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Spotify Hulu - How to Use Spotify and Hulu

If you're looking to save some money on Hulu and you're a preexisting subscriber to Spotify, there is an amazing offer where you can get both Hulu and Spotify at the price of one Spotify Premium Subscription.

Spotify stopped accepting new registrations for its Premium through a Hulu transaction on May 14. The company announced a new Premium offer, and new or free users who have not tried Premium before can get a three-month trial for 99 cents.

The following article details the combined transaction of Spotify and Hulu, which is now only applicable to students who have registered for Spotify's student value-added program.

how to use spotify and hulu

Part 1. What We Know about Spotify and Hulu

You can get a Hulu subscription alongside a Spotify Premium subscription; twice the fun with a fraction of the cost. This privilege comes into effect today and can be used by both new and old users of the Spotify Premium streaming service in the United States. After Netflix recently raised prices, Hulu reduced the cost of its ad support plan to $5.99 per month, and now Spotify users will save more on the basis of savings.

Signup for Spotify premium if you want to take advantage of Spotify and Hulu. Just make sure to activate Hulu on the "Your Services" page of your account settings. If you've already taken advantage of this offer, you don't need take any extra steps to stay saving money.

However, if you're already a Hulu subscriber, you will need to cancel your Hulu account and then get Spotify Premium to take advantage of the offer.

Unlike Spotify's $4.99 per month student plan (which bundles Hulu's limited business plan, bundled Showtime channels, and music streaming services), its new promotion does not include any other free services.

In fact, it actually restricts you from adding premium channels to your account, such as Showtime or HBO. deal unfortunately does not include those with family plans. Hulu with Spotify is an amazing offer than anyone who's looking to subscribe to Spotify Premium should subscribe.

Part 2. How to Use Spotify and Hulu Bundle

To use Spotify and Hulu bundle, there are two methods for you. You could check as below.

Method 1

  • Signup to Spotify Premium and Hulu.
  • You can also login to your Spotify account or sign up.
  • Enter payment details.
  • After successfully subscribing to Hulu Premium, click on "Go to HULU".
  • Allow HULU to access your Spotify.

Method 2

To add Hulu to your existing Spotify Premium account, simply visit the "Your Services" page and press "Activate" on the Hulu banner.

If you are not familiar with Spotify Premium, you can sign up for the bundle here. You will get the first month of Spotify Premium and Hulu for free; after that, it will only cost $9.99 per month.

Once set up, just go to the Hulu app or to start streaming shows, such as Fargo, "The Maid's Story", Seinfeld, etc.

The offer will last until June 10 "or when sold out", so if you want to make the most of this offer, please don't waste any time.

This new proposal is provided after music and video streaming companies offer bundles in the summer, including Spotify Premium and Hulu's ad support plans, for only $12.99 per month. Those who sign up for the bundle will see their bills "automatically reduced" to the regular Spotify Premium price.

Part 3. How to Download Spotify Music Offline without Spotify and Hulu Bundle

As one of the best music downloaders on Spotify, DRmare Spotify Music Converter can download high-quality Spotify songs, playlists, albums with or without Spotify Premium account, and convert Spotify music into multiple common audio formats, such as MP3, Lossless FLAC, WAV, etc.

By using DRmare Spotify Downloader, Spotify free users and premium subscribers can play music on their favorite players and devices without problems. Let us look at the main functions of this DRmare tool one by one.


  • You can download Spotify music without Spotify Premium.
  • Convert Spotify songs to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, FLAC, etc.
  • Keep the original quality and ID3 tags without loss.
  • Work 5X faster on Windows computers.
  • Support to transfer Spotify files to other players and devices.
  • Load tracks in batches from Spotify.
  • Freely customize the output sound settings.

How to Get Spotify Music Offline - 3 Easy Steps

Step 1Set up DRmare Spotify Music Converter and add Spotify tracks
import spotify music to drmare

Download and install DRmare on your computer. After opening, the Spotify desktop application will also open. In the Spotify app, browse and select any track or playlist.

Then directly drag and drop the song to the blank area of DRmare. Or copy and paste the link of the playlist into the search bar of DRmare. Finally, click the "+" button.

Step 2Reset the sound settings of Spotify audio tracks
set spotify audio format

On the DRmare interface, open the menu icon from the top. Then click "Preferences" > "Conversion". The "Settings" page is displayed. Now, customize the parameters according to everyone's needs.

In order to get the best audio quality and the most compatible format, here, I choose the MP3 output format, 320 kbps bit rate, 48000 Hz sampling rate, 2 channels and the way to archive Artist / Album. Then save the changes.

Step 3Download Spotify songs as unlimited files
download spotify offline

Now, press the "Convert" bar to start downloading and converting. Do not use other applications, do not let the program run alone. This helps the conversion to be more stable. Otherwise, the conversion may stop prematurely.

After completing all tasks, click the list icon to check the converted Spotify files. It is necessary to check if there are missing songs.


At the end of the post, the Spotify Hulu bundle is a really great way to not only save money, but get both your favorite services under a single subscription, ultimately saving time as well. If you're looking to download Spotify music offline, you can use DRmare Spotify Music Converter. It can download Spotify tracks without Spotify Premium very well. And the downloaded Spotify MP3 sound is almost no different from online streaming.

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