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How to Get Free Audiobooks on Spotify

With the rise of digital platforms, audiobooks have become more accessible than ever before. It allows listeners to immerse themselves in captivating stories while on the go. Free audiobooks on Spotify offer the perfect companion for every moment.

But What audiobooks are free on Spotify? How can I listen to free audiobooks on Spotify? Especially how can I access audiobook listening on Spotify without Premium? In this passage, we will answer your questions and give some useful solutions to help you listen to Spotify Audiobooks free.

how to get free audiobooks on spotify

Part 1. FAQ of Free Audiobooks on Spotify

Q1. Does Spotify Have Free Audiobooks?

Yes. Spotify has audiobooks free for both Free users and Premiums.

Spotify free audiobooks invites users into a world of storytelling, where they can explore a rich library of narrated tales across various genres and themes. Catering to a diverse audience with varied tastes and preferences, Spotify offers audiobooks across a wide spectrum of genres and categories.

From classic literature to contemporary fiction, mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, self-help, biography, memoirs, and children's stories, there is something for every listener to explore and enjoy. This extensive selection ensures that users can discover new titles while also revisiting beloved classics, making Spotify free audiobooks a treasure trove of literary delights.

free audiobooks on spotify

Q2. Are Audiobooks Free on Spotify Premium?

Spotify audiobooks offering provides US Premium subscribers with a convenient way to access and enjoy a diverse selection of audiobooks. Spotify updated its guide of free audiobooks as follows:

  • Free audiobooks for US Premium Subscribers: US Premium subscribers on Spotify have access to free audiobooks. They can stream up to 15 hours of audiobooks each month from a catalog featuring over 200,000 titles.
  • Monthly Listening Hours: The 15 hours of audiobook streaming available to US Premium subscribers reset at the end of each month. Unused listening hours do not carry over to the next month.
  • Additional Listening Hours: Subscribers have the option, top-ups, to purchase an additional 10 hours of listening for $12.99. This top-ups provides flexibility for users who exceed the monthly allocation of free listening hours.

free audiobooks on spotify with premium

Note that if you have both the audiobook listening time and top-up hours, the audiobook listening time will get used first.

Q3. What Audiobooks Are Free on Spotify?

We list top 10 Spotify audiobooks that you can't miss. And there are two main limitations for Spotify audiobooks:

  • Purchasing Locked Titles: Some audiobooks may not be eligible for free streaming and require outright purchase. These titles will be marked with a lock icon on the play button, indicating that users need to purchase the title to access it.
  • Regional Availability: It's important to note that the availability of audiobooks on Spotify may vary by region. Users may not be able to listen to certain audiobooks if they are not available in their region.

spotify paid audiobooks

Part 2. How to Get Free Audiobooks on Your Spotify

Accessing and enjoying Spotify free audiobooks is a simple and intuitive process, designed to enhance the user experience and streamline the listening journey. Here, we will give a step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Open the Spotify App: Launch the Spotify app on your preferred device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Step 2. Navigate to the Audiobooks Section: Locate the 'Audiobooks' section within the app's menu or search bar.

Step 3. Browse and Discover Titles: Explore the diverse range of audiobooks available, organized by genre, author, and popularity.

select free audiobooks on spotify

Step 4. Select Your Desired Title: Choose a title that piques your interest and select it to access the audiobook details and player controls.

Step 5. Press Play and Enjoy: Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of storytelling as the audiobook begins to play.

Step 6. Customize Your Listening Experience: Take advantage of Spotify's features, such as playback speed controls, bookmarking, and offline listening, to tailor your audiobook experience to your preferences.

find spotify audiobooks features

As there is a listening time limit for your Spotify free audiobooks, we may need to check how much time we have left to listen to audiobooks. Following are specific steps:

If you're using Spotify Audiobooks on your desktop:

Step 1. Please log in the 'Account page'.

Step 2. Then, find the 'Audiobook Listening Time' under 'Subscription'.

If you're using Spotify Audiobooks on your mobile:

Step 1. Click your profile picture.

Step 2. Tap 'Setting and Privacy'.

Step 3. Find 'Account' and click your account plan.

Step 4. Tap 'Track your included hours and top-ups'.

listening time of free audiobooks on spotify

But if you cancel your subscription, you will no longer use your top-up hours unless you resubscribe. Is there any cost-effective way can help us listen to free audiobooks on Spotify without limitation? We tested a lot of tools and finally found a wonderful tool that can suit our all requests. Now, please follow us to take a close look.

Part 3. Best Tool to Get Free Audiobooks on Spotify Without Premium

If you want to unlimited listening to your audiobooks free on Spotify, DRmare Spotify Music Converter is your best choice. You can get your Spotify Audiobooks safe and legal and with perfect audio quality.

To realize that, you only need to drag your Spotify Audiobooks list into the interface of DRmare. You can customize your output format and batch download them at 5x faster speed. DRmare will keep all the ID3 tags of your audiobooks on Spotify so that you can easily search your files and organize your own library of Spotify Audiobooks. Also, you can choose your audio quality references including the bit rate from 128 kbps to 320 kbps, sample rate from 8k Hz to 96k Hz, and bit depth from 16 bit to 32 bit.

There are specific steps to guide you get Spotify free audiobooks:

Step 1. Download DRmare Spotify Music Converter and open it.

Step 2. The Spotify app will pop up automatically and please login.

Step 3. Drag your Spotify audiobooks into DRmare's interface. Or click three dot at the top of your Spotify audiobooks list. And find 'Share' and tap 'Copy Audiobooks Link' to add it into the top box in DRmare's interface.

import spotify audiobooks for downloading

Step 4. Click on the top-right 'Menu' icon and go to the 'Preference' to select 'Convert'.

reset spotify output parameters

Step 5. Click 'Convert' button to batch download your Spotify audiobooks for free.

download spotify audiobooks without premium

Step 6. Check your Spotify free audiobooks on the 'History' or local.

With DRmare Spotify Music Converter, you can effectively get your Spotify free audiobooks. There is no need to worry about your subscription or network connection.


Spotify free audiobooks represent a compelling addition to Spotify's diverse array of audio content, offering users a gateway to the enchanting world of literature and storytelling. But it is also an expensive entertainment that requires a subscription and limits our listening time. Luckily, we can get DRmare Spotify Music Converter, the much cheaper tool, to listen to Spotify Audiobooks free for a lifetime.

We hope that this passage can truly help you get free audiobooks on Spotify. Let's experience the magic of storytelling like never before with Spotify free audiobooks!

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