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How to Buy, Download, and Listen to Audiobooks on Spotify

Does Spotify have audiobooks? Certainly! The famous music streaming platform Spotify has already included audiobooks in its vast library. This new addition has been embraced by a wider audience. You can easily browse, search, and discover new audiobooks and any audiobook of different types on the Spotify app.

Audiobooks will display a lock icon on the play button for free users. You need to buy audiobooks on Spotify to unlock them for listening. Purchased audiobooks are automatically saved in your library so you can listen to them anytime. Fortunately, with the change to the Spotify Premium plan, all paid members can listen to Spotify audiobooks for 15 hours per month from the Spotify audiobook subscriber catalog.

Are you interested in Spotify audiobooks? If yes, read on this article to learn how to find, buy, download, and listen to audiobooks on Spotify with ease.

download spotify audiobooks

Part 1. FAQs about Audiobooks on Spotify?

Are Audiobooks Free on Spotify?

Spotify offers over 350,000 audiobooks, ranging from sci-fi to steamy romance and everything in between. As for finding some free audiobooks on Spotify, it depends on the type of your account.

For Free users, there are some public audiobooks on Spotify that you can find and listen to at no cost.

For Premium users, you can get 15 hours of Spotify audiobook listening time per month from the subscriber catalog, which includes over 200,000 audiobooks. Books marked "Included in Premium" are free to Premium subscribers.

The rest of the audiobooks need to be purchased separately to unlock them, whether you are a Free user or a Premium user. Besides, you can also subscribe to Audiobooks Access, a new plan for audiobook lovers. It also allows you to get ad-free Spotify audiobook listening hours each month.

How Much Are Audiobooks on Spotify?

Subscribing to the Audiobook Access or Spotify Premium plans costs $9.99 and $10.99 per month respectively. When it comes to purchasing Spotify audiobooks, prices vary. For example, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling, £31.90, Game of thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, £31.90, Cloth by Julia Quinn Richton: The Viscount Who Loved Me, £15 and more. You can directly search for the book you want to listen to and see how much it costs.

Type Price Spotify Audiobook Listeing Hours How Many Spotify Audiobooks You Can Access
Subscribe to Audiobook Access $9.99/month spotify audiobooks 15 hours 200,000 titles
Subscribe to Spotify Premium $10.99/month Spotify 15 hours of audiobook 200,000 titles
Buy Audiobooks on Spotify Depends on specific project Unlimited hours 375,000 titles

Part 2. How to Find Audiobooks on Spotify

Where to find audiobooks on Spotify? There is an "Audiobooks" tab on Spotify that allows you to browse for the audiobooks you want and start listening. You can also directly search for the audiobook you want to listen to. Now let us see how to access audiobooks on Spotify.

Method 1. Browse 'Audiobooks'

Step 1. Enter the Spotify app on your mobile or desktop device.

Step 2. Tap on the 'Search' icon.

Step 3. You can see the 'Browse all' section below the search box. There you can find the 'Audiobooks' category. Tap on it and you can browse for all the audiobooks.

audiobooks on spotify

Method 2. Search for an Audiobook Directly

Step 1. Launch the Spotify app from your desktop computer or mobile phone.

Step 2. Choose "Search" and then type the name of the audiobook you are looking for.

Step 3. Press 'Enter' on your computer or tap on the 'Search' icon. You will then see the audiobook (if Spotify has it).

search spotify audiobook

Part 3. How to Buy Audiobooks on Spotify

With the exception of free audiobooks or those available to Spotify Premium or Audiobook Access subscribers, other audiobooks require you to purchase them in order to listen. However, keep in mind that you can now only buy Spotify audiobooks from the Spotify web player. There is no purchase option on the Spotify app. Follow us now to learn how to finish the purchase process.

How to Buy Spotify Audiobooks

Step 1. On your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, go to Spotify web player in your web browser.

Step 2. Find the audiobook you want to purchase.

Step 3. Click 'Buy' and you are required to enter your payment information to make a one-time purchase.

buy spotify audiobook

Step 4. Once completed the payment, this audiobook will be unlocked and be added to 'Your Library' on the Spotify app and web player.

Part 4. How to Listen to Audiobooks on Spotify

If you use the subscription plan to access and listen to Spotify audiobooks, there are 15 listening hours you can enjoy. But this feature is only available in several countries, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. And you should be a plan manager if you are using the Spotify Family or Duo plan.

How to Listen to Audiobooks on Spotify Premium

Step 1. Open the Spotify desktop or mobile app on your device and log into your premium account details.

Step 2. All audiobooks available within the Premium catalog will be marked in the "Included in Premium" lab. You can search for and find such audiobooks for listening.

listen to audiobooks on spotify premium

Step 3. Once found, you can click the item and press the "Play" button to listen to this audiobook on Spotify.

If you have bought audiobooks from Spotify, you can refer to the following steps to listen to them.

How to Listen to Purchased Audiobooks on Spotify

Step 1. Launch your Spotify app on your device.

Step 2. Navigate to the "Your Library" section and tap the "Audiobooks" filter to find all audiobook purchases.

listen to audiobooks on spotify

Step 3. Choose your favorite audiobook and press the "Play" button to enjoy it.

Part 5. How to Download Audiobooks on Spotify

You can also download Spotify audiobooks for offline listening. The download option is available to both premium users and other users who purchased audiobooks. However, you can't download individual chapters. Now follow the steps below to do it.

How to Download Audiobooks from Spotify

Step 1. After purchasing, the audiobook will appear in 'Your Library'.

Step 2. Open the Spotify app and go to 'Your Library'. Tap on the 'Audiobooks' tab and you can see all your purchased audiobooks.

purchased audiobooks on spotify

Step 3. Find the audiobook you want to download and open it. Then tap on the 'drop down' icon below the title to start downloading it.

download audiobook on spotify

Step 4. Once downloaded, the 'drop down' icon will turn green. You can then listen to this audiobook offline without an internet connection. However, you cannot move it to other device or platform. Read on and learn how to fix it.

Part 6. How to Download Spotify Audiobooks to MP3 without Premium

While you can download audiobooks on Spotify after purchasing them, you can't move them to other devices. And the listening hour is limited for premium users. So here we would like to provide you a solution.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter is an excellent tool for downloading and converting any audio content from Spotify. Not only is it easy to use, it also contains powerful features. It can break the limitations of Spotify audio files. It can download and convert Spotify audiobooks to MP3, FLAC, and simpler audio formats. No Spotify Premium subscription required.

In addition, this Spotify audiobook downloader supports resetting the output audio bitrate, sample rate, etc. for your desired Spotify audiobooks. With it, you can download audiobooks from Spotify to your local computer for easy use. So it can unlock the limitation of Spotify Premium audiobooks 15 listening hours and you can own audiobooks on Spotify forever. Finally, you can listen to Spotify audiobooks offline anytime, anywhere, without paying.

DRmare Spotify Audiobook Downloader

drmare spotify music converter
  • Download all audiobooks, podcasts, albums, artists, and playlists from Spotify
  • Batch convert thousands of Spotify digital audiobooks with up to 5X speed
  • Remove copyright protection and keep the original quality from Spotify
  • Make it possible to listen to Spotify audio files offline without subscribing to premium

How to Download Audiobooks on Spotify without Premium

Here you can learn how to download free audiobooks on Spotify. Please get the DRmare Spotify Converter by clicking the 'Download' button above on your Windows or Mac computer. After that, you can follow the instruction to download Spotify audiobooks for offline listening on any device you want.

Step 1Load Spotify audiobooks to DRmare
import spotify audiobooks to drmare
You can open DRmare software and the Spotify app. Then search for the audiobook you want from the Spotify app. And then drag it to the DRmare software screen. If you have multiple audiobooks you want to import, just repeat the same step.
Step 2Choose output format for Spotify audiobooks as MP3
pick up the mp3 format for spotify audiobooks
DRmare offers many different output formats like MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV, and FLAC. But the best format we'd like to recommend is MP3. It can not only keep the high quality but also has the best compatibility. So, you can click 'Menu' > 'Preferences' > 'Convert' choose to download and convert Spotify audiobooks to MP3. Also, you can reset the sample rate and more for Spotify audiobooks downloads as you want.
Step 3Download Spotify audiobooks to MP3
convert spotify audiobooks to mp3
Finally, you can select an output folder and click 'Convert' button. Then DRmare will start to encode your audiobooks from Spotify to MP3. If you have multiple larger files, you will have to wait a while. Just let the software convert by itself. Once done, please check the 'History' icon to find the downloaded Spotify audiobooks on your computer.

Part 7. In Conclusion

From the post here, you've learned how to easily find, buy, download, and listen to audiobooks on Spotify anytime. Even better, you can use DRmare Spotify Music Converter to download and convert Spotify audiobooks to MP3, FLAC, and other common formats. With it, you can listen to Spotify audiobooks without a listening hour limit and transfer Spotify audiobooks to any device for offline playback.

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