify to download and convert Spotify music

  • Download Spotify song, etc. without a Spotify Premium account
  • Convert Spotify to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A and M4B
  • Play Spotify music anywhere and anytime offline
  • Run at a faster speed without touching the audio quality

10 Best Spotify Playlist Downloader Online Free to MP3

Q: Is there a Spotify playlist downloader online free that can download and convert Spotify to MP3 or other common tracks for playing on my portable devices? No payment and installation. - From Reddit.

Spotify offers various songs, exclusive podcasts, audiobooks, and music videos for online streaming with a free account. Premium users paying $10.99 monthly can download Spotify songs and playlists for offline listening. However, all users can only access its music library on the Spotify app or Spotify Web Player.

A Spotify downloader is highly recommended to get rid of this limitation and take full control of Spotify playback. It can download all Spotify songs, playlists, podcasts, albums, and audiobooks online to MP3, or other common files. We have reviewed the top popular software and have listed the 10 best Spotify playlist downloaders online free. Check them out and enjoy an unlimited Spotify music experience!


Online freeware always exports files of lower quality and has few advanced features. So we will also introduce a reliable Spotify song downloader, called DRmare Spotify Music Converter. (It can download Spotify music at 5X faster speed with 320kbps audio quality kept.)

spotify playlist downloader online free

Most Recommended: DRmare Spotify Downloader 320kbps

Finding the perfect Spotify downloader online free is not easy because of their common shortcomings such as poor audio quality and few output formats. What's more, there may be security risks or violations of copyright laws. Therefore, we would like to introduce to you the best music downloader that bypasses all these restrictions - DRmare Spotify Playlist Downloader.

It is one of the best Spotify downloaders, which can batch download Spotify tracks, playlists, albums, and podcasts with a free or premium account in one click. You can choose the output formats as MP3, AAC, M4B, M4A, WAV and FLAC. It also preserves lossless audio quality (320kbps) and all ID3 tags, including titles, artwork, and more.

Even better, it runs at blazingly fast 5X speed, giving you a better user experience. It's better than a free Spotify online downloader, 100% clean and secure, and offers 24/7 customer support and free lifetime updates.


Key Features of DRmare Spotify Playlist Downloader

vector Security verified. 6, 201,912 people have downloaded it.

  • Batch downloads Spotify tracks at a 5X speed
  • Keep 100% lossless audio quality and original ID3 tags
  • 100% clean and safe, convert Spotify songs to six formats
  • Customize output audio parameters like bit rate, etc.

How to Use DRmare Spotify Downloader to MP3 320kbps

Although DRmare Spotify Song Downloader has many powerful features, it is very simple to use. By adopting advanced technology, you can do a few clicks to get all local tracks from the Spotify app on your computer. Here's how to:

Step 1.Open this software and your Spotify app, you can drag and drop songs, playlists, etc. from the Spotify app to the software's main interface. You can also copy and paste the URL of the songs, playlists, etc. into the top search bar and click the "+" button.

📌Tips: DRmare Spotify Full Playlist Downloader supports batch adding Spotify audio, including tracks, albums, playlists, artists, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.

add spotify songs to drmare spotify downloader

Step 2.The default output audio format is MP3 and you can choose to change it. Click on the "Three-line" icon at the top right and then choose "Preferences" > "Convert". Then you will see the output settings window and you can alter the audio format, channel, sample rate, the way of archiving output songs, and more. Remember to click on "OK" when you finish the changes.

set spotify output parameters

Step 3.Click on the "Convert" button at the main interface and DRmare Spotify Music Downloader will download Spotify songs to your computer without Premium. It will save the downloaded Spotify files as the destination folder you set before. You can listen to these Spotify songs offline or move them to other devices you want.

convert and download spotify music

📍User experience: DRmare requires users to download and install its software on their computers. The process is easy by doing a few clicks. It's bundled with the Spotify desktop app. It will pop up a prompt to push users to install the Spotify app if you haven't done it before. It features a clean and intuitive user interface without any ads. There are two ways to add tracks for download, respectively dragging and dropping action or copying and pasting action. The conversion speed and the audio quality are the same as it claims.

Rating: ★★★★★


  • icon Download any Spotify audio content
  • icon Download more than 100 songs in one playlist
  • icon Keep full ID3 tags and original audio quality
  • icon High download speed of 5X
  • icon Support batch adding and downloading songs
  • icon Convert Spotify music to multiple common formats
  • icon User-friendly interface, 100% clean & safe
  • icon Allow resetting the output parameters
  • icon Free updates, 24/7 customer support


  • icon Need to install the software to use

No.1 Spotify-Downloader

The first free online Spotify playlist downloader we can meet is called Spotify-Downloader. It allows you to easily download tracks, playlists and albums from Spotify links. It also preserves important metadata information of Spotify music, including cover images, artists, etc. well. It supports ZIP output format so it can be regarded as a Spotify playlist zip downloader online.

But it doesn't support artists, podcasts, and shows. The output sound quality is up to obly 128kbps. It's free to use, but you'll need to wait 10 seconds or buy a premium subscription for $19.98 per year before saving downloaded Spotify files.



How to Download Spotify Playlist Online Free via Spotify-Downloader

Step 1.Open your preferred web browser and navigate to Familiarize yourself with the user-friendly interface, which is designed for simplicity and ease of use.

Step 2.Enter the URL of the Spotify song, artist, or playlist you wish to download in the search bar. Click the "Submit" button to load all songs.

Step 3.Browse through the results and choose the specific songs or playlists you want to download. Click the "Download" or "Download ZIP" button next to your desired content to begin the download process.

📍User experience: When I visit this Spotify-Downloader website, there are some ads at the main interface and banner of its website. Scroll down and you will find the address bar, in which you can paste Spotify links and operate the download process. The online website covers key features, how to use it, and faqs. Although it supports playlists, albums, and songs, you should click the "Download" button one by one to download each song. And before saving Spotify songs to a computer, you have to verify that you are a human.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


  • icon Available on mobile and desktop browsers
  • icon Preserve important metadata information
  • icon Download songs, playlists, and albums from Spotify
  • icon Save entire Spotify playlists or albums in ZIP format


  • icon The website contains advertisements
  • icon Download Spotify music at 128kbps MP3 only
  • icon Require authentication before saving downloaded files
  • icon Low success rate

No.2 Soundloaders Spotify Downloader is a website that is designed to download many streaming music to MP3. Its Soundloaders Spotify Downloader is an ad-free Spotify link downloader online. It allows you to online download songs from Spotify to MP3 with simple steps. However, it doesn't support playlists or albums. Previously you could use it directly online. But now it requires you to download the Soundloaders BETA to use it.

Also, if you are looking for a Spotify song downloader online Android, you can use it. It is compatible with Google Chrome, FireFox and Opera on Android devices. It is also available on the Safari browser on iOS.


soundloaders spotify downloader

How to Download Spotify Songs Online Free via Soundloaders

Step 1.Open your web browser and go to Scroll down to browse and familiarize this website.

Step 2.Open your Spotify app or Spotify Web Player to find and copy the Spotify link by clicking the "3 dots" > "Share" > "Copy link". Paste the Spotify URL into the designated field on the Soundloaders Spotify Downloader website.

Step 3.Click the "Download" button to start the download process. The tool will convert the Spotify content into MP3 format. You can also click the "Download Artwork" button to download the Spotify album art cover.

📍User experience: I was impressed by its simple online website. It only covers the complete information about Soundloaders Spotify Downloader, including key features, a user guide, and some faqs. See where to add your Spotify link at a glance. But it failed to download individual songs sometimes.

Rating: ★★★★☆


  • icon Support Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac
  • icon Keep ID3 tags after downloading
  • icon No ads
  • icon Soundloaders also support Apple Music, Deezer, and other streaming music platforms


No.3 SpotifyMate

SpotifyMate is also a free Spotify music downloader online that allows you to download Spotify songs in MP3 format with HD album covers kept. It's fast so you don't have to wait long. You don't need to install any apps or extensions. Whether you use a mobile phone, computer, or tablet, you can easily access it through various browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Microsoft Edge, and so on. It also has user-friendly features and supports different languages such as English, German, and French.

When you put a song link in it, it gives you three download options: Download MP3, Download Cover, or Download Another Song. However, while it downloads Spotify playlists, you need to click to download each track in the playlist one by one.


spotifymate spotify downloader free online

How to Download Spotify Music Online via SpotifyMate

Step 1.Head over to to access the SpotifyMate online tool. Have a glance at this website to know what SpotifyMate Spotify Downloader is, and its features.

Step 2.Browse through your Spotify library, select the Spotify tracks, albums, or playlists you want to download, and copy the Spotify link.

Step 3.Paste the URL to the "Paste URL from Spotify" address bar of SpotifyMate and click the "Download" button, it will provide a download link to each song for download.

Step 4.Hit the "Download" button again, SpotifyMate works its magic, converting your selected Spotify content into downloadable files. Once the download is complete, transfer the downloaded files to your preferred device and enjoy offline playback whenever and wherever you like.

📍User experience: There are also some ads at the bottom and sides of the SpotifyMate Spotify Downloader website. But it does not affect the user experience. To my surprise, it also supports downloading HD album cover art on Spotify. When I click the "Download" button, it requires me to watch some ads. It's confusing.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆


  • icon Support multiple languages
  • icon Work with most web browsers on mobile and desktop
  • icon Fast work speed
  • icon Support Spotify songs, playlists, and albums
  • icon Download the cover in HD from Spotify


  • icon Need to download single tracks one by one
  • icon Need to watch annoying ads before downloading Spotify tunes
  • icon Only support MP3 output
  • icon The output audio quality is not original.

No.4 SpotifyDown

SpotifyDown is one of the most popular online Spotify songs downloader free for users. It not only supports Spotify songs but also playlists and albums. Even better, it supports batch processing. Whether you're using a desktop browser or a mobile browser, you can easily access SpotifyDown's website. It is very easy to use, just place the Spotify music link and start downloading music.

However, there are some advertisements on its homepage, which may affect the user experience. And the download success rate is low. It sometimes can't find the music you are trying to download and prompts you: Something went wrong, please try again later.



How to Download Spotify Playlist Free Online via SpotifyDown

Step 1.Go to to visit the SpotifyDown website. It requires you to verify you are a human.

Step 2.Log in to your Spotify account within the Spotify Web Player and search for the songs that you'd like to download.

Step 3.Paste the copied link into the related field and click the "Download" button to load all songs.

Step 4.Tap the "Download" again next to your favorite songs, it will download Spotify tracks to your device locally.

📍User experience: When I click the link to navigate to the SpotifyDown website, there is a human verification. After that, I can visit it successfully. On the left side of this tool, it has some ads and it will pop up some ads unexpectedly. Be careful when using it. The operating process is easy like other Spotify downloaders online free. But it sometimes says "something went wrong" after putting a link.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


  • icon Available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac
  • icon Batch download Spotify songs
  • icon No need to install additional apps
  • icon Support Spotify songs, playlists, and albums
  • icon Support Spotify tracks, playlists, and albums


  • icon Have annoying ads on its page
  • icon Success rate is low
  • icon MP3 is the only output format
  • icon Lossy sound quality

No.5 SpotifyDownload

Unlike the above-mentioned free online Spotify playlist downloaders, is ad-free and more stable. During our testing, there were no crashes or errors. It is compatible with various devices and operating systems. And there is no limit to the number of songs you can download per day.

With it, you can easily download Spotify playlists to MP3. But you need to click on each download button individually to download single tracks one by one. Plus, its output sound quality is only 112kbps. By the way, its web page also has an Apple Music downloader and an Amazon Music downloader.



How to Download Spotify Playlist for Free Online via SpotifyDownload

Step 1.Navigate to Spotify Web Player in your favorite web browser to copy the Spotify link. And then, visit the website.

Step 2.Paste the URL of the Spotify track, playlist, or album into the target field on the SpotifyDownload website and hit the "Start" button to load them.

Step 3.Once you've pasted the URL, simply click the "Get Download" > "Download MP3" button and this Spotify album downloader online will begin processing your request.

📍User experience: Apart from the detailed website introduction, there is no distracting information on the page. The usage area is clearly displayed on the top center of the website. It's very simple to use. But when I checked the output audio quality, it was a bit disappointing as it was only 112kbps.

Rating: ★★★★☆


  • icon No annoying ads
  • icon More stable, high success rate
  • icon Download songs, albums, and playlists
  • icon Compatible with many devices and systems


  • icon Lossy output audio quality
  • icon Download each track one by one

No.6 SpotiSongDownloader

SpotiSongDownloader is a Spotify full playlist downloader online MP3 that you can use without installing additional software or extensions. Its page is very clean and has no annoying ads. It allows you to download entire playlists directly to your mobile device or computer and save them in MP3 or zip format. However, each playlist is limited to a maximum of 25 songs. There is no limit to the number of songs you can download.

As for download quality, you can choose audio quality from 64kbps to 320kbps. But if you choose the highest 320kbps, you'll need to sign up with your email and purchase a license for $9.95/month, or $25.95/year.



How to Batch Download Spotify Playlist to ZIP or MP3 Online

Step 1.Launch your Spotify app or visit Spotify Web Player to find a track or playlist that you'd like to download online. Then, please click the "Three dots" > "Share" > "Copy link" option to copy the URL.

Step 2.Paste the copied Spotify link into the input field on the SpotiSongDownloader website. Click the "Generate link" button to generate a download link. On the same page, you can customize the output Spotify quality from 128 kbps to 320 kbps.

Step 3.Start the download process by clicking the "Download" tab and wait for a while. All Spotify albums and playlists will be saved in ZIP or MP3 files.

📍User experience: No software or app is required to install, I can start to use SpotiSongDownloader easily. The website has the option to download Spotify songs or full playlists in 320 kbps. But when I click it, it will bring me to another premium website. When I customize the output quality as 320kbps in the setting window, the same situation happens.

Rating: ★★★★☆


  • icon Download single songs and full playlists from Spotify
  • icon Download an entire Spotify playlist as MP3 or ZIP
  • icon No ads on its page
  • icon Very fast work speed
  • icon Support batch downloading
  • icon Work on smartphone and PC


  • icon Download up to 25 songs in a playlist
  • icon Require purchase of license to download 320kbps

No.7 SpotiDown

SpotifyDown is another cutting-edge Spotify playlist downloader free online tool that you can consider to download and listen to Spotify music offline. You can enter a link to a Spotify track, playlist, or album to download. However, you need to download each track in the playlist or album one by one. Whether you're using a PC, Mac, or mobile device, SpotiDown works seamlessly across all platforms. It also preserves all metadata information such as title, album, cover image, etc.


spotidown spotify playlist downloader online free

How to Download Spotify Album Online via SpotiDown

Step 1.Simply copy the URL of the Spotify tunes and paste it into the SpotiDown website. Tap the "Search" button to detect and import all songs.

Step 2.Press the "Get Download Link" button under your favorite Spotify music. Then, click "Download" on the next page to download Spotify albums online to your computer or phone.

📍User experience: With a clean and intuitive homepage, it only introduces highlight features, reasons to use it, tutorials, pros, and faqs. But requiring the user to click on the download icon again and again is a bit unsmart. During use, the conversion failed several times.

Rating: ★★★★☆


  • icon A Spotify playlist downloader online free tool
  • icon Get metadata along with the song
  • icon Work speed is fast


  • icon Download every single song in a playlist one by one
  • icon Fail to download sometimes

No.8 Ytmdl, short for YouTube Music Downloader is a website designed to download songs with intact metadata. It supports entering the song name or the YouTube URL of the song to download tracks.

Once it finds your songs, you can select the songs and metadata, and it will download them in high quality. Its default output format is MP3 and you can choose to convert Spotify music to M4A or OPUS. If you want to enjoy your favorite tracks without worrying about internet connectivity, YTMDL has got you covered.


ytmdl spotify song downloader online free

How to Download Spotify Playlists Online via Ytmdl

Step 1.Visit the YTMDL website by going to in your web browser. Type the name of your Spotify song in the search bar and click the "Enter" button to load related results.

Step 1.Choose the target source that you'd like to download. It will bring you into the Format window, where you can define the output format as M4A, MP3, or OPUS.

Step 1.Simply click the "Download" button, and YTMDL will start downloading Spotify tracks to local files saved in the preferred format.

📍User experience: The way are implemented is completely different from other Spotify audio downloaders. It needs users to type a name or paste the YouTube URL to this online website, and then it will match the same song and download it. Sometimes, the song on Spotify can't be found in this online YouTube playlist downloader.

Rating: ★★★★☆


  • icon Download Spotify music by entering the song name
  • icon Download music from YouTube URL
  • icon Support three output formats
  • icon Add full metadata information to each song


  • icon Only support single songs
  • icon Sometimes can't find your Spotify music

No.9 PasteDownload

PasteDownload Spotify MP3 Downloader not only lets you download audio from Spotify Podcasts but also videos and images. So it's a specialized Spotify podcast downloader online free. It is guaranteed to be 100% safe. It not only supports videos from Spotify but also YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. To use it, simply put the URL of the Spotify podcast or video and then download it in one click. But sometimes users may get an error like "An error occurred! Video URL not found (404)".


pastedownload free spotify downloader online

How to Use PasteDownload Spotify Podcast Downloader Online Free

Step 1.Enter to PasteDownload Spotify podcast downloader online here:

Step 2.Browse and copy the link of the podcast video or episode audio on Spotify. Paste it into the "Paste" box. It will automatically load files.

Step 3.Tap the "Download" button to download Spotify podcasts to MP3 or MP4 as you set before.

📍User experience: When I entered this Spotify episode downloader online website, I found that it is very user-friendly. It gives the full guide on the website and provides some other options to download videos from other platforms. After trying it, the only drawback is that some Spotify URLs could be invalid.

Rating: ★★★★☆


  • icon Download audio, video, and images from Spotify
  • icon Support videos from many sources including YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • icon Free and easy to use
  • icon The only Spotify podcast episode downloader
  • icon Download Spotify podcasts to MP3 online


  • icon Uncertain questions sometimes arise

No.10 Keepvid

The above tools are well-designed for Spotify audio files. What if you want to download videos from Spotify? Keepvid is the answer. It is a fast, secure, reliable online Spotify video downloader. With its advanced downloading technology, KeepVid ensures swift and efficient downloads, saving you time and effort.

Once you put your Spotify video link in it and click "GO," it will process and find the video quickly. You can then choose to download as MP4 in HD quality or as MP3 at 160kbps. It supports hundreds of websites, so if you want to download Spotify videos or other videos, give it a try. It's also worth mentioning that like some online tools, it sometimes crashes.


keepvid spotify video downloader online free

How to Download Spotify Video Online via Keepvid

Step 1.Access the KeepVid website using your most-used web browser:

Step 2.Find and copy the Spotify video link and paste it into the address bar of this Spotify video downloader online.

Step 3.Tap the "Go" option to get download links for all possible formats and bitrates. Select the target one, and right-click the "Download" button to initiate the process.

📍User experience: When accessing this Spotify web downloader, you need to check the security of your internet connection first. After that, you can see a simple and clean user interface. The download process is easy to perform. But the output quality is not ideal.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


  • icon Download audio, video, and images from Spotify
  • icon Download Spotify videos online
  • icon Convert Spotify video to MP4 or MP3
  • icon Video output quality is HD


  • icon Sometimes crashes
  • icon Audio output quality is only 160kbps

Comparison Table: Top Best Spotify Playlist Downloader Online Free

Clean Interface Batch Download Keep ID3 Tags Download Speed Audio Quality Output
DRmare Spotify Downloader

5X 320kbps


Spotify-Downloader 1X 320kbps MP3 or ZIP
Soundloaders Spotify Downloader 1X 128kbps MP3
SpotifyMate Fast Lossy MP3 or Cover
SpotifyDown 1X Lossy MP3
SpotifyDownload 1X 112kbps MP3
SpotiSongDownloader Fast 64-320kbp MP3 or ZIP
SpotiDown Fast Lossy MP3
Ytmdl Fast Lossy MP3/M4A/OPUS
PasteDownload 1X Lossy MP3
Keepvid Fast

MP4: HD MP3: 160kbps


It's obvious, right? DRmare Spotify Music Downloader is the best tool you can use to download and convert Spotify music. It offers the best sound quality, fast batch downloads, various output qualities, and more. Compared with other Spotify downloader online free, it is 100% clean, safe and stable. It has a 100% success rate and no crashes or errors. Even better, it has 24/7 customer support, and software updates are free.

In Conclusion

There are some limitations to music playback on Spotify with a free or premium membership. But now, with the help of the top 10 best Spotify playlist downloaders online free, you can break all restrictions at no cost.

No matter if you are looking for a Spotify downloader for playlists, albums, music, podcasts, or audiobooks, you can find the most suitable one in this article.

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